Nissan Leaf 5 years in Canada, owners report

Nissan Leaf 5 years in Canada, owners report

I found this informative for those considering a Battery Electric Vehicle.

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Published on Jan 26, 2017
Review of 5 year old Nissan Leaf from 2011. It’s been going and going and going. A great little car, that has beat 4 winters in Calgary!

bj | 2 februari 2017

Very nice review - I recommend all to watch it.

I've owned my Leaf for half the time Michael has, and concur with everything he says. It is a great city car, we absolutely love driving it, it performs really well, is extremely reliable, and I really like the interior. I've hauled huge Ikea boxes in it no problem.

We have kids too but the seat fabric, whatever it is made of, is very stain resistant even though it is basically a pale grey. We find it wipes clean easily.

The Leaf is mocked by quite a few here but I don't care about that. I think it looks fine, but looks are secondary in my book to how the car performs and does it meet my needs.

I put down my Model 3 deposit instore sight unseen, and even if it turned out to look like a frog, I probably would not have cared much. The fact that is looks terrific is icing on the cake!

akgolf | 2 februari 2017

It was a nice review. I also own a Leaf and will keep it along with the Model 3.

tedirelan | 3 februari 2017

Most of us are die hard Model 3 lovers. It's great to hear that people on here can enjoy another EV for it being an EV. I think Telsa is the best, but the world canove closer to sustainable transport if other automotive companies sell quality EVs.

Mike4faa | 3 februari 2017

I've had my Leaf for 2.5 years drive round trip to work and back 50 miles a day. I do not charge at work and it has been a great car. Looking forward to the Model 3 but the Leaf has done what it needed to do with no problems.

Red Sage ca us | 6 februari 2017

brando: This review definitely shows the Nissan LEAF in the proper light. I enjoyed the perspective offered. I am even more likely to recommend a preowned LEAF to someone else as an alternative to ICE vehicles than I was before, now. I had already subscribed to the YouTube channel, but had missed this particular update. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.