The future is not looking good for Faraday

The future is not looking good for Faraday

At least, not according to this article:

Inside The Turmoil At Faraday Future, The Startup That Wants To Beat Tesla

Watt fun | 15 december 2016

The present is pretty well meh too.

carlk | 15 december 2016

There was a joke you can walk around the world in one day if you just follow the sun. Faraday fools think they can match or beat Tesla by just follow the same proven path. It it looks too easy to be true it likely is too easy to be true.

Ross1 | 22 december 2016

http://www.theverge DOT com/2016/12/22/13908160/faraday-future-vs-ff-cayman-global-problems-jia-leeco-lesee-car

new information

Ross1 | 23 december 2016

thanks Silver