USB power when locked

USB power when locked

Is power available from the console USB ports when the X is locked? We tried to use our X to charge our phones during a power failure at home last night, but we weren't sure if the ports provided power when the car was unoccupied.

elguapo | 23 juli 2016

No. If car is "off", there's no power to USB ports.

ir | 23 juli 2016

You can try the old trick of engaging the e-brake from the touch screen while in Neutral to keep the car on (but not rolling away). That will keep the car "on".

Be sure to turn off as many systems like DRLs and AC so they don't waste power from your $100K "Juicepack".

yuendds | 23 juli 2016

The 12v cigarette lighters work front and back when the car is locked. That was a nice surprise I found. You could just get a adapter to plug in your USB.

jwh8000 | 24 juli 2016

I bought a cigarette lighter adapter charger from Amazon with duel USB ports, it works great and the ports are always hot.

siliconhammer | 24 juli 2016

I would love for these feature to be configured under Settings. An active cigarette lighter port could inadvertantly drain the batttery if something like a dvd player were left plugged in, so there's an argument for disabling by default, while there are many use cases where keeping them active makes sense. Let the user decide and configure.

eric.zucker | 25 juli 2016

I'm surprised the 12V plugs stay powered when the car is off.
While charging OK, I can understand, but car off should shut the12V off too.

Can someone confirm the behavior?

MicTheCat | 26 juli 2016

On our trip from Denmark to Italy we used the 12v plug in the trunk to power our cooler box. I was surprised and happy with them staying on at all times. Now at the camping site I use it for our 3G router to stay powered on. So in short yes the 12v stays on all times

teslagiddy | 28 juli 2016

On the Model S, I can confirm that USB ports remain powered on at ALL times. The 12v plug goes off when the car is locked. Haven't tried the X yet.

MalibuRed | 15 maart 2019

Same here with car locked after the recent software upgrade the usb plugs are always on during day too when car is locked.. wonder if it will drain the 12v/charge....sounds like a software fix.. just sent tesla feedback.. now I have to unplug my led lights every night since they won’t turn off...

David Trushin | 20 maart 2019

It used to stay on until Tesla decided to change it. Having worked on human machine interfaces I learned early on never to remove user features, but if there is a reason to change a feature allow the user to configure it either the new way or the old way. Unfortunately, Tesla has not learned this lesson. You may not agree with this, that is, until they remove a feature that you really like.

Redmiata98 | 21 maart 2019 tha ability to open/close your windows from the fob AND use/non use of the Nany-nag on AP!

PIDcontrol | 24 maart 2019

Just checked my (less than 1 week old) 2019 Model X ... it has no power to 12 volt receptacle nor USB port in approx 5 to 10 minutes after vehicle is locked. ALSO my 2016 Model X (traded-in) did not retain power to either port after locking car. I actually like this feature.

David Trushin | 26 maart 2019

That's the point, isn't it? Some people like it one way, others the other way. Remove a feature and half are pissed. So you make it configurable and everybody's happy. Not rocket science. Maybe Tesla should move some people from Spacex to work on it.

Vawlkus | 27 maart 2019

They did. That’s how the Gen2 Roadster ended up with a thruster package. :D