This forum will be so big as to be unwieldy, all the new 'owners' now

This forum will be so big as to be unwieldy, all the new 'owners' now

With so many now having a vested interest, and already all these unfamiliar names coming out of the ductwork, keeping up with posts will be well nigh impossible.

The forum could soon multiply so much as to actually become less useful.

I guess there are bigger fora/forums on other subjects.
Perhaps Tesla could / should be aware and update the system now to cope in some new way?

KP in NPT | 2 april 2016

I agree. This format is brutal. And the continual logging out is a nightmare.

But right now, concentrate on the M3 ramp. ;)

genedr @ny-us | 2 april 2016

Not to say anything about the newbies ranting about their pet design feature that's "missing" or complaining about nonsense or making silly demands......
Having seen all that on the MS forum(s), it should be real special on the M3s.

Chunky Jr. | 2 april 2016

Everyone on the board now will be considered an old timer by the time Model 3 ships.

I hope Tesla updates their servers and software because right now it is painfully slow to browse the forum.

jordanrichard | 2 april 2016

Granted it is not at any way near the scale, but I am sure the Roadster owner and first relative few MS owners felt the same when the popularity of the MS took off. I am not one of the real early adopters and also don't know where the "line" would be drawn, but I did my first test drive in Nov 2013 and placed my order in Jan 2014, taking delivery in Mar. VIN 32897.

Chunky Jr. | 2 april 2016

Once VINs got into 5 digits it felt like things took off really fast.

bj | 2 april 2016

Yeah, quick, shut the door!! But only after I have walked through it :)

On a slightly more serious note, yes this forum could rapidly get out of hand. Topic sub-forums might be needed. Tracking of what you've read and what you haven't needs to be better. Displaying posts in reverse time order. Ability to delete or edit your own posts after submission. Notifications of updates to threads you have participated in.

But I'd be happy if time and effort is prioritized to getting the M3 out the door rather than fixing this :)

Ross1 | 2 april 2016

Not against newbies, just dont know how to cope with the traffic.

Maybe get AP on my Mac Pro?

Ross1 | 2 april 2016

The bump feature will be really popular. I am using it now.

Topics only a few minutes old are already half way down the page.

Ross1 | 2 april 2016

If you just want news of M3, you can go to Wikipedia "tesla Model 3"

Lots of info and articles are referenced there

Bighorn | 2 april 2016

Tell me at least you plan to be an owner at some point--ironic concern given your lack of ownership.

Ross1 | 2 april 2016

TSLA shareholder currently

millerld57 | 2 april 2016

Possibly Tesla will create subtopics in the M☰ forum, so that users can follow the subtopic of interest. It's possible by the end of 2018 there will be more M☰ on the road than Model S and X to date.

robgorman | 2 april 2016

Some of you sound like Spaulding in Caddyshack: "He's not a member grandma, he's a caddy."

PBEndo | 2 april 2016

Any Caddyshack quote is a good quote.

dsvick | 2 april 2016

There also needs to be a sticky FAQ at the top so that you can refer all of the questions about what the RN number means, when will they get their car, how does the tax incentive work, and what options are available.

Red Sage ca us | 2 april 2016

I was actually considering cutting back on my visits here for a while. I hadn't realized just how on edge I've been since the Model ☰ Reveal date was announced. I probably need to relax a bit more, keep an eye on my blood pressure and stuff. It would be easier for me to keep up, I think, if I could sort the list of threads by the 'CREATED' heading again. But so far, after the behind-the-scenes 'upgrade' in February -- no dice.

Chunky Jr. | 2 april 2016

@ PBEndo : don't expect any Caddyshack quotes from me. You'll get nothing and like it!

Ross1 | 3 april 2016

@ Redsage; Pity. You are one of the better contributors, but I know the forum is time consuming and intoxicating.

Ross1 | 3 april 2016

I will probably drop out myself sooner or later. MX is here, M3 is years away. Let the owners solve their issues .
And the forum will be too big to read, like over at TMC.

Red Sage ca us | 7 april 2016

At TeslaMotorsClub I only use the Model ☰ Forum, and drop into the Model X and Future Cars Forums from time-to-time. Here, I'll be mostly lurking soon. Though, I will at times be rather verbose.

Chunky Jr. | 7 april 2016

a bunch of noise could be reduced if people would go through 2 or 3 pages of posts and comment on an existing thread rather than creating a brand new thread.

SCCRENDO | 8 april 2016

The purpose of the forum is a way to get information. I find it encouraging that so many have preordered and are here to share their enthusiasm and learn. As an early adopter of the Model S in a small community the forum was fascinating. As more people came along we became the "teachers". After a while it got boring and many of us stayed away. I knew all about the Model S and most of the discussion was about autopilot etc which was pretty meaningless to us. Having ordered a model 3 I have some renewed interest. I think us early adopters need to understand that we do not own the forum. Let the newbies take over. If we have some sage advice offer it. Otherwise sit back and observe or return to the big outside world and start pursuing some of your other activities including continuing to enjoy your car.

Ross1 | 8 april 2016

@ SCCRENDO; Yes, in the time it takes to read every day, you could get, what, 200 miles of driving fun (except for the nagging)

JeffreyR | 8 april 2016

Sounds like I need to move the Tips & Tricks to this section. What do you think new copy or move it?

Ross1 | 8 april 2016

Does anyone visit the other sections?

Now SpaceX is on M3 forum even

Red Sage ca us | 8 april 2016

SCCRENDO: +1! Precisely. Flaming Wisdom, all around!

warren_tran | 9 april 2016

Well, I'm a new visitor to this site. Would be great if we don't have multiple thread from someone suggesting how tesla should increase the price on model Ἴ or reservation price, there would less clutter to read through the all the thread.

Ross1 | 9 april 2016

That is because there is no moderator, which has advantages and disadvantages.

However sometimes the Easter Bunny mysteriously removes a thread.

biggestfan | 9 april 2016

I have been reading the forum for years. Actually I have been waiting for this car ever since Elon shared the secret plan. Those of you in the know realize this means I have already been waiting for 10 years.

I used to think that I wanted the base car, but now I think I have my heart set on a Performance, long range and Ludicrous land rocket.

SbMD | 9 april 2016

@Ross - While the Forum software could use further upgrades, this post of yours is another "swing and a miss". I am especially opposed to your making any statement that might deter people - especially people who actually own a Tesla or who have put down their money to reserve one - to "tread lightly" here because it will make it harder for you to read through all the comments.

Bighorn | 9 april 2016

Ross should thank his lucky stars there's no moderator--he'd most definitely be part of the purge. Egregious waster of bandwidth.

SbMD | 9 april 2016

@BH - :-)

This post by @Ross could also serve to deter enthusiasts who are not owners, many of whom post actual useful information and help with the overarching idea that cleaner transport is worth it.

@Ross, I hope you change your approach and can see the point here.

Ross1 | 9 april 2016

Thanks for your comments.
My thoughts are really that a change in format is necessary now rather than later as it could get really clogged up, multiple threads on the same topic etc.
SpaceX is being congratulated on how many threads after a couple of days only, and I also applaud them.
There is another forum at TMC, but the forum at TMC is very difficult to both read and get involved in.
This forum has a sort of boutique quality.
There will be a large influx of newbies and there is nothing wrong with that, I already do not recognise most names on the posts. Tesla just needs to think ahead here as they are so capable elsewhere.
So this is not a discouragement but the reverse: something ought to be done with keeping the forum easy to integrate with and take less time reading repetition (and waffle).

If you like I can change the title of this thread but that is counter productive. I have little knowledge of how to deal with this issue, but can you see there would be a benefit in planning for more users?

It would be a pity to lose what has become for many a way of life.

SamO | 1 april 2017

We're finding a way to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Carl Thompson | 1 april 2017

Maybe SamO is bumping old and dead threads to stroke his vanity? So that anyone who looks at the forum's topic list will see a bunch of "SamO" in the "last reply" column?

Whatever the reason bumping old topics with nonsense posts is annoying.

SamO | 1 april 2017

Hard to decide which personality should post, huh. Sometimes, they both get a bite at the apple.


Carl Thompson | 1 april 2017

As always, SamO, every post from you is worth the read!


SamO | 1 april 2017

Glad you are getting the chance to catch up on all you've missed since the reservations were taken 1 year ago yesterday.

Please feel free to learn a little bit about the car and company that you've invested your $1,000.

You'll never buy a better car.

Carl Thompson | 1 april 2017

Seems to me etiquette on every forum on the internet is to not bump every old topic on the site so that no one can tell what's new and relevant. Please be considerate.


akgolf | 1 april 2017

Really really sad Carl.

SamO | 1 april 2017

Unsolicited advice is always self serving.

Carl Thompson | 1 april 2017

"Unsolicited advice is always self serving."

Pot. Kettle.

SamO | 1 april 2017

Poor Carl. I just want you to love your Tesla, like we do. But you own a Skoda?

Bu bye.

Red Sage ca us | 2 april 2017

Anthropomorphic Climate Change is a real phenomenon.

Ross1 | 2 april 2017

It is OK if SamO wants to resurrect my old threads. They are worth it! :)

SamO | 2 april 2017

Oh ho. Now Ross is on my side?

Don't cross the streams !!!!!

Ross1 | 2 april 2017

You try to be good then

SamO | 2 april 2017

I promise that I have been trying.

Red Sage ca us | 2 april 2017

Wait... I'm not so clear on this whole 'good' 'bad' thing...

Ross1 | 2 april 2017

It means No More Bullying, Red.
Red, did you hear?