Suggest Future feature for all Tesla's - Add video recording to an SSD Hard drive via all the installed cameras

Suggest Future feature for all Tesla's - Add video recording to an SSD Hard drive via all the installed cameras

All the camera hardware is there.
software to activate/store video.

Elon/Tesla would just need to add a Hard drive/sata connector and Sata hard drive to store the video.

This would cut down on theft, damage, false claims etc.

Would be activated by the user on/off as they see fit or have auto function, ie. always record while driving or parked.

just a thought.

Clifford Przywarty
Pittsburgh, PA

waiting on the model 3...

AWD, Activate auto pilot, upgrade battery from base battery, etc.

dave.m.mcdonough | 24 januari 2017

This is a repeat thread. But I agree.. dash cam should be standard!

Red Sage ca us | 24 januari 2017

Suggested multiple times. Illegal due to wiretap & surveillance laws in certain States. Not going to be 'standard' on anyone's cars due to privacy concerns.

dave.m.mcdonough | 24 januari 2017

that may apply to recording the interior/conversations inside the car, but to film on a public road is perfectly legal in all 50.

Red Sage ca us | 24 januari 2017

Not always with sound. And some may not allow color either.

JHB10 | 25 januari 2017

If my car drives around by itself, and is in an accident, I would want to see what happened...

dave.m.mcdonough | 25 januari 2017

Why do I have a feeling that these aren't the kind of regulations Trump will get rid of..

dave.m.mcdonough | 25 januari 2017

This was said by someone else on another forum:

According to Andrew Krok at CNET Road Show: "Cadillac's new CT6 sedan gives you an optional four exterior cameras and a built-in video recording system to act as a dashcam. As long as the car's rocking the optional Surround Vision camera system, you'll get this trick recording system too.
It can operate in one of two modes, configurable by the driver using the infotainment touchscreen. The first mode records video as you drive, using just the front and rear cameras. The second mode is more of a security system: it activates the whole surround-view system whenever the car has been "disturbed" and the security system is activated."

Red Sage ca us | 25 januari 2017

___2016 U.S. Sales Totals
____9,169 ___ Cadillac CT6
___29,156 ___ Tesla Model S

Outsold by over 3:1 by a Tesla that has no such 'optional' system. Not standard. Not always on. Probably doesn't include sound. Almost certainly not high definition full color. Where does it 'record'? To the cloud, or local removable media?

Atoms | 29 januari 2017

Excellent idea. Would think this is done anyway for diagnostics of how to improve the software to avoid accidents. Should be option for users to turn on or off or just be on by default.

babis | 30 januari 2017

Great idea as an optional extra at least to avoid having to shove wires under all the trim. Some people turn into real assholes when an accident happens and it's their fault.

djharrington | 30 januari 2017

I would like this option, but only if the storage media was reel to reel.