A taste of Tesla

A taste of Tesla

So I have always been a BWM guy. My latest being the 650M Gran coupe. Then, I thought it was an awesome car. I had always wanted to get a tesla but was afraid of the rumors I heard about it. Well, I finally got a brand new one and after driving this car for just 10 miles, I don't think I can drive any other car. Just pure magic and so ahead of its time. I have 3 other cars/trucks etc that are gasoline and driving them is a pain now that I have gotten a taste of the Tesla. I wish they make a tesla to cover all of my needs like a pick up, big size SUV and a jeep.

For anyone on the fence about this car, please don;t be.. go for it.

Run4Waffles | 5 juli 2016

Hook, line and sinker. Grin.


98% would buy another one. What does that say?

miyamky | 5 juli 2016

Cue 85 and the Cool Aid pic

TesMD | 5 juli 2016

Congrats on your new toy. Yes, it is nearly impossible to drive any other car after driving Tesla for a bit. As for your other needs, Tesla does make model X but it is not much of "utility" vehicle as opposed to a luxury people mover as people describe it but something worth looking into!

PhillyGal | 5 juli 2016

Nobody has ever fallen in love with a MS after just 10 mil...

oh wait...

Tropopause | 5 juli 2016

Love hearing these German car convert stories!

amareshvanga | 5 juli 2016

I totally agree with your statement.I fell in love with Tesla S when I first spotted in 2012.I thought to myself-Vow look at this car, it must be an exotic car worth 150k plus.Then I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised.My friend brought it year later and he raved about it.I got fascinated with the concept.The paradigm was always, Go green= cheap and small and Tesla redefined this category. Go green = Big,expensive,cool and gorgeous.I don't know why we still make ICE cars anymore.Performance is so refined and infotainment system is something even a million dollar car can't beat. It was like the iPhone of cars.If apple ever merges with Tesla then it would every tech geeks dream.Just saying.LOL

Tesla-David | 5 juli 2016

Welcome to the club. I fell in love with Tesla before my first Test drive in 2012, and after 3.5 years of ownership, and on my second MS, I love my MS more now than I did then. My love affair with this incredible car has never diminished.

frankie.fingers | 5 juli 2016

It took you 10 whole miles???

carlk | 5 juli 2016

I kept my Cayman S for two years after I got my S. I drove it no more than 500 miles in those two years a lot of those miles were driving to the dealer service or to get smog check done. Finally traded it in when I got my X this March to become ICE-less. I'm eagerly waiting for the Raodser II in the future.

jjs | 5 juli 2016

Congrats. Enjoy.

dogfishbird | 5 juli 2016

My life changed on the first test drive. Since I'd previously owned a BMW M3, and MB SLK55 AMG, I went straight to the BMW dealer to test a 2016 BMW M6, which by that point, felt like a donkey. I'm on my second Tesla, and never looking back!

gloverboys3 | 7 juli 2016

Thanks Guys.. I really thought I was losing my mind but it seems I am not. This thing is real and overtime I get into it, I am like "I am blessed".

jordanrichard | 7 juli 2016

Welcome to the future, we have been waiting for you........:-)

mm7nyy | 7 juli 2016

This space age machine has left me totally speechless and nothing comes close

douglasstuckey | 8 juli 2016

@gloverboys3, welcome to the club. I have also had BMW, Jags, and many Mercs before my S85 in 2015.
Just gets better every day.

Silver2K | 8 juli 2016

did someone call!?

Son of a Gunn | 8 juli 2016

I fell in love with a Tesla on the day of the test drive, on the first acceleration. It is a rare trait of a car to be able to respond in an instant, without a loud protest and banging effort. Laser.

Rowlie | 8 juli 2016

The odd thing for me is that I kind of miss wandering through the showroom of the BMW and Audi dealerships while my car was in for service, looking at what's new and exciting and planning out the next purchase. Now I don't have to go in for service at all and when I do visit the BMW and Audi showrooms, even their best efforts are still so far behind what I'm driving now that it's not as much fun.