Model 3 Testing - updates and comments

Model 3 Testing - updates and comments

Started this thread as a place to post spy shots -- but now I'd like to convert it into a discussion about the many photo's and videos taken of the various Model 3 release candidates roaming this earth. I will post my next comment below. Happy chatting.....

Hey all - I live in Atlanta so not much testing goes on here. A few months before the Model X was launched, I was in the Bay area and spotted one of the Model X test mules driving along I680. I took several pictures and posted them on a few sites who also spotted this vehicle. My question is -- has ANYONE seen any Model 3 test mules out there yet? (other than the ones at the reveal). If Tesla is to hit their production date this summer, test mules will need to be spotted on the streets SOON. Anyone in CA -- especially near the Fremont factory seen one? I have hear rumors they are testing the drivetrain using a Model S body -- but that seems hard for me to believe. ANY feedback is greatly appreciated.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30 mei 2017

Trust that if 40,000 to 80,000 people are invited to Configure and all of them complain that Green is not available as an option, it will appear soon after.

topher | 30 mei 2017

You heard him people... ;-)

Thank you kindly.

noleaf4me | 18 juni 2017

Is anyone concerned about the inconsistent gaps in the body panels found on most of the release candidates?

eeb9 | 18 juni 2017

Nope - they're still testing, and function is tested before fit and finish...

I expect that they'll nail those down in production.

noleaf4me | 18 juni 2017

I agree eeb - but so many people talk about the large gaps it drives me crazy. I would expect they could modify the hard tooling a bit. I know it's always easier to remove steel -- so having the gaps start too big makes sense.

OK - what are the thoughts on color? Anything outside of what we already saw on the road? Maybe the "early" surprise is a limited edition color?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 18 juni 2017

I don't mention the 'gaps' because it isn't as if we are looking at 1970s Detroit Iron with spaces big enough to drop a slice of bread through like you would on a toaster.

Iwantmy3 | 19 juni 2017

The gaps really don't look that bad to me. With a little fine tuning of the tooling, they will get even better.

I see cars with bigger gaps than these on cars of all makes and models. This is probably the least of my concerns.

noleaf4me | 20 juni 2017

Who else is concerned that they may have deleted mntlvr23 hat contest thread.....that we all looked forward to read every day???

mntlvr23 | 20 juni 2017

It is there.
Though sometimes I am concerned that I have changed it so often that I will trigger something that will delete it.

Nexxus | 21 juni 2017


I hope you've kept a copy/paste of it in a WORD document somewhere in case you have to resurrect it. :-)

dsvick | 21 juni 2017

It's there, the title now references the countdown not the contest.

noleaf4me | 21 juni 2017

More model 3's spotted!! What color do y'all like best???

Elizabets07 | 21 juni 2017

I love the white in all its glory.

noleaf4me | 21 juni 2017

elizabets07 - my leaf is a pearl white and I really did not want to like the Model 3 in white........but I love it.....

The colors I was considering ironically were all in that link so it was nice seeing them all together. I was favoring the blue or maybe the black (although I'm not an avid car washer...) but white is in the lead now.

mntlvr23 | 21 juni 2017

@nexus - I have a copy of the OP with summary
I am not even attempting to keep a copy of the whole thread

If the thread gets deleted, you will just have to trust me ;)

Bluesday Afternoon | 21 juni 2017

Is that similar to "believe me"? Now that I think about it, I've never seen proof of the hat's existence. it may not even be real and we've been driven mad to supply mntlvr23 with projectile dates with minimal chance of gratification.

Just got to tip your hat to #23 and see if he can do the same. Cameras ready!

mntlvr23 | 21 juni 2017

@nexxus - I do not have a copy of the OP with summary

mntlvr23 | 21 juni 2017

@nexxus - Our office will be announcing probably next week to confirm or deny if we have a copy of the OP with summary

noleaf4me | 23 juni 2017

Is that OP or OPP?

eeb9 | 24 juni 2017

Who's out with OPP?!?!?!

noleaf4me | 24 juni 2017

Oh you know me.....

mntlvr23 | 24 juni 2017

Oh, you're just naughty
Perhaps naughty by nature

noleaf4me | 24 juni 2017

Got to keep it lively!