Delivery Party Ideas

Delivery Party Ideas

@SamO scooped this Delivery Center for "group deliveries" in Culver City, CA.


One of the challenges that Tesla faces is the delivery of so many Model ≡ sedans once The Great Ramp Up gets into full swing. I proposed the concept of a "delivery party" on a couple of threads, and it seems to have caught on. A Delivery Party allows several people to get their information in batches then go inspect their own car. I think Tesla should host Delivery Parties from the very beginning regardless of Service Center capacity.


- Tesla would prepare presos and videos w/ important information; these would also be posted to
- Financing and other paperwork that could be, would be handled before the day of delivery/party.
- People can opt out if they want to (for example, private/shy existing owners); But, they would need to sign-off that they understand the new features and do not require special attention.
- People could attend w/o partaking in the celebrations, and only watch presos/videos.

1) Batch deliveries to a day → send invitations for reserving your time
2) Owners & Guests present invitation (check in), get name badge → grab a bite and a drink
3) Watch presos/videos together → important safety notes are covered as well as a few tips & tricks
4) Break into "teams" → get a little face time w/ a Tesla specialist on reference car
5) Inspect your car → sign off delivery (see below)

- Body-color "M≡" pin to go on your name badge lanyard
- "#331 Reserved", "Zero Emissions" and "Fill-up Anywhere" stickers
- Slick Tesla Motors booklet [1]
- Tesla Kid's pamphlet
- VAR pamphlet (see below)

- "#331 Reserved" chrome details
- Tesla Coloring Book
- Model ≡ toys/models in available colors in varying sizes
- T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, etc. → make sure there are cool things to buy


- It will be a chance to meet and socialize w/ other Tesla owners. Some will be existing owners who can impart some serious knowledge to new owners.
- Tesla can create some presos or videos to show a bunch of new features all at once.
- Safety information can be related systematically.
- A single "reference" Model ≡ can be used to demonstrate. This allows folks to know about features that they may not have bought this time, but may get later.
- Bring a friend; sales will increase.
- Kids will love it (see below).


I still remember my Dad buying his Mercedes-Benz when I was a kid. The sales guy had some very slick booklets which I still have. One was about the 300SL. Until Tesla usurped them, Mercedes-Benz was my go-to car brand; I drive a silver M-B E320 now. Imagine the impression on kids that come along if Tesla does the Delivery Party right.

Folks have said that "soon" Tesla can have Model ≡s deliver themselves. It will take a bit before laws catch up w/ the technology, but imagine if at the Delivery Party you summoned your M≡ to you. Now imagine if a bunch of people (properly distributed and lined up; "don't cross the streams") did it at the same time... in front of cameras. Can you say viral video? I knew you could.

One of the other barriers to self-delivery is that there are occasional problems w/ cars that need to be addressed. Tesla should build a smartphone/tablet app that enables people to document issues systematically, thoroughly, and easily. The app could upload videos/photos w/ excellent context (because of the framework of the app) to home base to allow techs to route issues.

Maybe local service providers could rent "booths" for useful third-party options for example, wraps, detailing, wheels, etc. Not sure how well this would go over since it would start to feel too corporate. But TMC Connect does this as part of their show. Maybe a simple flyer stuffed in the goody bag that is clearly marked as "paid advertising" would suffice.


How could Tesla make the delivery of the Model ≡ scale and still be special?
Would you attend a local, post-delivery party to meet other owners w/o Tesla sponsorship?
What other ideas do you have?

[1] Slick booklet

KP in NPT | 20 januari 2017

Great ideas! I am all in for delivery parties and hope Tesla does it. Great PR if they do it right. So many social media opportunities - great free advertising. Get people excited, want to be part of it all. Parties would definitely make sense as they get through the massive queue. I hope they do it. Has it ever been done before? That alone would generate a ton of press. :)

akgolf | 20 januari 2017

I agree would love to see a delivery party!

bmwgs | 20 januari 2017

I'd be happy with it too.

Red Sage ca us | 20 januari 2017

Sounds like an awesome party!

JeffreyR | 21 januari 2017

On phone, but just had another idea:
Model 3 blanks that kids could color. For example, simple paper, cardboard cut-outs, 3-D cardboard, ceramic you could take some place to get fired (partner w/ local vendor) or maybe plastic. Maybe you could print onto a shrink-to-fit wrap for the fob.

Imagine a wall filled w/ photos of the results. Or a wall w/ photos from around the world where folks pose w/ their colored blank.

bmwgs | 21 januari 2017


hreichart | 21 januari 2017

Sounds like fun and would be very informative.

tedirelan | 21 januari 2017

OP - If you don't call Tesla and tell them your idea right now, I will. I'll give you credit, but these are such great ideas. This needs to happen.

Frank99 | 21 januari 2017

Another good thing to do: Make sure there are demo rides available in other Teslas - Model S/X. Perhaps the friend I bring with me is a motorhead and want's a 0-60 run in an S100, or has three kids and needs a larger vehicle.

Coastal Cruiser. | 21 januari 2017

JR, you need to get a job at Tesla.

For my bit on *deliveries*, I'd like to be the guy that delivers a buyer's Model 3 to their home state when for some reason the buyer can't make it to the factory.

Party on Garth.

JeffreyR | 21 januari 2017

@bmwgs ouch, I guess you like the clean look of the Galleries.
@tedirelan +1 thanks.
@Frank99 I agree that upselling should be a goal of the party, but not sure if test drives would scale. Maybe a VR version + reaction shot videos.
@CoastalCruiser if only it were that easy!

JeffreyR | 21 januari 2017

If you have a Twitter account, then tweet to @elonmusk and @TeslaMotors and use #DeliveryParty hash-tag w/ links to here.

bmwgs | 21 januari 2017

Love the clean look. And I'm elderly. If I want to see kids drawings,I'll go to kinderdarten. And to be brutally honest,I don't want kids anywhere in that showroom. In no way would they enhance the browsing,selection or delivery process. Outside that showroom,I love 'em.
I would like a gratis Tesla keychain though.

JeffreyR | 21 januari 2017

Sounds like we need a kids-free timeslot.

bmwgs | 21 januari 2017


bmwgs | 21 januari 2017

Tesla has scheduled my 1st ever Tesla drive this Thursday (Model S) and if any kids are there,I'll be the one kicking and screaming! Unless they use them to chock the wheels.

dd.micsol | 22 januari 2017

completely disagree- I live more than 290 miles away from service center. I won't participate in this.
I do plan on having test driving days for people interested in the car.

bmwgs | 22 januari 2017

So you'll have them deliver your car to your residence or designated location in lieu of a "party"?

Twiglett | 22 januari 2017

I'm up for it at the nice new Austin service center

JeffreyR | 22 januari 2017

Don't be surprised if there are quite a few kids at the Gallery. I usually have two or three in tow depending on whether or not my daughter is in town. Matter of fact it was just her on my last trip to Santa Monica store (Twins were w/ their mother).

They won't bother you on a drive though. My son loves to play w/ the "fishy" doors on the MX (front doors look like fish's gills to my other daughter and the name stuck).

Cannot wait to read your test drive re-cap post!

Try to sit in an all-glass MS
Get there early and play a bit w/ the Controls in the Gallery. So you can focus on the drive.
Have them adjust performance to match your likely purchase. They can dial back performance to simulate other cars
If you have the time try both AWD and RWD. I was surprised how different the MS-P85D feels. If budget allows I'm getting the M3-xxD equivalent of the MS-100D.

bmwgs | 22 januari 2017

There is only a Model S in the gallery. I will report back when I recover from the drive.
There will be so much to remember on the drive.
I really appreciate the primer.

dsvick | 23 januari 2017

I'm up for the party!!

I like the idea of the other vendors there as well, even if it is just a table with a rep sitting there that can quote you prices on a wrap, maybe a discount if your order that day!

pavel | 23 januari 2017

Totally jumping on board with the "delivery party" idea. In my mind Tesla's biggest challenge will be real estate - they operate in 'galleries' and showrooms at the moment (mostly). Wherever there is a service center, they can hold some more cars, but nothing as vast as the crazy influx they're about to get once the 3 starts rolling of the production line.
I'm sure there are plans in motion already, but I'm curious to see just how the whole delivery piece will play itself out.
I just hope they don't pop them out one after the other, neglecting quality of the interaction and the experience. They have to cover a lot more ground, but they still need to make it a memorable experience. It's not just a typical car, so it can't just be a "typical" purchase experience.

tedirelan | 23 januari 2017

I'll be at the North Houston Gallery I'll bring cookies (home made) and soda on my dilevery day. I'll announce when that will be when i know. Ill be the guy with the Tesla hoodie and Tesla hat. I plan to be there all day. Should have a camera with me too to make a delivery experience compilation for U-Tube.

I encourage others to puy down their plans to participate in this great idea.

tedirelan | 23 januari 2017

"Put" , not "puy"

tedirelan | 23 januari 2017

Autocorrect is killing me.

JeffreyR | 23 januari 2017

bmwgs wrote, "There is only a Model S in the gallery."

Not sure what you were referring to there. I meant to try to sit in the all-glass roof version of the Model S. That way you can see how it is for your Model ≡. The bit about dialing back performance relates to different versions of the Model S too. So if you are in a MS-P100D, you can have the Tesla employee make it drive like a MS-70D instead. Sorry for not being more clear.


dd.micsol | 23 januari 2017

As for the rest of you who are close enough to a service center-get the media there for god sakes.
We need more coverage and psyched up people.

bmwgs | 23 januari 2017

@ JeffR
"Not sure what you were referring to there. I meant to try to sit in the all-glass roof version of the Model S."
On my only visit a few weeks ago,there was the aforementioned S in the showroom and 2 Model Ss and a Model X outside in a roped-off parking lot that were charging. I assume those were for demos.

JeffreyR | 23 januari 2017

I see what you mean. There is only a [single] Model S in the Gallery. Got it.

johnkellyiv | 25 januari 2017

I made friends with the people waiting in line with me on that cold night before the release. I know the delivery order means the party probably wouldn't be with them, but it would be cool if it was. I think a lot of us would go to a party in the showroom even just to see a 3 in person.

If flying out to Cali for a factory tour isn't an option, this sounds pretty cool.

JeffreyR | 25 januari 2017

Don't forget Tesla will almost certainly host drive events for reservation holders too. They did that for Model X.

bmwgs | 25 januari 2017

I don't need convincing.I don't need to see or drive one before I order. But I sure as hell will not turn down the opportunity to drive one if offered.

jefjes | 1 februari 2017

Love the idea and would like the party to be at the Gigafactory since it is closer to my home than the nearest store in Rocklin, CA. I think it would be a great experience for the GF employees to see the excitement that the product they helped to create generates. Maybe party attendees could get a tour while there also.

ajervis | 1 februari 2017

I also agree that the idea of delivery parties are great.
However, I would also appreciate the personalized touch.
They need to stick with the personalized touch, or at least spend enough time with you after the group videos/presentations to make you feel that you've had a personalized experience. I would just hate to feel that I've had the same treatment that I would have got if I'd have gone to just any other dealer to get my EV

JeffreyR | 1 februari 2017

@ajervis wrote, " least spend enough time with you after the group videos/presentations to make you feel that you've had a personalized experience."

I am all for feeling like you got what you paid for. I think the "delivery party" would allow you to feel like you took part in a pretty unique experience. You don't make automotive history every day.

PhillyGal | 2 februari 2017

I don't know how I've missed this thread but Jeffrey, you're a darn genius!

I think this would be a blast. I'd go with bells on.

JeffreyR | 2 februari 2017

@PhillyGal wrote, "I don't know how I've missed this thread...."

Must have been all the "will M3 have a trunk or a hatch" threads distracting you ;)

Glad you like the idea. Seems like we could figure something out even w/o official Tesla support if needed.

getsolarizednow | 2 februari 2017

I live 200 miles from the nearest showroom. I'm willing to pay extra to get it delivered to my home. Just having that sweet car in my garage will be party enough for me.

topher | 3 februari 2017

"They need to stick with the personalized touch, or at least spend enough time with you after the group videos/presentations to make you feel that you've had a personalized experience."

Then the question becomes, "how many weeks are you willing to wait in order to get that personalized experience with your new car?"

Thank you kindly.

Frank99 | 3 februari 2017

Based on the purchase price of the Model 3, I won't have paid for, or expect, a more personalized experience than what the Honda dealer gave me when we picked up my wife's similarly priced Accord.
Should I win the lottery and instead decide to pick up a fully-loaded P100D, my expectations might be a wee bit different.

JeffreyR | 3 februari 2017

What @topher said.

Here's to @Frank99 getting his P100DL!

Red Sage ca us | 5 februari 2017

Parties are fun and stuff.

JeffreyR | 6 februari 2017

@Red Sage, let me know when yours is and I'll make the drive down to see you get yours and stuff. Unless you are planning to get factory delivery. In which case I can pick you up from SJC.

JeffreyR | 23 februari 2017

"I'm all in for the delivery event idea that JeffreyR has posted ideas for elsewhere on this forum."

This is the post @jefjes was referring to. Also, I have mentioned this idea few times in other Posts, but this is where it's easy to find it.

williamstom | 24 februari 2017

Heck, I would even be willing to pick up my Model 3 (reservation # 23,3XX) from the factory and drive it back to New Jersey. It would give me time to learn the features of my new ride and use the Super Charging Network on my journey across this great country. It would even be an excuse to stay away from work for a few days.

CB52 | 24 februari 2017

It would be cool to get one printed share of Tesla stock you could frame when you receive your vehicle especially initial reservation owners

"At Tesla, we believe it is important for everyone to be an owner of the company. This is your company. That is why, unlike other car companies, everyone is awarded shares and you get to buy stock at a discount compared to the public through the employee stock purchase program. Last year, stock equity grants were increased significantly and it will happen again later this year once Model 3 achieves high volume."

Frank99 | 24 februari 2017

Ok, that would be cool.

dsvick | 24 februari 2017

@CB52 Why are you quoting an internal Tesla email to suggest we all get a share of stock for buying a car? When he says "important for everyone to be an owner of the company" he's talking about employees.

Jcastillo18 | 24 februari 2017

Sounds like a blast I'm in