3 or 4 year lease

3 or 4 year lease

I know this may have been covered ad nauseam, but I'm wondering what are the motivating factors between choosing a 3 or 4 year lease (besides just wanting to change your car more frequently). Does it have anything to do with the 4 year warranty period?

Feel free to send me to other threads if this has been discussed already.

EVRider | 12 oktober 2016

In the US, Tesla only offers a 3-year lease as far as I know. Tesla did offer a 2-year lease option recently, but I don't see that option on their web site anymore. If the choice were available, a shorter lease would have lower monthly payments, so that and the length of time you wanted to keep the car would be the primary considerations.

cica3838 | 12 oktober 2016

I'm in Canada, and 3 and 4 year leases are available. Actually, the 4 year lease payment is lower.

So length of time is the only consideration? I thought it would have something to do with the warranty.

McLary | 13 oktober 2016

There is still a guaranteed value when it comes to leases. That program has been cancelled for individuals who purchase. That is why some Tesla leases can have lower payments on a longer term lease.

EVRider | 13 oktober 2016

If the warranty is at least as long as the lease term, I don't see how that would matter.

sp_tesla | 13 oktober 2016

"cica3838 | October 12, 2016
Actually, the 4 year lease payment is lower."

Wow, what a concept.

EVRider | 13 oktober 2016

Right, I meant to say a longer lease would have lower monthly payments. Can't blame autocorrect for that one. :-)