Still problems with Model X?

Still problems with Model X?

I am not sure if I should order a Model X now or wait longer. I am apprehensive because I have read about many issues in this forum concerning the driver and passenger door latches and sensors, the FWDs and the second row of seats trapping people in the third row. Have these problems been largely addressed or are people still struggling with them? Any help would be appreciated.

aesculus | 28 juni 2016

Largely addressed but who knows for sure. We are still seeing issues from users of earlier cars. New cars have not been out long enough to know.

If you are not one to like to experiment and are risk averse (it sounds like it), I would wait another 90 days to see if it continues to stabilize.

socalsam | 28 juni 2016

90% addressed. Don't wait. Car is fabulous.

canova | 28 juni 2016

VIN 71XX big problems here! 4 hrs of actual use in 13 days of ownership. They still don't know how to solve my problem. Car potentially is fabulous , nothing like it out there. Unfortunately in my case, it doesn't work !

socalsam | 28 juni 2016

Sorry to hear that canova- what is wrong with it?

teslagiddy | 28 juni 2016

VIN near 5000, delivered end of June 2016. Perfect.

bak_phy | 28 juni 2016

If you order a car today you would be lucky to get it in September, at which point Tesla will have nearly doubled their total production (latest delivered VIN is ~7500 and latest given VIN is ~13000) No doubt they will have learned a few things by the time your car is delivered. That's what I'm hoping anyway as I have VIN 12XXX.

I would think that with time not only will there be less problems with the cars coming off the line, the service centers will also become much more competent in fixing problems which do slip through,. Given the originality of the X and the speed of it's ramp up there can't possible be that many SC guys who really understand it yet. It's not as if Tesla can just hire a bunch of guys who know this stuff.

As a side note it would appear from the assigned VINs that Tesla is building 500 MX a week!

canova | 28 juni 2016

@socalsam hi! you can read my full story on "Tesla Model X 90d VIN 71XX" thread on this forum. Basically "Car may not restart" alerts, car stopped working while on vacation, subsequently on my birthday .. and they still can't figure out what's happening after 13 days!

MicTheCat | 28 juni 2016

ViIN 74xz and perfect since Friday. No issues with doors or second row latch and a lot of people has been in and out ;-)

socalsam | 28 juni 2016

4431- largely flawless.

Dwgagen | 28 juni 2016

no issues here. keep in mind, its the disgruntled people that post with more frequency so its not an accurate sample of the "average" user. I've had the car two days...hard to imagine a more impressive vehicle out there.

lilbean | 28 juni 2016

@dwgagen-That's easy to say when you don't have problems. Door issues are a real problem. Your post comes off as insensitive.

borodinj | 28 juni 2016

6200 - no issues, and loving every minute of it

jwh8000 | 28 juni 2016

I have vin 4299 and everything works great except I have a FWD sensor bug and since I did the latest update my drivers door is acting funky. I have a ranger coming on the 5th of July and hopefully he can make it all good.

dbh | 28 juni 2016

Yes, sadly. I asked for them to buy it back today and replace with an S. It's such a great car otherwise but they completely ruined it with the possessed front doors. Perhaps new ones are better but I have no interest in such resolution at this point - I think the design is tragically flawed. Details have been kept in a private thread for others to see. You can make your own call.

dbh | 28 juni 2016

Also, the FWD are fine (surprisingly -- actually pretty awesome), the third row is fine. The front two doors are tragically flawed on ours.

lilbean | 28 juni 2016

I would have done the same thing @dbh. I hope everything goes smoothly. | 28 juni 2016

VIN 3398: after a couple of days of wobbly door software for front passenger door, the car has been flawless. Round trip to Chicago went well. A couple of OTA SW downloads this month may have helped.

aesculus | 28 juni 2016

I think the front doors will stabilize. I still run into little quirks every once in awhile, a lot more lately after these sw updates. But I have become a master at knowing all the little tweaks to get them back on track or deal with their little idiosyncrasies. Without that knowledge I would have been stranded a number of times. The average public will not go through half of this and I don't blame them. Hopefully Tesla will get this all figured out some day.

dbh | 28 juni 2016

@aesculus I was pretty much there with you until today. The possessed slamming passenger door was going to do actual harm to small children and I have to cut my losses. I can't put up with that.

AlMc | 28 juni 2016

@dbh: Sorry to hear that. If you work quietly with TM they will resolve your issues in a way that is satisfactory to you. I know several people that have gone your route and been happy with the outcome.

To OP: I do believe that IF the Xs follow the S pattern that TM will have worked out all the major problems by now. There will still be the occasional vehicle that will have 'issues' but that happens with any manufactured good.

dbh | 28 juni 2016

@AIMc, yeah, my other thread has been private. I'll work with them now and hope it is satisfactory.

jon | 29 juni 2016

@lilbean I think you erred. when you said "@dwgagen-That's easy to say when you don't have problems. Door issues are a real problem. Your post comes off as insensitive." Insensitive is inaccurate. I too agree that the car has great batches, and less than great batches. See the minimal number of posters spending inordinate amounts of time posting repetitively about their flawless cars versus the lengthy, multi-postings of problem children (cars I mean) with multiple SC visits, multiple discussions on workarounds, repairs, replacements, lemon law-invoking, suits, buy backs, etc. We are a self selected group of complainers, which is perfectly acceptable. Similarly, only 5-10% of us post our details on modelxtracker. It would appear the audience to these forums are looking for information about problems, not a place where happy customers are wasting their time. They are out there driving for the most part. I love reading the forums, as I find it informative. I believe, though, that when I get my car in the next 2-3 weeks, my only reason to visit forum is to better understand the daily interfacing with the car, setting up homelink, audio FLAC on my USB and other issues personal to me. I don't have the time, patience or desire to read of problems of others unless it somehow relates to me., which I presume you find insensitive, but its not. In the meantime, I am sensitive to those with true lemons and the unfortunate learning curve you all have experienced, along with TM on the earlier side of the low VINs.

darlin | 29 juni 2016

VIN 4784. Near Perfect. Love the doors. Had to reboot the computer once. Picked up May 25. 1300 miles so far.

Mf66 | 29 juni 2016

445x. No issues. Fit and finish good.

Madatgascar | 29 juni 2016

My reading of the forums is that major concerns dropped off around VIN 800 to 1000, after VIN 4000 concerns seemed few and minor. I ordered in May and got VIN 8xxx - have not received yet but feel pretty confident. I think if you order now you may be around VIN 14000. Lease if you still have concerns, but most people say their cars are perfect.

bak_phy | 29 juni 2016

@tbouguet. I ordered last week and got 124xx. It looks like they are producing about 500 cars per week. If you order to today almost twice as many cars will have been built by the time you get your car as have been built until now.

TimJ | 29 juni 2016

I have driven my Model S's for over 130K miles...owned since Feb 2013...received my Model X 2 weeks ago and it is Flawless.

Vin 6890

Sleepydoc1 | 29 juni 2016

Vin 50xx 4/28816. Except for some wind noise, perfect. Still quieter than most other cars. Too much fun to drive, I am rarely on the forum anymore. I think Trigger has taken over for me as a new owner. ;-)

carlk | 29 juni 2016

I believe cars shipped now are pretty much trouble free just like mine delivered late March. That's pretty much what is reflected in replies you see here. Remmeber you hear one person with issues making 20 posts while 20 people who do not have any problems will not say anything.

hbost | 29 juni 2016

Vin4900 picked up on June 28. Trunk lift gate trim tight on one side and wide on other. Autopilot work sometimes and not other times with error "Driver Assistance Feature Unavailable" Ranger coming out to fix, hopefully.

Triggerplz | 29 juni 2016

@sleepydoc there's always room for your post but you at enjoying your MX and I don't blame you.. I know find myself going to Rita's water ice just to take a ride in my MX when I really don't even want a milk shake.. The only problem I've had with my MX is my rear speaker sounds cracked and the chrome molding under the window of my FWD is loose.. Off topic but today I had another car parked in my driveway directly in front of my MX but it was a ways back so I opened the garage summon my MX it came out the garage and made a right turn around my other car and pulled up beside it.. I was like wow good driving it felt like my day time running lights are eyes

Triggerplz | 29 juni 2016

"You OUT enjoying"

aesculus | 29 juni 2016

@dbh: If my doors were as possessed as yours, I would be running to get a shotgun or garlic and a wooden stake.

While you are in the process of refunding/exchanging/replacing it would be interesting to see what they have to say about it after a few weeks. If they just start swapping parts hoping that the problem disappears then I am with you, push it over a cliff.

But if they honestly come back and say we found the problem and know exactly what caused it and can guarantee that they can fix it to never return, then I think it would be in your best interest to give them another chance.

ken | 29 juni 2016

vin 35xx, still in repair, AC and autopilot will not work in hot sun. door window malfunction, FWD stuck and need reset several time to operate. 6k miles, kinda regret buying it as i am tire of keep bringing it in.


lilbean | 29 juni 2016

I hear ya Ken. Such a bummer.

jwh8000 | 29 juni 2016

Mysteriously my drivers door that wouldn't close with the FOB started working correctly today. Next week they are going to address my FWD that thinks there is an object next to it and doesn't open all the way. Other than those two minor issues everything else is perfect, love the car.

ir | 29 juni 2016

Tomorrow is "end of quarter", picking up our VIN 8xxx. We'll see how badly they rushed the last batch to make Q2 quotas.

Jonathan | 29 juni 2016

I picked up 9004 this afternoon. I absolutely love it. Solid white with ultra white. I did notice some wind noise at highway speeds from the front passenger window. Doors work well so far, but a small sample obviously. Auto Pilot works well just like my wife's MS. It seems to be a little too far right in the lane which is a worry with the motorcycle lane splitters here in CA. Hoping there is a way to tweak that setting. I'm confident that TM will address whatever needs to be fixed and sorry that others are still dealing with unresolved issues.

Sleepydoc1 | 30 juni 2016

@trigger - Haven't tried summons or autopark. Amazing features. Saw them in action at the service center in May demo. Wow!

bak_phy | 30 juni 2016

@trigger How does summon know where to park the car? Why didn't it just park in front if your other car?

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 30 juni 2016

I'd say order it. Ours (0007xx) have had finicky front doors but those have stabilized over software releases and time. No issues in last several weeks. A couple of other glitches (e.g., front proximity sensors false-ing on sunny days) have also gone away. We're delighted, have taken it on road trips with zero issues, etc. We picked ours up in mid-March and the production quality has only gone up since then. Apparently the new front door latches are working great. We still have the original ones, but have had no recent problems.

ir | 30 juni 2016

@jonathan: It's standard AP behavior to drive close to dead center of the lane. No setting to tweak AFAIK. Yeah, makes me nervous too about lane splitters.

jrettinger | 30 juni 2016

@jonathan can we see pictures?

generic | 30 juni 2016

Mine was almost flawless except for rear camera minimal mis-alignment for first 3 weeks (Vin 75xx) and now as of yesterday the window on drivers door will only close halfway. I live 4 hours from SC in Vancouver and am now informed that a service trip is 960$ in kilometer travel charges. I get the need to cover travel costs but was told on purchase that a tech comes out here automatically twice a year. Today I find out even the automatic visits have this fee.

If you are close to an SC then I would say the car is overall awesome and you will have ready access to service as needed. And I suspect service will be needed for most.

If you live far from an SC, then be prepared to drive for hours to take the car in for indefinite periods of time or to pay fairly high fees for the tech to come to you. I am still waiting to hear if 4 of us in my city need service, whether we can share the travel costs for one tech or if we each get billed a thousand bucks.

aesculus | 30 juni 2016

@generi: While seated in the car lower your window all the way done and hold the button another 10 seconds. Then raise it up and wait and hold the button 10 seconds again. Now repeat once or twice. See if your window behaves itself again after that exercise.

Unless the camera prevents you from seeing well when you back up I would just wait for another service and have them do it then. No need to spend $960 CN for a simple misalignment.

Triggerplz | 30 juni 2016

@bakphy it was heading toward the other car if I had stopped it, it would have been parked behind my other car but I didn't stop it so instead of it running into my other car it turned right and went around my other car then I stopped it next to the other car

generic | 30 juni 2016

@aesculus: totally agree. I think I can fix both on my own since the rear camera has a screw on either side of it that might control the position. My post was more about the question that started this thread and the wisdom of jumping in with a purchase right now versus waiting with respect to proximity to service centres and the high likelihood that anything built this year will need something tweaked. And we additionally have no real data on the durability of any of these components like the hinges on the FWD or the new improved seals. There may be another wave of repairs needed if the mechanical or structural components show intermediate term failure.

Slightly diverging off the original post, but given all the reset options and numbers of buyers having to fix windows or doors that suddenly act wonky, would it not make sense for Tesla to make a "service" screen simplifying the process so when your window suddenly lives halfway closed, you could go to this screen and re-initialize the settings without tapping on the door closed sensor 25 times or other fixes that are posted in the forums? I am not upset that there are glitches frankly - what annoys me is that I have to surf the web for fixes and then try all sorts of random tapping, button holding and window repositioning voodoo to get things to work properly. A lot of the issues with doors and windows are seemingly similar in nature and common in occurrence. For you Tesla employees reading the forums - we get that this will happen and it is okay. As we move from analog to digital control of car features, cool shit will be possible like automatic doors but there will be some bugs. Lets make a menu where I select "window closes half way instead of all the way" and the screen guides me through the proper reset and fix for that.

jon | 30 juni 2016

Kinda like a FAQ on the screen? Cool Idea. I would vote for that concept to be included as a "help" screen.

generic | 1 juli 2016

A reboot fixed my window but then the FWD went and would not open. Just a beeping sound when I tried off the fob or the screen. I could force them with the B pillar button and then hauled them up manually. Now working fine it seems. Clearly the tesla had some kind of error as it gave an alarm beep instead of opening the doors. It would have been nice to have some display of the error and instructions on how to reset the door. I had no idea what the beeping meant. The car was parked outside and there was nothing close to it that would obstruct any door. In the end I kind of fumbled through it by mashing buttons and the problem went away.

Are these things hardware issues due to faulty sensors or software glitches that can be patched? And since many of us can reboot/reset stuff to restore functionality, it would be nice to have more instruction in the manual on what to do when doors or windows do not work properly.

Kutu | 1 juli 2016

I had my delivery scheduled for June 24 and the day before delivery they found a problem. That was in addition to the dent in the lift-gate that told me about a couple of hours earlier. I was finally contacted late today-after ignoring me all week- and told they will be keeping my Model X for a few more weeks. They are taking the car offsite next week for leak testing, as apparently nothing was done this week. I was told they will getting new seals for the FWD and a new lift-gate. I was to have picked the car up with the dent and they would order a lift-gate replace it when that part arrived when it arrived. Now they are keeping it until the lift-gate arrives. (We all know how long Tesla take to get body parts delivered.) I just hope I get the car this year. I finalized the loan the night before scheduled pickup, therefore I am paying for a car I don't have. I am beyond pissed!!

If I could cancel the purchase and not lose $5,000 I would. The only positive thing is that I am still driving my Model S- but the way things are going they will probably want to charge me for the mileage as it is my trade-in.