What is up with the moderation system?

What is up with the moderation system?

No idea why, but my posts are nearly systematically blocked by the moderation system, even though none of the content of the message is spam at all.

Does anyone else also have trouble with this?

Brian H | 14 juni 2016

It's your weird screen-name.

bb0tin | 14 juni 2016

It is a longstanding issue affecting many people

compchat | 14 juni 2016

Are you an owner ?

Ross1 | 14 juni 2016

It sometimes works and sometimes doesnt.
It is partic erratic with links
When posting a link if it wont accept it I delete the dot and replace with space space DOT space space.
That way people can either amend to the original, or copy /paste the whole line into Google.

Then along comes someone else and posts the link correctly without any hindrance.
You would think Tesla or Mollom would read these complaints, but if they do nothing changes.

Sometimes I have a whole copy/ pasted text which wont go thru despite not having any web links at all.

UnshodBob | 17 juni 2016

@Ross - I tried to post a message with apostrophes after plural nouns to indicate possessive, and after clicking save I was directed to a first responders page. It said my comment could not be posted, try again later. I thought the site was undergoing maintenance, but later I saw someone had posted to the thread, so I tried again. Same result. I removed the apostrophes, and it posted. The words were families' and relatives' with trailing apostrophes.

UnshodBob | 17 juni 2016

This time it worked. Weird.

UnshodBob | 17 juni 2016

I have never seen the mollom blocker, though. I have manually typed website names like and they become valid links. Also with no referral to mollom.

sp_tesla | 17 juni 2016

"UnshodBob | June 17, 2016"

Are you into healthy posture?

UnshodBob | 17 juni 2016

@sp_tesla - It's simple, I don't wear shoes. I joined the society for barefoot living in 2010 and have gone barefoot as much as possible since. I am now retired and no-one tells me what to do anymore, so I am always barefoot now, except in extreme conditions, like 2pm in very hot weather walking across a blacktop parking lot. Not sure how healthy my posture is, but I enjoy the freedom being barefoot gives me. If you visit the site, you will see that it is not illegal, as some people believe, to drive barefoot or to enter stores or restaurants barefoot. Some people violently believe it is illegal. They will yell at you to get out! You can't be in here "like that" as if you are running around naked. I try to educate people but some are very closed-minded about it and consider it "unsanitary" or liken it to "wallowing in feces" instead of viewing it as natural and healthier than wearing shoes all the time.

miyamky | 17 juni 2016

I get it occasionally but only on certain topics. It's an odd system.

sp_tesla | 17 juni 2016

"UnshodBob | June 17, 2016
It's simple, I don't wear shoes."

Very cool, great for posture, most shoes unnaturally shorten Achilles tendon & calf muscles (Sorry Nike)

compchat | 17 juni 2016

You must get a lot of cuts, scratches, abrasions and foreign bodies in your feet. Who wants to look at your stinky smelly disgusting feet with fungal toe nails anyway ? You walk into restaurants without shoes?

What, your parents didn't teach you any social graces ? There's a time and place for everything and walking barefoot is not proper walking into some restaurants and even then you should, for your safety and others, wear sandals (open toed if you like).

Drdpharris | 17 juni 2016

It definitely doesn't like semicolons.

UnshodBob | 18 juni 2016

@compchat - I hope you don't take this as an insult, because it isn't meant that way, and I will assume you didn't mean to insult me with what you wrote, even though it reads exactly like an insult.

"Stinky, smelly, disgusting feet with fungal toenails" are the direct result of wearing shoes. That is exactly the opposite of how my feet are since I stopped wearing shoes. I just examined the soles of my feet and there are no cuts, scratches, abrasions or foreign bodies embedded in them. I have a small blister in one place from walking on blacktop in Arizona a couple weeks ago when it was too hot. I got about 10 little blisters that day, and they have all healed except one. I didn't have my flip-flops with me that day. If I wore shoes all the time, I would probably have been hospitalized. Instead, my soles are tough and were able to heal quickly.

When I used to wear shoes, yes, my feet were smelly like yours are right now and wearing shoes was the reason! I have never had fungal toenails. Perhaps you were confusing your stinky, smelly, disgusting feet for mine, since you have never seen my feet? Sorry about your toenail fungus problem. Try going barefoot for a few months and see if it clears up.

If you have a strong stomach, pick up one of your shoes and take a good sniff of them. Then tell me with a straight face that you believe that putting them on your feet all day, every day is more "sanitary" than what I do. The inside of your shoes is a breeding ground for those fungi you spoke of, and bacteria, and viruses, too. You never wash the inside of your shoes. You don't want to smell them. They're disgusting. You KNOW I am right.

You think your feet are the source of the smell, but it is the germs you provide a perfect home to that are the source of the smell. It's "shoe odor" not "foot odor" that you really hate, but you are too brain-washed by societal "norms" to see that. I'm not just talking to @compchat here, either.

I don't go around telling other people how disgusting I think they are for wearing fungus factories on their feet. I don't demand they go barefoot like me. Who are you to tell me that I need to wear shoes like you do? I call people like you "shoe-nazis" because they want to control everyone else and force them to conform to their own "social graces" demands. How about "live and let live" instead of "no shoes, no shirt, no service." My parents always told me to wear shoes. They were just like you. Brain-washed to do as society said. They are both dead now, and I am free to do as I please. You are not my mother. Don't tell me what to do.

I take full responsibility for my own safety, and the last time I checked the USA was still a free country, so if I want to be comfortable and walk around without shoes on, I will. Feel free to put those smelly, disgusting, never-washed shoes on your smelly, disgusting, toenail-fungus-ridden feet if you want. I don't care. But don't tell me I have to do it, too. I prefer my healthy, unscented, clear-nailed feet to the alternative. And if that makes you feel icky, too bad. /end rant | 18 juni 2016

UnshodBob@ Nice comeback (and I'm not being sarcastic)! It amazing what you learn in these forums sometimes.

I'm a shoesy, but I do give a shot of UV into my shoes regularly (15 minutes is all it takes). Kills the bacteria and eliminates the bad smells, although Unshod may on to something. Not sure I'm ready for that lifestyle yet :)

UnshodBob | 18 juni 2016

@TeslaTap - good idea - the UV. You still are wallowing in dead bodies and excrement of bacteria and viruses, but at least they're dead! Not like most people do. :) And they are disgusted by my bare feet. HA!

I have had a few years of practice discussing my position, so I guess I'm getting better as I go. Thanks for the compliment.

You have done some great stuff re Tesla and I've learnt plenty from you and others. Thanks!

UnshodBob | 18 juni 2016

Read @sp_tesla's and @compchat's for an example of diametrically opposed reactions to the same stimulus. Cool! vs Ick! Compchat said elsewhere he's a trump supporter, I'd guess sp_tesla may lean the other way. :)

Brian H | 19 juni 2016

A mix of glycerin and peroxide is an excellent foot wash and sore treatment, and bactericide and fungicide..

warren_tran | 19 juni 2016

I didn't wear shoes until 11 years old. I was either barefoot or slipper only.

Normal shoes does make your feet conform to unnatural position. There a reason why sock shoes got popular in recent years.

sp_tesla | 19 juni 2016

"warrentt | June 19, 2016
Normal shoes does make your feet conform to unnatural position.

+10, 0 drop & 3-6mm heal-stack shoes becoming more popular, sorry Nike.

Also are you familiar with Egoscue, all about activating your structural muscles to be in natural correct posture.

vp09 | 19 juni 2016

Fascinating stuff Bob. And now your screen name makes sense.

In one of my class presentations, I talk about aerobic exercise, and the case that slow gentle running is the best form. I state that student often say they'd be out jogging, but just can't afford the $400 running shoes.

I tell them I have two words of advice: "Abebe Bikila."

From Wikipedia: Abebe Bikila was a double Olympic marathon champion from Ethiopia, most famous for winning a marathon gold medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics while running barefoot.

ram1901 | 21 juni 2016

OPS: have posted many times and have never had a post blocked??
Could it be you were not logged in when you attempted to submit something?
Even then you'd get a request to login to make your post.
Doesn't make sense unless you've been flagged.