How likely is it for a student, who is wanting to find out whether or not the subject "Maschienenbauingenieur" at the ETH in Zurich is going to be the one to go for, to get an internship at Tesla Motors? (with only a "Matura" Diploma)

compchat | 30 juni 2016

I doubt Elon speaks German as he was born in South Africa. But I looked up that long word starting with an M and in english it translates to "mechanical engineer".

Alexcasas88 | 1 juli 2016

Hey edoardo.peyer Im an american interested in attending eth zurich would you be able to answer some questions about your school for me?

kemp | 27 januari 2020

A story of a guy who got an engineering internship at Tesla Motors: How I Got an Internship at Tesla - TheTechTwins. I study Nuclear Science and Engineering and still I think my chances are rather low: I'm planning to apply in summer though. Has anyone here been accepted?

Orthopod | 27 januari 2020

So get 2 internships before applying at Tesla

kateproom | 1 mei 2020

Well, who wouldn’t want an internship at Tesla? That’s a dream that many of the young people out there want to follow. But as I can imagine, it’s not that easy. I think Tesla doesn’t accept newcomers or people with no background. You will have to get another internship first, and get through them with success. Try trusted ones, like that can offer many possibilities in many countries and cities worldwide. I think an internship in Tokyo, for example, would impress Elon Musk, don’t you think?