Tesla being strict over Model 3 parts

Tesla being strict over Model 3 parts

It looks like they are being pretty strict over the quality (or some other factor) of the parts for the Model 3.

Just so long as it doesn't delay things, and I don't think it will, I'm quite ok with it.

abtesla | 26 januari 2017
Frank99 | 26 januari 2017

Yes, but that thread appears to be private. I can't see it.

So my question is, what the heck is an "axle-drive pumps"?

stevenmaifert | 26 januari 2017

Now Tesla has to find another supplier for Drive Unit Pumps. That supplier will have to demonstrate to Tesla their pumps meet Tesla's specifications and then ramp production to meet Tesla's expected start of M3 production later this year. Tesla certainly doesn't want another gull wing door like fiasco like they had with the original supplier for the MX, but it's things like this that could delay the M3. Hold your breath folks :)

From what I can gather, axle-drive pumps are part of the mechanics of the continuously variable transmissions common to EVs.

Frank99 | 26 januari 2017

The Model S/X don't have a CVT, but perhaps it's pump that circulates oil in the transmission, driven by axle rotation. Don't need to pump no oil if the wheels aren't moving...

Rocky_H | 26 januari 2017

@stevenmaifert, Yeah, I don't think there are any EVs that use a CVT transmission. They all just use a simple reduction gear, I think.

mntlvr23 | 26 januari 2017

I think that it is great that they are far enough along to be rejecting products.

In the article, I particularly like the older Elon quote of "if you can make a human in 9 months, you can make a tool in 9 months"

dsvick | 27 januari 2017

Hopefully, as the article suggests, they have a backup plan in place that they can activate quickly and that won't cause any delays. In theory, whoever the new supplier is, has 5 months to start deliveries, and I'm sure they don't have to have all 1 million of them at once.

Another point, if they initially ordered a million of them, assuming it's one per axle, that half a million cars right there. Seems to add credence to the thought that they're well beyond 500,000 reservations now.

pavel | 27 januari 2017

I would expect nothing less. They are not about to put out a car that is sub-par. The future of the whole company depends on this car being a success. I'd much rather see the deadline not being met than a rushed production.

Rocky_H | 27 januari 2017

The "he said / she said" is already going big league. (See what I did there?)

Tesla has said that it was because of the supplier not meeting required specifications.

German representatives have said that since Musk has been meeting with Trump recently, and Trump is emphasizing "America First!", that Trump must have told Musk to cancel that contract because it's a German supplier.

Which seems more likely?

With the Model 3 being so vital to Tesla's future and being just months away, I cannot conceive that they would do something so risky like that just for some political posturing move. Also, this is not unprecedented. They had to ditch an American supplier for the falcon wing door mechanisms when they were not able to meet the requirements.

Of course the country known for "finely crafted german engineering" will not want to admit that their company was not able to meet specifications.

Frank99 | 27 januari 2017

Everything I've heard suggests that the Model 3 is going to have the highest percent of "built in the USA" parts of any car currently available. If true, there'd be no reason to cancel orders for parts sourced internationally - If you're 85% US parts, nobody (even Trump) is going to give you an additional cookie because you changed a supplier to get to 87.5% US parts, especially when such icons as the Ford F-150 are below 75% ( com/articles/the-2016-carscom-american-made-index-1420684865874/ ).
Unless the "Axle Drive Pump" is the only non-US part in the car, I can't imagine political pressure to replace a German supplier. Now, if SHW had been a Chinese manufacturer...

Haggy | 27 januari 2017

"Now Tesla has to find another supplier for Drive Unit Pumps."

I doubt that. I would expect that Tesla had one lined up before dropping the contract. I would also expect that Tesla got multiple bids for just about all parts and went with multiple suppliers for many. As long as the suppliers make them to identical spec, it's safer to have more than one supplier as long as quantities are high enough to assure best prices.

Frank99 | 27 januari 2017

According to
The world's largest manufacturer of this type of component is Magna in Canada, so finding an alternate source shouldn't be that difficult.

PhillyGal | 27 januari 2017

Tesla has ever right to be strict about parts quality with suppliers and in fact, their future probably depends on it.

sp_tesla | 27 januari 2017

"Now Tesla has to find another supplier for Drive Unit Pumps."

Most probably already have 3D robots to mfg & assemble in house.

quinney | 27 januari 2017

@mntlvr23: I don't see how you can like that quote. It is an all-purpose non sequitur. How about:

If you can make a human in 9 months, you can build a battery factory in 9 months. or
If you can make a human in 9 months, you can make fully self driving software in 9 months. or
If you can make a human in 9 months, you can land on Mars in 9 months.

see what I mean?

bmwgs | 27 januari 2017

I was hoping it was Mexico.

mntlvr23 | 27 januari 2017

@quinney - I like even more now

Haggy | 27 januari 2017

If a woman can make a baby in nine months, nine women can make a baby in a month.

mntlvr23 | 27 januari 2017

@Haggy - lol

Frank99 | 27 januari 2017

Haggy -
I've had to use that on one or two CEOs.

Red Sage ca us | 29 januari 2017

Haggy... WINS THE MATCH!!!

Badbot | 30 januari 2017

I will volunteer to help the 9 women make a human

mntlvr23 | 30 januari 2017