model 3 "gift" for waiters in line

model 3 "gift" for waiters in line

I was kicking around the idea if Tesla, having the emails of all the people who reserved the Model 3, would send out one simple email to all those who stood in line and are supposed to get another "gift" from Tesla regarding the car to differentiate it. Unless it is super fantastic which it very well might be, the options they have are pretty good I imagine. A new choice of paint color, a badge that would go on the back of the car or "gold" color plated Tesla logo perhaps, or special rims, but whatever it is I imagine they haven't gone with just one idea.
If an email went out with the options they are thinking about then give ALL the people who stood in line a chance to vote, the one that gets the most votes will be implemented, that would be something AGAIN that separates them from other industry leaders. Just a thought......

So excited to see what new info comes out in the next couple of months !!!

Frank99 | 26 januari 2017

I'm hoping for a Hot Wheels-sized Model 3 that I can run back and forth on my desk making little "Whoosh, Whoosh" noises (because "Vrroom, Vroom" just ain't right for an EV) while I'm waiting for my real Model 3.

The hope of getting special rims or paint color is, IMHO, unrealistic. What was said was: "Token of appreciation for those who lined up coming via mail." - and that ended up being a nice lithograph and a thank you note. There was some speculation that there might be a follow up gift - but I'd expect it to be in the same price range.

Chargedmr2 | 26 januari 2017

Hmmm...maybe the stylized 3 that was recently abondoned on the website will be a special badge option for line waiters. But seriously, I'll just take the car. No gift needed.

dsvick | 27 januari 2017

I'd be happy with a t-shirt!

Red Sage ca us | 28 januari 2017

Frank99: Hotwheels are nice, but I'd prefer a 1:18 scale model like those from Maisto if possible. I think a version of the Model S was once available in the Tesla Store, though it was rather pricey.

dsvick: Yes, the 'I stood in line for Model ☰ and all I got was this awesome car!' T-shirt would be a frameable collector's item. ;-)

bmwgs | 28 januari 2017

I ordered after Christmas without watching the Reveal. Gasp! All I want is my car (in ~2 years).

dyefrog | 28 januari 2017

I find it disgraceful and a total disregard for the loyal customers that Tesla is putting it to us like this. We waiting in line for crying out loud and gave them our money. They owe us this as evidenced by the public outcry on this forum. First, they screw up the trunk design which they promised to fix. Then we haven't heard anything concerning the PV roof which everyone is screaming for. And to top if off, I don't even know what my reservation number is. I just find in remarkable that a company that treats it's customers like this is even allowed to be in business. There, that should take the wind out of Eagles sails.

getsolarizednow | 29 januari 2017

Dear dyefrog, when did you reserve? I have my number. You have to realize they received 400,000 reservations in a very short amount of time. There has never been a product of any kind in the history of the world that got this kind of response.

carlgo2 | 29 januari 2017

Goosing this line up to speed might mean that the basic configuration will be produced first. Also, there will be a ton of flack if Tesla does not actually produce the promised $35K base model. Get that out of the way, get the line up to speed and then gradually start adding various options.

Place in line may not mean anything, unless you configure and order a base model. Sort of the opposite of the S and X experience, but this makes sense.

bmwgs | 29 januari 2017

Why would you think they WOULD NOT sell the car at 35k as advertised?

Haggy | 29 januari 2017

I for one am glad they took my money. That means I have a place in line. I know exactly what my reservation number is. I can find it at any time on the website. I haven't seen any problems with the trunk that would indicate they screwed anything up since they first showed the car. It's true they haven't said anything about a PV roof, but in all fairness, neither has Buick. Take that, Eagles.

Badbot | 30 januari 2017

how about we give die frog a nice flag?

bmwgs | 30 januari 2017

So Iggles PWM (the other Portland) has 2 names-kind of figured that.

Nexxus | 31 januari 2017


Dyefrog was being facetious.

dyefrog | 31 januari 2017

Yes I was, but if Eagles is not on your reading list, you could have missed it.

dbasler | 31 januari 2017

I for one did not stand in line, so I do not feel entitled to a free gift. However, after reserving the car online, I feel a little underwhelmed. I expected that at a minimum, they would've mailed out a color brochure and a certificate showing my reservation number, both of which I could admire and visualize during my 12-18 mo wait. At a minimum, I had assumed someone from the nearest store would've called to say "welcome". I would even settle for an app that would let me play with various options. (color, AWD, etc.)

danbry39 | 2 februari 2017

My wish number one would be a nice, cool Tesla key chain. Second preference would be for a t shirt.

PeterPlt | 2 februari 2017

Poke... flinch... Jab... LIFTOFF!!!!!

You folks are a hoot to watch... from a distance.

Tesla is a young company trying to do the right things the right way. Yes, they'll err. And then they'll correct. Trust them and enjoy the ride!!! As I've learned with my Model S, it WILL exceed your expectations and then... get even better. ;-)

keithleid | 2 februari 2017

My brother has a model s 2015 i reserved a model 3 on 4 /16 i can't wait until they call me so excited !