Color Options - Am I the only one?

Color Options - Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who's hoping for additional colors to what we have seen so far, with the S and X?
I truly think they should expand on their color options with the M☰. They had British Racing Green with the S, then they discontinued it. Not sure why?

I would love to see that Green and maybe a Burgundy (Wine). Anyone else???

derek.philip | 22 december 2016

BRG on a modern styled car never looks right to me, it needs to be a car with at least some retro styling.
Plus BRG on an American manufactured car? The Cobras can get away with it as they have a retro British heritage link.

I do agree that more colours should be available, I would have thought these days they could mix paints accurately and on the fly, may not make sense production wise though.

TSLA01 | 22 december 2016

@derek.philip - I somewhat agree with you on the BRG. But, they've had a variation of it before on the S and it looked good to me, other modern cars have a variation of it as well, such as the Corola. Just google Green Tesla Model S and Green Corolla 2016.

sbeggs | 22 december 2016


Agree. Would love a wide palette, and would dream of a silvery light blue or green, a purplish eggplant blue, or a grey blue. And many flavors of red!

fritter63 | 22 december 2016

Candy Apple Red, please.

(That's what my wife wants).

topher | 22 december 2016

The Model S green was not British Racing Green. I don't think even the Brits are imperialistic enough to lay claim to a colour[sic].

Also a reminder that this color visualizer exists:

Thank you kindly.

dd.micsol | 23 december 2016

my desktop background is a model 3 with a mix of brg and forrest green. It looks awesome.

tstolz | 23 december 2016

I love the idea of custom colours! Tough to colour match after an accident though I suppose.

Red Sage ca us | 23 december 2016

I'm rather partial to either #CC0000 or #CD0000.

KP in NPT | 23 december 2016
Bighorn | 23 december 2016

arancio borealis

Haggy | 23 december 2016

Tesla got rid of green and brown because a very small percentage of orders were for them, and they wanted to do all they could to increase throughput. Many people liked the green, but when you can pick any color you want, it's not the same as seeing one on the lot in green and buying it because you wouldn't go out of your way to get blue somewhere else. Even if a high percentage of people who didn't buy green actually liked it, it wouldn't matter. In my case, green wasn't my first choice. I changed my order to green because I liked it about as much as my original color choice, and my wife wanted a color that wouldn't look like every other Model S on the road. I don't see green ones very often. Right after I got mine, Tesla dropped green. I have one of the few green ones with autopilot. I also went to a showroom to look at a green car before I decided. That would be hard to do when they don't have one, which must have been common at most showrooms. I saw one in Palo Alto when I first test drove and then saw one in Fremont when I went to make sure what color I wanted. I didn't realize at the time how unlikely it was that a green one would be sitting there waiting to be picked up. If you don't see it, you are less likely to buy it. BTW I've seen even fewer brown ones, but when I did see one I was surprised to find that I liked it.

bj | 23 december 2016

@Red - "I'm rather partial to either #CC0000 or #CD0000"

It seems you are true to your name :)

Tcloutier5890 | 23 december 2016

I like British racing green. Had it on a Z3. Color does'nt have to be associated with the past, just personal preference.

Red Sage ca us | 24 december 2016

Haggy: I have not seen a Green Model S, that I know of... My guess is that I have probably seen one, but in the midst of twilight traffic probably thought it was Black instead. I have seen exactly ONE Brown Model S and it was simply GORGEOUS. Late afternoon sunshine made it look sort of like a sunfired rootbeer tone. It looked good enough to LICK.

bj: Yeah. I actually prefer the #CD0000, but learned it is not 'NTSC Safe'. I have a Friend who is epileptic, and wouldn't want to send her into an episode when showing off video or photos. So, the slightly toned down #CC0000 would be just fine.

Haggy | 26 december 2016

My wife has known people who were surprised to learn that we have a green Model S -- after having ridden in it more than a few times. It can be mistaken for black depending on the light.

bmwgs | 26 december 2016

I'll be happy with nearly any color that isn't black,white or silver.

mirken65 | 30 december 2016

Metallic Orange, please.

tedirelan | 30 december 2016

We want ours to have that shinny/shimmering paint that nice boats have.

bmwgs | 30 december 2016

I'm with mirken65-gimme dat Metallic Orange,please!

jordanrichard | 1 januari 2017

Well, the expression "You can have this car in any color you like, as long as it's black", wasn't a smart ass remark, it was the cheapest way to make the Model T. By having a limited number of colors, there is little down time to switch the paint in the paint system. Remember, they paint in batches. The Model T was actually available in White, Red and Black. However, apparently black paint dried quicker, so they could turn out black cars a lot faster, which in turn reduced Fords costs per car and they could sell the black cars at a cheaper price.

petero | 1 januari 2017

Something like 85%+ of cars ordered today, Tesla included, are : white, black, grey, or silver. Tesla needs to stay focused to maximize production and lower costs.

If you want a different color , may I suggest you consider having your ‘black’ M3 wrapped (fully or partially). Wrapping allows almost infinite choices and protects the original paint. When the day comes to sell your beloved car, not everyone may want a purple and yellow “Laker Tesla. ” Wrapping the front (especially the nose) of a M3 is imperative. Also I think there will be a high demand for the matte finish on the M3 and this is perfectly suited to wrapping.

My question, why does Tesla need 3 different black colors?

Maxxer | 1 januari 2017

I want mat black

Red Sage ca us | 1 januari 2017

petero: My question, why does Tesla need 12 different shades of black?

"I saw a red door and I want it painted black
No colours anymore, I want them to turn black...

"I see a line of cars and they're all painted black
With flowers and my love, both never to come back..."

charles_gingras | 1 januari 2017

As far as color is concerned I couldn't care less what they offer, it goes for everything that is non-spec/space too. I'd Drive the ugliest car oin the world if the Spec/space would be interesting.

bmwgs | 1 januari 2017

No,they don't."Tesla needs to stay focused to maximize production and lower costs"(by limiting color choices). Thankfully narrow minded thinking like that isn't in any way involved in Tesla.
Maybe to appease you,they will offer a "factory wrap" since it's so popular in your genre.

Badbot | 1 januari 2017

Crap I thought I was done hearing about wrapping with Xmas over..........

brando | 2 januari 2017

Anyone have insight as to why solid (non-metallic) white got dropped?

PS - Saab 99 had a beige color that was designed to oxidize and the color developed hues of red and orange especially at sunrise or sunset times. It was very subtle, but often people were asking me just what color was my car. (sometimes almost flesh tones) Sadly, I met one owner who thought his paint had gone bad, so he repainted his car, I didn't have the heart to tell him about his once special paint.

dd.micsol | 2 januari 2017

I want either gold lambo color or brg/forrest green mix. If they don't-wrap it-I'll gold leaf it myself.

gabrosseau | 2 januari 2017

Regardless of how many colors Tesla cars come in, to-date most of the colors have been surpisingly common and uninspired -- especially for a carmaker whose designs and engineering are just the opposite. Even if they were all one color, it is possible to design a color that is interesting and broadly appealing. Take a look at some of the other maker's colors and you see what is possible. Some of the colors are truly beautiful and enhance the cars they cover. Tesla's colors do not add to their cars and in missing that opportunity they actually take something away. It appears the person making the color decisions either needs more artistic freedom or encouragement or perhaps the company needs to bring in a top automotive graphic designer. The right one with the right charge could take the look of the cars to another level -- one that matches the cars' inspiration, design, and engineering, and the company's aspirations.

jlopezbrea | 2 januari 2017

solid white, please !

Lonestar10_1999 | 2 januari 2017

Solid white for me too. Clean and waxed and kept inside a garage.

jon | 2 januari 2017

Pearl white or Blue like this Aston Martin ( is what I'm looking for.

Red Sage ca us | 5 januari 2017

gabrosseu: Among traditional automobile manufacturers it seems to me about the only one that offers a full pallete is Dodge, and they are firmly committed to ICE. Among high end brands in particular? Others may have one or two shades that stand out... Some stick to a handful of 'classic' hues that define the brand... But the higher the level of sales the more likely the available choices for color becomes more limited and bland. During 2017, and certainly by 2018, Tesla will surpass Porsche in annual U.S. Sales.

Stop by GM's websites and look up the color choices for Chevrolet MALIBU, Buick LaCrosse, and Cadillac ATS. You'll see that they are all similarly limited in scope. Even though the ATS sells less than 30,000 units per year, the LaCrosse around 60,000, and the MALIBU at 200,000.

tgretz | 6 januari 2017

The perfect color for the Model 3 is NUDE! Powder coated clear bare metal finish!!! Elon please...... This finish looks amazing and would totally stand out.

andy.connor.e | 6 januari 2017

Color is pretty much on my "end of list" wants. Like obviously if they only have hot pink, lime green, and florescent purple, that a bit of a deterant for me. But the color is hardly of concern, as what i am getting is not for the looks.

JeffreyR | 6 januari 2017

Wrap away my friends. If you do, think about this "stealt" favorite of mine:

"Stealth Mode Activate: Tesla Model S wrapped in Satin XPEL"

I like @jon's Aston Martin too.

bpemby | 9 januari 2017

Honestly I had my heart set on black until my "My Tesla" page showed up and I really like that blue. Everyone i show it to think it looks great in that shade also.

dsvick | 10 januari 2017

"until my "My Tesla" page showed up and I really like that blue"

I wonder how many people will get blue just because that's what they've been looking at for months? :)

topher | 10 januari 2017

"I wonder how many people will get blue just because that's what they've been looking at for months?"

Some people need to get out more. Stop looking at your MyTesla page for months at a time, and go take a walk. :-)

jefjes | 10 januari 2017

I'm hoping that there will be more no cost options than what is available on the Model S. When looking at the configuration page for a Model S, black is the only no cost color. I know black may be a popular color for many but dark colors have not been my choice for a car since they are hotter when parked outside in the summer and show dust/dirt more than lighter colors. All other color choices seem to require a fee of $1k and up. Remember when Ford told prospective buyers they can get a Model T in any color they like as long as it's black. For many of us stretching to get a $35k car to begin with, it would be nice to have at a minimum 2 no cost options for a color, one dark and one light. Black and white would be fine with me.

dsvick | 10 januari 2017

"Some people need to get out more. Stop looking at your MyTesla page for months at a time, and go take a walk"

I should stop refreshing it every hour and comparing the source code to the daily change log I've got set up in the hope of catching an accidental deployment of code that will tell me some thing that should otherwise have been deeply hidden in the cold, dark recesses of the server?

No, I do not do that... thank god I've got a life, at least somewhat of a life since I do spend a fair amount of time here... speculating with the best of them.

soakes | 10 januari 2017

"refreshing it every hour and comparing the source code to the daily change log"

You can automate that ;-)

bmwgs | 10 januari 2017

With our luck,the no cost choices will be black and white. So I now I'll be paying for paint "upgrade". Please give methe Burnt Copper option. Otherwise,if have to choose from the current color palette,blue then red.

dsvick | 11 januari 2017

@soakes - "You can automate that "

But then what would I have to do ... ? :)

Ehninger1212 | 11 januari 2017

How about they bring back white, plain white.. that's the only color I want.

jefjes | 11 januari 2017

I would also like other no cost color options such as the one you mentioned but having a light color such as white as an alternative to only black will be better than none.

bmwgs | 11 januari 2017

I get you but since I live in SW Florida,I can't tell you how many white cars I see every day. I saw 5 in a row at a traffic light. It's like a rental fleet convention! Color will probably be 1 of a few necessary options-the other being non-PETA.

Nexxus | 12 januari 2017


Why would the other options be non-PETA? People Eating Tasty Animals; the leather options should fit right in!

bmwgs | 12 januari 2017

Agreed. I tried my best not to post the definition-thanks for posting!