Tesla primary car?

Tesla primary car?

Doing some research for a school project.

Is your Tesla your primary car? If not, how often do you use it? What's your average mileage?

carlk | 27 juni 2016

Yes and only cars. One S and one X.

jordanrichard | 27 juni 2016

Yes, primary car. 27 months of ownership, 48,000 miles of driving.

SamO | 27 juni 2016

Yes, primary car. Use it every day and average 23,000 miles per year.

jesse.buzzard | 27 juni 2016

Yes, my model S is my primary car with about 9,000 miles in 9 months of ownership.

Dramsey | 27 juni 2016

Yes, it's my primary car. All my other ICE vehicles are on "<7500 miles per year" insurance plans and I sometimes have to remind myself to drive them. My Sept. 2013 Mod S P85 has just over 38,000 miles on it.

Dithermaster | 27 juni 2016

Yes, primary and driven nearly daily. Owned 6 months, about 9000 miles/year. My wife offsets my carbon use with her Jeep Wrangler.

EcLectric | 27 juni 2016

I may be wrong, but I think you will have a hard time finding any Model S owner who doesn't drive his or her Model S as their primary car. Most people can't afford to buy a car and leave it in the garage. When they do, it's usually something rare, old, or purpose-built for racing.

And even if you're Jay Leno, you just walk through the garage and your Model S extends its door handles... You just can't help driving it.

I've had my Model S for 3 1/2 years and have put more miles per year on it than any car before it. The only time I drive anything else (on purpose) is for a long road-trip where the (already trashed) mini-van is the most relaxing choice.

Bob.Calvo | 27 juni 2016

Yes. Primary. 24,000 miles in 14 months.

Jcollins | 27 juni 2016

It's my primary and my play car. After 9 years of ownership, I sold my Carrera 4 after I noticed i had put less than 200 miles on it since delivery of the Model S.

risingsun | 27 juni 2016

Seems like satistifcatoin with the Model S is pretty high :). How do you people feel about range anxiety.

carlk | 27 juni 2016


Same here. I kept my Caymans S for two years after I got the S but finally traded it in when I took delivery of my X. Drove maybe half a dozen times a year half of that has been to the service or smog check. Just couldn't find a reason to drive it when you got a Tesla.

cpmcgrath | 28 juni 2016

are you using it as your primary/only car because of the lack of carbon emissions, or because of the "wow" factor?

Rocky_H | 28 juni 2016

@cpmcgrath, You should probably just check out this other thread, which asked the same question about day before yours.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 28 juni 2016

Only. S for me, S for my wife. They're the best cars available, and our home's solar array powers them, so what's not to like?

SamO | 28 juni 2016

Tesla vehicles will never work as primary cars. Too short a range, impossible to take long trips. Very sad. Hope Tesla eventually can build a long range car . . . my Prius can travel 500 miles on a tank of gas and a weensy battery. Maybe Tesla should build a hybrid.

P.Dolby | 28 juni 2016

Primary vehicle.. 34,000 miles on it since Sept. 2015.
As to SamO's comment.. he obviously doesn't own one yet chose to comment anyway.
That 34,000 miles includes 2 business trips from Sacramento CA to Tuscon AZ and back. This is the most comfortable touring car I've ever owned.
Took the family to Disney land in LA a couple months back.. and several trips up the coast.

So please.. clowns and trolls.. at the VERY least.. spend some time with an owner driving in an actual Tesla before you decide to pop off about it's range. It's got plenty of range and on a trip the superchargers are spaced such that after two and a half hours of driving.. you simply stop, take a leak and have a quick snack. and get back on the road.

EcLectric | 28 juni 2016


What's really sad is the idea of someone having to endure driving a Prius for 500 miles...

SamO | 28 juni 2016

@P.Dolby and EcLectric


I was just chumming the water. I have an S60 and love my Grey Deceiver. I drove her Los Angeles to VA in 100 hours. This car is epic for road trips.

I would never drive a prius coast to coast unless at the losing end of a bet.

garyfenn | 28 juni 2016

We are thinking about getting a S60 . question should we buy the upgrade to S70 o wait ? also should we buy the auto pilot ? we drive drive from palm desert to San Diego , both or us are retired so don't drive every day.

SamO | 28 juni 2016


Buy the upgrade when you need it.

Autopilot is absolutely essential.

I used to commute LA to San Diego and the 60 is amazing. I'm sure your drive from Palm Springs will be just as easy.

Take a look at to see permitted and under construction locations.

compchat | 28 juni 2016


DonS | 29 juni 2016

Tesla definitely gets the most miles for three years in a row, and it is the first choice for 98% of trips.

A rare example where I left the Tesla in the garage was a sudden call to rescue a stranded college student. Adding a couple hours for charging to an already long trip was quite unattractive, so the ICE car was most expedient to get back home for some sleep.

Also, if you like to explore off the beaten path, lots of America is still a real challenge for any EV.

Tesla-David | 29 juni 2016

Tesla is our main car for last 3.5 years. We did one 8,000 miles coast to coast trip, and car performed like the champion it is. Absolutely no reservations about using our MS as our main car. It is also incredibly fun to drive, and after 3+ years the thrill of getting behind the wheel for a drive has not diminished.

Jeff Hudson | 29 juni 2016

It's my only vehicle.

Madatgascar | 29 juni 2016

Two Model S, no ICE and there never will be, ever again.

craig | 6 juli 2016

Yes, Model X is my only car and it replaced my 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid. No reservations at all about only driving the X. I frequently visit relatives all over the country and have put almost 8,000 miles on the X May 1st.

Rocky_H | 6 juli 2016

Holy crap, @craig! 8,000 miles in two months? Nicely done.

cadurney | 6 juli 2016

Any one in Arkansas using their Model S as a primary? Anyone have any intel on a Memphis SC?

SamO | 6 juli 2016

Nice @craig!

I used mine as a 140 mile each way commute for the 1st year and then drove 7500 miles in 10 days. Keep up the epic trips and post here with pics!

cweber | 6 juli 2016

I hope this pic works....50K miles since March 2014 - S85