I'm very happy with my Model S (second one I have owned) but I am taking it to the service center tomorrow because I've noticed the right rear tire is significantly more worn than all the other tires.
The tire pressures have been even, the tires rotated at least once (I'm at 20K miles)...
Curious if "alignment problems" in the back make sense AND if anyone else has seen this problem...

NKYTA | 6 september 2016

D or no D? Which tires?

carlk | 6 september 2016

Looks that you need a rear wheel alignment but usually they would do all wheels together.

mark | 6 september 2016

Thanks Steven...good info. I'll let the forum know what I find out tomorrow. One tire is practically bald 1/16" remaining, while the others must have about 3/8th", pretty remarkable wear difference.

mark | 6 september 2016

...not a D by the way, a straight 85

lolachampcar | 7 september 2016

Wear across the whole tire on only the inside shoulder?

kevin | 7 september 2016

The manufacturer recommends you rotate the tires every 5,000 miles, BTW.

Tropopause | 7 september 2016

I have 85 RWD. My first set of ContiSilents lasted 25,000 miles. My second set are wearing twice as fast so I'm taking it in today for another alignment. Going to ask for the rear toe to be set to minimum (within specs).

Ironically, my right rear is wearing faster than the others as well.

Tropopause | 7 september 2016

BTW- the wear is across the whole tire, mostly.