Seat configuration

Seat configuration

I would love to get some opinions on what seat configuration people have choosen.

My wife and I are upgrading from a Toyoda Highlander for a Model X and we are thinking of going with the 6 seat config. We have 2 kids (4 and 17 months so we still have 2 carseats). I just feel the 7 seat config is way to tight in the back for anyone to sit.

Basically trying to decide between the 5 seat and the 6 seat options. Is having the back row really comfortable for people to sit with the 6 seat option or just have the 5 seat option and gain the ability for the second row seats to fold down?

Thanks for all your thoughts.

markvp | 25 april 2017

Besides the lack of reclining & full folding abilities on the 6 seat option what have passengers said about the lack of lateral stability with the 2 middle seats not having a center seat pad (5 seater) or armrest (Tan only) to lean on around corners?

I like the cabin room & open feeling that the 6 seat offers, and would keep the third row pretty much folded all the time unless needed in a pinch for as I find the cargo area to be plenty big enough in this set up. But I am worried that the center seats don't provide enough passenger confidence or support, where as the folding 5 seat bench seat does.

Thoughts on this concern?

naikshubha | 25 april 2017

I went and checked out 5 and 6 seater config. Six seater is awesome. Good space. Back 2 seats fold. You get bucket seat for middle two.

smith.ryanc13 | 25 april 2017

Looking for updated feedback as this post is a bit old. We have 3 young kids, looking at 6 vs 7 seater. I lean toward 6 but like the option for a 7th passenger....
Pros/cons of 6 seater?

burdogg | 26 april 2017

We have 4 kids and love our 6 seater. The space in the middle is really great, allows ease of access to the third row, plus extra leg room for the 3rd row. We struggled a little at first with the decision, but more we researched, the better we felt with the 6 seater and now, there is no way I would get the 7 seater. Just my opinion though. :)

Waldek | 26 april 2017

7 seater car makes the 3rd row passengers feels like in a cage... the wall of 3 2nd row seats make it very disconnected from all car... removing middle seat in 2nd row makes a huge difference for 3rd row passengers. It opens up the space, gives view through the front windshield and also lots of legroom for them... It makes real huge difference. So as long as you don't need 7th seat too much I would go with 6 seater... I had Model X 7 seater for a year and now switched to 6 seater and it is much better use of space in my opinion :)

smith.ryanc13 | 26 april 2017

Waldek and burdogg thanks much, my mind is now made up. Now just for the 20" sonic carbon vs 22" black on a silver X is my final decision.

burdogg | 26 april 2017

@smith - no problem - the question on the wheels - do you care if range takes a hit? if not and you want the look, go with the 22". To me, i like the range, but then again, i have never paid more for rims either, so I am not the one to ask :)

Leli001 | 27 april 2017

Below is a link to only one of many discussions regarding wheel choice. After driving a loaner X with 22's, I am glad I went with the 20's on my car. Although the 22's look very nice and corner better, the ride and noise penalty was just too much for the roads in the NYMA area. The 20's ride much better as the difference was night and day when I got my car. Can't speak of range penalty as I have a 60D and the loaner was a P90DL. YMMV

In the end, you have to consider what is more important to you in order of priority and where you live: aesthetics, ride, range, cornering and of course cost. Some members mentioned the 22's wear much quicker too.

BlackX90Dhw2 | 1 mei 2017

I ordered my 5 seater last December, took delivery in January and was told the 'filler panel' that levels the floor of the cargo area when the bench seat is folded down was backordered. Checking in as of two weeks ago I'm told that is still the case. Anyone else here with a 5 seater in the same situation?