Almost crashed my 5 minutes old Model X

Almost crashed my 5 minutes old Model X

Got my 60D model X last week and Almost crashed it within 5 minutes out from the dealership @ Burbank.

First off I did pay for the autopilot upgrade...
Therefore I assumed it had auto pilot....

And from test drive - double tapping the left hand short stick will enable it...

Off I go, hopped on the freeway double tapping the left short stick and while I thought it would drive itself or adjust speed at its own - it didn't do anything except keeping its speed at 80 miles per hour...
Luckily I crapped out of myself and Stomped on the break pedal otherwise I would of been in an accident with my 5 minutes old tesla!

I felt like someone should have at least told me that autopilot isn't available when I grabbed the car....

Hope this post would bring caution to new tesla owners like me!

vperl | 21 december 2016

Did you ask?

I for one always want to blame others, but usually it is in fact my fault .

Glad your the exception.

But, that is that

eric.zucker | 21 december 2016

From your test drive, you will have noticed the chime confirming the autopilot engaging, the steering wheel becoming stiffer. If these didn't occur when you tried to activate AP, then AP didn't engage.

AP isn't always available either (heavy fog or faded road markings), so make sure you learn it's behavior and avoid bad surprises.

Don't break your brake pedal, it can be useful.

poloX | 22 december 2016

Regardless, they should have told him!!! For safety reasons. I think it's terrible they didn't inform new drivers. Not everyone read and follow Tesla status everyday. For this, I agree with the OP.

lilbean | 22 december 2016

Tesla has always said the driver is to maintain full control of the vehicle at all times.

poloX | 22 december 2016

There is no doubt that the OP is very careless and uninformed. 80mph 5min from taking delivery is very unsafe. No argument there. The DS on the other hand must also do their job!

lilbean | 22 december 2016

Driving 80 mph on the freeway near that "dealership" is completely asinine.

lilbean | 22 december 2016

I have no sympathy for idiotic drivers who wreak havoc on LA freeways. I know the employees there. They are very thorough and patient and spend ample time with customers.

patswin | 22 december 2016

Lilbean I agree. They are very thorough. There is a bit of information overload because there is so much this car can do. You need to slowly acquaint yourself with these features until you get comfortable with them. I could not imagine almost immediately setting ap for the first time in heavy traffic. That's insane

malcolm.hall1932 | 22 december 2016

What am I missing! I thought it was widely known that the new AP 2 cars coming off the line were not yet software enabled. As the OP has posted his complaint on the Forum, he should also be aware that it's been discussed here ad nauseum. !!

campusden | 22 december 2016

I was unaware that any 60 would have autopilot 2.0 hardware. As for not knowing that the Autopilot would not be active.

vperl | 22 december 2016

It is, lilbean's fault.

Done and done


carlk | 22 december 2016

Which "dealership" you got the car?

PedanticOne | 22 december 2016

If it didn't indicate AP was on, why would assume AP was on?

carlk | 22 december 2016

And how could you "except keeping its speed at 80 miles per hour" if AP is not on? Were you actually driving it?

lilbean | 22 december 2016

@vperl, Yep! My bad. :-) I should have been there to hold his hand. 0:-)

PedanticOne | 22 december 2016

@carlk If they pulled the stalk once, that would turn on cruise, no?

poloX | 22 december 2016

Not everyone is created equal. There are many senior citizens owning Tesla. There are many old or young who are not tech savvy either. Not everyone has the time to follow when what Tesla S/W releases and what features are included. I am not trying to defend the very stupid action the OP did. I am actually against it. That said, I believe the DS is obligated to tell the new owners this little fact or anything that is unique to the car. If you buy a BMW, either it has lane watch feature or not. No exception. Tesla is wonderful in that it has the over the air S/W updates. But the down side is that it keep changing and this is not necessarily good for folks mentioned above to keep up with. Say if you drive and use AP since Oct 2014 and as if you took delivery of a new X or S with EAP car several weeks ago assuming you have a better and improved AP and use it the same way as you have been for almost 2 years...guess what? This can happen. It is Tesla's responsibility to make sure each drive knows this. Not too difficult in my mind. Just have a Big Red Warning popup window flashing for 10 sec each time the car is on UNTIL it is available again. Simple and dummy proof!!!

Teslapalooza | 22 december 2016

@poloX +1
I am assuming all the DSs are giving the "Autopilot does not work at this time" sermon at each and every delivery. And have the customer repeat that refrain a couple of times before they drive off :-)

carlk | 22 december 2016

When I bought my first car the salesman did not remind me I have to steer the car or press the brake when I need to slow it down. He did not tell me I have to stop at red light and yield to traffic when there is a stop sign either. Of course he never said anything about leaving my brand new car parked at night in a not so good neighborhood. The world we are living is so complicated you have to learn things yourself to survive. Why people are always so fast to blame others for what should be his/her own responsibilities. Sorry about what happened to op but I do hope there is a good lesson learned there so there will not real tragic happens to him in the future.

@poloX A non-tech savvy person, or for that matter even a tech-savvy person, should never use the AP the first minute he/she gets into the car without fully learned how it works and not pay full attention such as to check if auto-steering icon is on. My wife had her X for more than three months before she tried the AP for the first time. She knew she would have to really know everything of how to use it before turn it on.

PedanticOne | 22 december 2016

"A non-tech savvy person, or for that matter even a tech-savvy person, should never use the AP the first minute he/she gets into the car without fully learned how it works and not pay full attention such as to check if auto-steering icon is on"

Yes. That.

lilbean | 22 december 2016

All my problems with my car are my kindergarten teacher's fault. She made me like school so much that I ended up doing well in school and got a good job where I met my husband who paid for the car that I liked so much. It's her fault I have this car! 0:-)

Ming89 | 22 december 2016

Yes, someone from dealer should notice the client the auto pilot is not on this car.

poloX | 22 december 2016

How to brake, steer, slow down, stop at the light....etc. is taken care of by the state. That is called a Driver License. That is how cars is driven for over a century. To deny the reality that there are even folks today who are still typing with only 2 index fingers is just not admitting the reality of lives. Why do airliners still today every single flight, teaching us all how to secure the seat belt? WHY? Because it's worth it. Because it safe lives and because it keeps them too out of trouble.

su_srinivasan | 22 december 2016

I picked up my Model X 2 days and have some level of understanding. Kept double tapping on the Auto pilot stick and nothing happened other than cruise control. The driver has to be responsible but Tesla needs to do a better job of communicating that there no AP1 features available on the cars with AP2 hardware.

OvrICE | 22 december 2016

@poloX, The airlines don't do it because "Because it's worth it. Because it safe lives and because it keeps them too out of trouble." They do it because of government regulations. They are required to go over it verbally before take-off; otherwise, they would just say to read over the material provided in the seat pouch in front of you.

poloX | 22 december 2016

Well, then Gov regulates it because...

inconel | 22 december 2016

What I think is dangerous is to double pull the stalk and relinquish one's attention assuming AP is on. First one should never relinquish attention when using AP, second there are many situations where AP will not turn on after the double pull so it is very important to check that the steering wheel has turned blue.

rossRallen | 22 december 2016

Completely, totally irresponsible of the OP to drive a new car like this, Model X or anything else. Tesla's systems are complicated and require familiarization in a safe place. This was simply foolish behavior.

rossRallen | 22 december 2016

P.s. to @poloX: I type with two fingers. Always have. No offense taken.

poloX | 22 december 2016

Didn't mean to offend anyone. Totally and 100% agree the OP was foolish. There is no argument there. period. My point is that if the ultimate goal is to be totally safe and absolutely trouble free for everyone, a "responsible" maker (Tesla) should have informed the buyer.

carlk | 22 december 2016


Did you know there is a thing called instruction manual? Using the AP the first moment you got into the car without knowing exactly what it does is looking for trouble. If Darwin did not have the theory then he sure will have it now after reading some of the posts here.

poloX | 22 december 2016

@carlk, again, I am not defending the OP's action in anyway. But at the same time, you can't deny that DS should have told him. They should have accepted that responsibility. That's all I am saying.

carlk | 22 december 2016

There was a similar complain before that the poster did not realize the auto steering was not on when he pulled the stalk only once and thought he pulled it twice. He yelled and screamed that Tesla did not design the system right to take care of situation like that, meaning when the driver makes a mistake. Huh you blame someone else when you did thing wrong not to mention you don't even know to check the best in the industry screen that shows you clearly if TACC or auto steering is on or off and tells you which lane markings or cars it sees and is tracking? No one should turn on the AP without learned how all these work. If you failed to do that you're fully responsible for any consequences. Darwin would agree too.

Teslapalooza | 22 december 2016

whatever happened the the good ole' design paradigm "make it fool proof". I pretty much concur with all points and counterpoints being said on this topic. But I think poloX has a solid point. Tesla Delivery Specialist must state that limitation clearly at the time of delivery. Period. If they didn't do it, it is a mistake.

Even my sales adviser who took me on a test drive, read out the limitation of Autopilot clearly and made sure I understood and acknowledged that. Every DS should do that, plus go over any other critical safety aspects. Handing over the car key and telling the owner to go read the manual for everything else is not the way to sell a new car. Period. Full stop.

mhkeyemd | 22 december 2016

I think Tesla should make it mandatory for future Tesla owners to do a test drive at the their least once. Luckily, I "test-drove" a MX one month before the delivery. I learned a lot about Tesla during that test drive.

vperl | 22 december 2016

The OP, proved that impossible with his own actions, his lack due diligence and no common sense is indisutibley foolish. 80 mph, really! ?

Excuses for failure are not unique, OP big fail .

TSammy | 22 december 2016

I always type with 4 fingers. I have since I helped develop the first known IBM mainframe connected CRT device in 1967. And this "senior citizen" is willing to meet your condescending __s on any road course that you wish and race for pinks.

burdogg | 22 december 2016

Funny thing - we took delivery of our X today . The DS talked to us and we discussed the lack of autopilot. he then mentioned they have had people leave and then call back with this exact scenario and he just rolls his eyes and says - we told you that when we went over the car.

I laugh because then I see this post - made me wonder if this was from today and from the Denver service center :) I am sorry, but the DS are DEFINITELY telling them that it is not functioning. Now, granted, there is a lot going on and a lot to learn for a new Tesla Driver. AND the DS is probably going to go over how to enable Autopilot WHEN it is available and reiterate that it is not right now, but with all going on, the op and others that do this, may simple be too excited to remember or catch that it is NOT active yet :)

lilbean | 22 december 2016

I was thinking the same thing. The DS told him but it just went in one ear and out the other.

poloX | 23 december 2016

And if you look right in the MX forum, there is another post about yet another OP didn't know about AP is not enabled. And there are a few admitted on this thread alone. @Sammy, my point is there are many who just don't or can't keep track of this sort of things. Not at all intended to offend anyone there. I am sure you will beat me in any race, not relevant in anyway to this conversation.
@carlk, I am in 100% agreement with every single word you said. I look at things in a bigger picture. Say if the OP was actually caused an accident, what everyone needs to do in the future to avoid it. Why do we teach defensive driving? If there is no stupid, reckless drivers on the road, why a need to drive defensively?
Thank you @ ramseshan2001

malcolm.hall1932 | 23 december 2016

Carik: you're spot on. It makes you want to tear your hair out. There are more posts today with the same complaint.
I can't help but wonder about the reason behind some of them.

rossRallen | 23 december 2016

@vperl +100.
@rams... I like the idea that Tesla takes EVERY new owner out on a test drive demonstrating key safety features, then together they disable key Driver Assist features until the driver gets it somewhere safe to learn. .

This is not a jump-in-and-drive vehicle. That's why I WILL NEVER LET A VALET DRIVE MY TESLA.

Teslapalooza | 23 december 2016

yes rossRollen, I too have scratched out valet parking from my vocabulary at least for the first couple of years of ownership.

tmyboy811 | 23 december 2016

Thanks for the comment guys....
I know that i should always be alert and be ready to control while using autopilot.
That is the reason why i did't bump into the car in front of me....

i feel like they should have told me / other tesla owners that auto pilot isn't there....
i didn't really pay attention to the "chime confirming the autopilot" during my test drive....
I was overwhelm by my excitement during the test drive and was too shocked at the car driving itself already....

i am only writing this post to alert new tesla owners that AUTO PILOT ISN'T THERE!!! so don't be like me!!!!!

tmyboy811 | 23 december 2016

I used to drive my buddy's Model S 90D... all i knew was double tapping the thing will have some icon pop ups and AP drives itself....

But when i take my X 60D i double tapped it and some icon popped up... therefore i assumed it was working....
again, i didn't bump into the car infront of me because i was able to stomp on break...
The guys at Burbank Tesla delivery center was nice and kind!
(they even gave me manager's (Daniel) credit card for lunch because the bank's paperwork wasn't ready)
but i did got there before 11am and left by 3pm.....

anyways.... not here to blame .... just trying to spread the word about this incident
I am sure there are many new Tesla owners like me here, who does not know whats the "sound of Autopilot" or the icon....

I am

poloX | 24 december 2016

@tmyboy811, you were being very careless but I still think Tesla should first and foremost, make a big red pop up and flashing warning window with messages for safety related things that keep changing. Engineers will under stand the Murphy's law. Dedign must be bullet proof. I can tell you that there probably is no bigger fan of the car and of Elon out there than I am but I won't defense Tesla, I will hold them accountable and that is the only way to help them build better products. No one wants Tesla to succeed more than I do. Not just the cars, but also, the batteries and the solar, and the hyper loop, and the high speed internet satellites, and pretty much everything Elon does. That's how big of a fan I am. But you be careful and be safe out there. Merry Xmas.

vperl | 24 december 2016

Design great, driver clueless.

Cannot be fixed by the design team .

But, I guess it is not the drivers fault, being ueless is not illegal .

vperl | 24 december 2016

Or even. " CLUELESS "

lilbean | 24 december 2016


vperl | 24 december 2016

lilbean, you made me make the mistake, a obvious design and engineering defect.