Aussie have raw materials for Li Ion battery production

Aussie have raw materials for Li Ion battery production

Al, Ni, Co, Li
Could build cheap solar PV electric needs
Li already used for Aluminium

I'd contact Panasonic and have a serious talk.

DTsea | 23 januari 2017

manufacture in australia and ship north?

why not just manufacture in northern hemisphere?

brando | 26 januari 2017

Australia one of the few places with all 4 elements (no importing needed).
Seems to remote (too expensive) to ship cars, but may be able to compete with batteries - biggest markets being cars and storage for electric grid - wind and solar.

Like gigafactory, if they make all electricity on site, I suspect a very low cost producer perhaps the lowest.

US imports Ni, Co from Canada. more details see

Australia already makes Al and mines Li for adding to Al.

janendan | 26 januari 2017

It seems probable that the lithium metal(air) technology, soon to follow, will require only lithium foil. Vast requirements for lithium resources should not be an issue.

DTsea | 26 januari 2017

there is plenty of the required raw stock available everywhere, but little demand for placing factories in Aus. the opposite is true... Australia is losing industry.

why do it in australia and ship batteries?

brando | 28 januari 2017

DTsea - wrong - go read wikipedia on each of these 4 elements.

topher | 28 januari 2017

I find it hard to imagine that the weighted center of those resources, plus their eventual destination in Europe or North America, is anywhere near Australia.

If you want a Gigafactory in Australia, you need to greatly increase the Demand for Teslas in the area.

Thank you kindly.

brando | 29 januari 2017

I didn't say a Tesla Gigafactory, but a Panasonic battery factory.
Few countries have all four elements.

Currently Li comes from South America, shipped to China, processed, shipped to Korea or Japan, batteries built, ship to California, then to Fremont, put into battery pack.

Perhaps Australia can do it for less? Especially with solar/wind power electricity?
Tesla must import Nickel and Cobalt, the most expensive components of the batteries, nearest source is Canada.
Market fo Li Ion batteries is going to be huge. Next largest use for Li is in Aluminium for aerospace planes/rockets.
And Australia already in that business. Again, just read wikipedia about these 4 element for quick overview.

Sure you have to do the calculations, but a big opportunity to compete against Japan and Korea which have long supply chains from multiple countries.

China has all 4 elements, but seems to have other problems, as they don't seem to be a major player yet. And we all suspect it is quality and reliability of supply.

As coal demand drops over the next decade, Li Ion battery production could be a good replacement for Australia coal exports which mostly go to China.

Again I did not say a Tesla GigaFactory for battery/model 3, I said Panasonic for Li Ion Batteries. Utility scale storage may well be as large or larger? than auto batteries? China isn't putting Panasonic nor LG Chem nor Samsung nor Sony nor NEC out of the Li Ion battery business.

How many countries have Li Ion battery plants?

Again, I suspect Aussie's could be a low cost producer.

topher | 29 januari 2017

Australia isn't ever going to win on shipping costs, but it could be win if other costs are low. But I must say, if you are petitioning for Panasonic (not Tesla) to make a battery factory there, this seems an odd place to do it. Go talk to Panasonic.

Thank you kindly.

DTsea | 29 januari 2017

topher +1

DTsea | 29 januari 2017

ps the US has no shortage of bauxite, nickel, lithium, or cobalt.

thank you kindly.

brando | 29 januari 2017

DTsea dream on, is that where you get your information from?
Perhaps you could read just this one page short summary.

DTsea | 30 januari 2017

by no shortage i mean no shortage. commodities in bulk are readily available everywhere. modern factories dont need to be adjacent to raw materials.

McLary | 3 februari 2017

"Like gigafactory, if they make all electricity on site"

There is no electricity generated at the gigafactory. They have a discount grid rate.

dsvick | 3 februari 2017

"There is no electricity generated at the gigafactory. They have a discount grid rate."

That may be true right now during construction but the eventual plan is to have both solar and wind generation.

www.theverge dot com/2017/1/11/14231952/tesla-gigafactory-solar-rooftop-70-megawatt

cleantechnica dot com/2014/09/10/tesla-gigafactory-produce-20-electricity-needs/