Pay for Supercharging, Poor Tesla Management

Pay for Supercharging, Poor Tesla Management

Although I am a Model S owner and grandfathered free unlimited supercharging, it seems totally absurd for future owners to pay for this service. After all said and done with additional options and upgrades, add ons, sales tax, etc. the price of a Model S or X is typically upwards of 100k. To me, this is poor management and an insult to owners. I can see maybe charging a one time fee, say of a few thousand dollars for the upcoming Model 3 due to the lower price point, and I stress maybe. Another thing to consider is destination chargers, ChargePoint, EV Connect, and other similar public chargers don't even charge a fee, but Tesla is going charge their own loyal customers. This makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Tesla management needs to address and rectify this problem.

lilbean | 15 januari 2017

With all the new cars on the horizon, free supercharging does not seem sustainable to me. The cost is still extremely low. As it is, there are many abusers of free supercharging.

carlk | 15 januari 2017

Oh gawd not that loyal customer farce again.

lilbean | 15 januari 2017

Haha! Hmm can someone name another car maker that pays for fuel for life. No!

mdd | 15 januari 2017

Sure, just like Henry Ford when he introduced the Model T built thousands of gas stations and gave the gas away for free...that happened, right?

lilbean | 15 januari 2017


lilbean | 15 januari 2017

Because $120 from LA to NY is too much. I say charge more.

vchowdry | 15 januari 2017

I travel a lot, superchargers are awesome, thought I would dislike, I look forward to my breaks now at the superchargers, for 30 min and get 180 miles of range

djharrington | 15 januari 2017

@aperillo: last year I likely supercharged ~500kwh, and that should be pretty typical going forward. If I wasn't grandfathered, I would have had to pay around $15 for that small amount I didn't get in my annual allowance. I'd have to drive an aweful long time in the same car to make it cheaper to pay a "few thousand" up front.

Personally, I am glad that Tesla will be charging for the service. When I purchased my S, free supercharging didn't factor at all. It was supercharging itself that was important. When you buy a $100k S-class, should they give you free gas when you have to fill up on a trip? You have interesting thoughts, my friend.

Madatgascar | 15 januari 2017

Virtually everyone on the other threads on this topic agrees that is is a good idea. I have been begging Tesla to do this for years, and I am someone who enjoys the SC's on long trips. It is absolutely necessary to discourage the congestion we are seeing at the urban superchargers by people who are trying to save a few bucks vs. home charging. Personally I would have asked them to set it higher because SC freeloading at malls will still be a good value proposition for people paying $0.53/kwh in urban areas.

lilbean | 15 januari 2017

+1 tbouquet

vperl | 15 januari 2017

California is full of folks that hog Superchargers, totally unrependant and have baskets of excuses.

Easy to fix, but will not happen

milesbb | 16 januari 2017

They do seem to be priced a bit over home electricity rates. Not ripping anyone off, just enough to encourage home charging over supercharging. With this price and late departure penalties, the use of superchargers should be much more efficient. Maybe now folks can stop worrying about who should and should not be using superchargers.

SamO | 16 januari 2017

+10000000000000000000 @milesbb

But . . . Wishful thinking. Panty sniffers gonna sniff. It's what they do.

Rocky_H | 16 januari 2017

Quote: "Another thing to consider is destination chargers, ChargePoint, EV Connect, and other similar public chargers don't even charge a fee,"

HAHAHAHA Oh, you were being serious? | 16 januari 2017

@aperillo - Tesla Management has addressed the problem - to handle locals and a large increase in users with the upcoming Model 3.

If you really feel strongly that Superchargers should be free to everyone, I'm sure Tesla would be willing to offer it when you elect to pay the bill for it. I'd guess $1 billion should cover this year. Make the check out to "Tesla Motors, Inc."

In California, the $.20/kWh Supercharger rate is about half the utility peak rate - which occurs at the time most people are charging at the SC. You can get a home rate as low as $0.09/kWh, but only from midnight to 6 am. I doubt many people are at the Superchargers during these hours.

That's just the electric rate. I expected a much higher fee to cover the equipment costs, land rent (in some places) and the not-insignificant maintenance costs. Overall, it seems to be a very fair price! If it was any lower, we'd get owners charging at local Superchargers rather than home - clogging up the network for long distance travelers.

todd | 16 januari 2017

Personally I just want them to do what they say they will do and for myself (and the rest of the market) the water will find its own level. Can I afford gas and/or supercharging? Of course. Do I want to pay for it? No. Whether or not I can afford something has nothing to do with its utility either as a mechanism for long distance travel (which has its own value above and beyond the cost) or to do with its actual cost to me. I purchased my Model S purposefully to ensure I am grandfathered as I want to recover that 200$/month I was spending in Gas towards something else (my payment). Those folks who now have to buy a Model S at the same price that I just paid and now have to pay for supercharger will now factor in their own perceptions of value and I suspect that they will come to the conclusion that all the other things the car does and is - far outweigh the loss of free supercharging.

As someone who is grandfathered in, AND lives in California - I'm personally happy to see both the commit to more stalls AND the new pricing in an attempt to limit the pressure on the SC network with the 3 coming. What would make me salty is having free supercharging which was promised as part of my purchase, limited or devalued because they completely oversubscribed the SC network to the point of where I can't use it.

I'm hoping at some point the resale value of my car will have some slight bump being one of a relative few number of cars which have both the new HW2 / EAP / FSD capabilities AND lifetime supercharging. What that amount is or isn't remains to be seen.

mdd | 16 januari 2017

@todd That should be (very) roughly something a bit less than 50,000 cars.

SamO | 16 januari 2017


The cost of electricity is "mouse nuts". The cost for the entire network of Superchargerd (equipment and labor) is likely $250,000,000 to date.

Where did you get $1B?

rxlawdude | 16 januari 2017

Ah, @vperl. Insulting Californians.

Please feel free to turn right on your westbound travels. Idaho seems more in line with your type.

LABluebike | 16 januari 2017

The charging of a fee by Tesla will level the playing field and encourage third party providers to build their own networks. That's a good thing.

Sleepydoc1 | 16 januari 2017

Hey TT - $0.071/kWh in Sacto MN to 6AM. Even better. Why pay $0.20 unless you have to.

SCCRENDO | 16 januari 2017

Vperl is in Oregon. Many of us are ok if he turns right on his way to California.

Bighorn | 16 januari 2017

Did you mean Alt-right?

SCCRENDO | 16 januari 2017

@bighorn. If he heads south on the 5 before he leaves Oregon he can turn right or Alt right for at least 150 miles and California will not complain.

reed_lewis | 17 januari 2017

The average consumer only needs to use a SC when taking a long trip. That is the purpose of them, and people who use them for daily charging are taking away their availability from those who truly need them for long distance travel. So changing them over to a small fee is a good idea in my mind. Even with the charge to charge, it is still cheaper than purchasing gasoline.

Comparing SCs to destination chargers is apples and oranges. SCs supply a lot of power in a short period of time. They are for travelling through on to some other place. Destination and other chargers take a lot longer to charge and are more appropriate for charging when you have arrived, hence the name destination chargers. Plus destination chargers increase a business's appeal since people would me more likely to frequent the location since they can supply something the customer needs.

brando | 17 januari 2017

@JefferyR - I feel I can almost speak for Jeffery and his comment on SuperCharging would be,


brando | 17 januari 2017

@JefferyR - I feel I can almost speak for Jeffery and his comment on SuperCharging would be,