Will we be able to trade in?

Will we be able to trade in?

First time buying directly from Tesla (my 1/2 Tesla Rav4 EV I had doesn't count :)). I currently drive a Leaf EV. Would I be able to trade in or would I have to sell it privately before buying the Model 3. Can we lease directly from Tesla or do financing through Tesla or do we have to go somewhere else to get financing? With the Leaf and it's value falling, well like leaves, I will probably be upside down, will I be able to roll the residual into the financing of the 3?

slasher0016 | 31 januari 2017

Tesla accepts trade-ins. Check out the ordering/financing section on the main site.

Rocky_H | 31 januari 2017

Yes, you can trade in, but you might not want to. Tesla really doesn't want to be a used car dealer, so they just get a quote from a 3rd party wholesaler, because they are going to immediately just sell it off to them. Therefore, the prices they offer a re usually pretty low, and there have been plenty of threads here from people being offended at how low the offers were. So, when the time comes, you might be better off getting a couple extra thousand selling it yourself.

Haggy | 31 januari 2017

You can finance through Tesla or do so on your own. Doing so on your own might be more advantageous. I financed through DCU at about 1% for an EV loan, with good credit, automatic loan payments and direct deposit, as well as having a separate DCU account.

Tesla takes trade ins, but tells you that you will probably get more money selling it on your own. Tesla doesn't play games with trade ins. They won't change the purchase price of the new car based on your trade in price, or play any other games. You will get the same quote that anybody else would have gotten for the same car in the same condition.

PhillyGal | 1 februari 2017

Depending on your state, trade-ins may still be worth it.

For me, the state/local sales tax (8%!) is only assessed on the difference between new car and trade-in so even if Tesla's offer is 5% lower than, say, CarMax, you win. We traded our Jeep in with Tesla directly and were given a fair value.

PhillyGal | 1 februari 2017

Of course no one knows for certain if Tesla will accept trade-ins for Model 3.
I assume they will, but worry about how overwhelmed local service centers will be with deliveries.

Haggy | 1 februari 2017

It would be in Tesla's best interest to accept trade-ins no matter what. Even if that means having a CarMax representative show up to buy the car and give Tesla the money to put toward the new car, it would be better than having somebody have to deal with it on his own, for those who don't want to do so.

tedirelan | 1 februari 2017

As a used-to-be car salesman, i say sell it yourself.

Jhernan75 | 3 februari 2017

Would I be able to lease a Model S (60) and then 'trade-in' to the Model 3?

SoFlaModel3 | 5 februari 2017

For dad's Model S this past December they marched the CarMax quote. Win-win....

My parents saved the difference on tax.

Tesla probably took it right over to CarMax and got their money right back (at least I assume that's what they did).

SoFlaModel3 | 5 februari 2017


dd.micsol | 5 februari 2017

I'll be donating my car to the national kidney foundation. I always get fair value tax write off for it.