what is maintenance

what is maintenance

I dont know if this topic has been discussed. I couldn't find an easy way to search. What have you spent to keep your S X maintained?

where when to change tires?
where when to change fluids?
where when to perform inspections?
what how much you spent in the last year in maintenance?

Rocky_H | 2 mei 2016

When I got the car, I did look through the service intervals in the manual, and the things that actually need doing are at 2 years, 4 years, 6 years, etc. Tesla recommends the "annual" inspections, but since there is no actual maintenance scheduled on the odd numbered years, I am skipping those. I've done tire rotations at a friend's house a couple of times, and they are staying really even on wear, and are my original tires at 25K miles, so no cost there.

So the only cost I have had was the 2 year service I just got for $700.

jordanrichard | 2 mei 2016

The maintenance is pretty straight forward.

Every 5,000 miles, rotate tires
Every 2 yrs, flush/replace brake fluid
Every 4 years, replace battery coolant
Every 12 years, replace oil in gear reduction "box".

The annual inspections (aka service) is not required.

If you choose, any tire shop can rotate the tires and do the brake fluid change. Only the battery coolant would require a trip to a Tesla shop.

Brian H | 2 mei 2016 and many other search tools.

Receipts.offers | 2 mei 2016

That service squedule is a good selling point for anyone on the edge. The way the rep explained it was "the less moving parts you have, the less wear and tear there is, the less maintenance is required"

jordanrichard | 3 mei 2016

"less moving parts", counting the 2 half axles, there are only 6 moving parts in the drive unit.

Mike83 | 4 mei 2016

Tire rotation is now 6200 miles. tire pressure 45 psi for 19's. I really like Tesla Service. They find things I wouldn't notice and replace stuff. No other service can compare to Tesla. We have a M3 on order also.

Chelleull | 5 mei 2016

Can the ranger perform all of the maintenance, or does that actually require a service center? I ask because the closest one to me would be 6ish hours away, but a ranger is about an hour away.

Also, does mileage "matter" to the life of a Tesla like on an ICE? My commute is about 45 miles one way, and is part of the reason I want to go electric… i am tired of feeding oil companies ;-D

Frank.B.Smith | 5 mei 2016

"Flush brake fluid every 2 years". Am I the only one that feels that is excessive?

jordanrichard | 6 mei 2016

That has been around for decades, at least for imports. Years ago when I mentioned to someone that I was going to flush out the brake fluid in my Mercedes, they questioned why I would do that. I mentioned that over time moisture gets into the fluid and then in turn lowers the boiling point of the fluid which reduces its effectiveness. Plus it dirty. They still thought I was nuts until I pointed out that one changes their oil when it gets dirty, so why are people driving around with brown colored brake fluid when it should be clear.

Mercedes even goes as far as suggesting that the fluid be changed in the Spring.