Can't view unread posts in the forum anymore?

Can't view unread posts in the forum anymore?

I don't know if this is a temporary thing, or a browser-specific issue, but today the design of the forum changed for me so that I can no longer determine how many unread replies have been posted in a thread. Instead of showing the total reply and new reply counts for each thread, I only see total replies. There's no way to jump to the first unread reply as before, and the "new" icon that was removed during the previous forum upgrade is still missing. The only thing I can determine now is whether a thread has any new replies, based on the color of the square in the New? column.

I'm using Safari on an iPad. Are other people seeing this? I was surprised that there weren't other posts about this, so maybe it's just me.

Update: I just saw another post about this in the Model S forum, so I guess it's not just me...

Brian H | 4 mei 2016

Same on Firefox. Same on Chrome.

eric.zucker | 4 mei 2016

Same with Safari on Mac. I just emailed to the webmaster @ tesla:

Dear Tesla,

There has been a very recent change in the forums which is really annoying: we can no longer jump directly to the new posts in a thread.

Please try and restore this, it’s really useful.

If I may suggest adding another “Back to ...” button at the bottom of the thread discussion pages. When used on a tablet or smartphone this would help speed up navigation.

Many thanks and best regards,

[signature edited out]

Brian H | 4 mei 2016

Yeah, scroll and search is a pain.

aesculus | 4 mei 2016

Very unproductive. Probably limit my time here until this is resolved.

Ross1 | 4 mei 2016

go to Model S site to continue discussion, sorry Roofless.

EVRider | 5 mei 2016

@Ross: No need to be sorry, I've been using the other thread too :-)

Here's a link:

gidekay568 | 3 mei 2020

same problem I faced but usually when I was playing mystic messenger novel based game and read its emails. I usually redirect to that website but from now I think the problem is solved.