I got called from Tesla yesterday

I got called from Tesla yesterday

While driving home yesterday I received a phone call informing me of the process for configuring and pricing my Model 3 reservations. He didn't have a date but said that they would be calling those that had reservations to let them know what was going to happen. He reiterated that they are expecting production in 2H of this year. No particulars about the car that wasn't already known. I just thought it was interesting that they called me to let me know that they were going to be asking to configure and price soon. I don't know what soon means. Call took about 16 minutes and I missed my turnoff because I was paying too much attention to the call. hands free of course. I am in California.

citizenleroy | 10 februari 2017

Thanks for the update! Can't wait for my call now too!

dsvick | 10 februari 2017

Had you contacted them first? Are you already an owner? Were you the first person in line on the 31st?

Not to be rude but I'm skeptical ... There is no way they are going to call all, or even just the US, reservation holders. You're saying that they called you for the sole purpose of telling you that you would be asked to configure soon? There was no other new info? And all of that took 16 minutes? Sorry, I don't buy it. It either didn't happen or you got pranked by someone.

KP in NPT | 10 februari 2017

I agree it seems odd - even if they limited it to CA current owners, That is a lot of people to call.

roadkill | 10 februari 2017

Like dsvick said more details for the rest of us. When did you reserve etc. I just want to know if/when I might get a call. Thanks for sharing.

mntlvr23 | 10 februari 2017

I got a call too, and it was totally legit. They needed to know my social security number and my bank account number that I would be paying for thw car from - so that the transaction will go through quicker ;)

KP in NPT | 10 februari 2017


mntlvr23 | 10 februari 2017

They said I should be taking delivery of the car next week - they already have my money.

rrobin36 | 10 februari 2017

Hmm, odd.... I don't want to discount this story. Just seems really out of place. If contained to reservation holders just in California, that would still be a lot of people to call. I would think an email would be more practical.

Bryan.whitton | 10 februari 2017

DSVICK No I had not called them or even talked to them since I put in my reservation. I am leasing a Leaf until Sept 2018 and so I am content with whatever the schedule is. That said I want the Model 3 ASAP. :-)
I do agree that there is no way they are going to call 400K people. I don't know how I was so lucky. Again Nick, the name of the guy that called, had no news that I hadn't already heard.

Bryan.whitton | 10 februari 2017

Sorry, I am one of the few that really don't care too much about delivery times. I am in Silicon Valley and I stood in line at the service center on the El Camino in Sunnyvale for about 3 hours last March.

Ssjtrider | 10 februari 2017

Just called Beverly Hills Tesla where I placed a deposit on two Model 3s after waiting in line for three hours and getting a high five from Elon as he went down the waiting line. They said the only calls they have been making is to possible Model 3 customers they have been talking with that have yet to put down their $1000 deposit. They do not know of any other calls being placed to M3 customers.

mntlvr23 | 10 februari 2017

Elon high-five everyone? - very cool!

SamO | 10 februari 2017

I had the choice to go to Santa Monica or Century City. Chose SM. Chose wrong :-(

No call yet and I was a 6.5 hour line waiter.


Perhaps they are notifying line waiters near the factory. You reserved in Sunnyvale 14 miles from the factory. Do you live closer?

Bryan.whitton | 10 februari 2017

Ssjtrider Yeah, as I said I don't know why I was selected. Maybe the guy screwed up and called me by mistake meaning to call someone else. Normally I am the last person to be informed of anything. He talked about perhaps getting a CPO Model S but I declined and accused him (jokingly) of making a sales pitch for a CPO car. That is when he said that they were calling registered Model 3 reservation holders to inform them of the upcoming process.

dsvick | 10 februari 2017

"He talked about perhaps getting a CPO Model S but I declined and accused him (jokingly) of making a sales pitch for a CPO car. That is when he said that they were calling registered Model 3 reservation holders to inform them of the upcoming process."

Maybe it was just CYA then. And the call really was a sales pitch.

polaris | 10 februari 2017

I'm not surprised he got a call - think the sales staff there is bored. Like I mentioned in my other post - I got a call literally 3 minutes after sending an email.

I would "speculate" that they are calling him because he is likely one of the first few hundred or so to get a Model 3. They probably want the first few to know when they can configure their car as once those people know - everyone else will know and be ready.

Bighorn | 10 februari 2017

Sounds like they called to convert to an S sale.

KP in NPT | 10 februari 2017

So what was the content of "what is going to happen?"

KP in NPT | 10 februari 2017

I'm thinking the call was a ruse to pitch CPO sales.

Rocky_H | 10 februari 2017

Quote: "He talked about perhaps getting a CPO Model S but I declined and accused him (jokingly) of making a sales pitch for a CPO car."

Ah ha! NOW the truth comes out. They call that "burying the lede", by the way. This was the real purpose of the call. They did that with a lot of the people who had Model 3 reservations last year to see how many they could convince to buy a Model S sooner to shift some of the potential customers out of the overloaded Model 3 queue.

Haggy | 10 februari 2017

If anybody else gets a call, it would be interesting to know when the car was reserved, where it was reserved and whether the person is a current owner. It should be a given that it's not a current employee since they are not allowed to post about Tesla on social media.

For the record, I'm a current owner and was in line in Fremont before they opened, and they wouldn't have to go far down that list to get to me. If they call, I'll let people know.

noleaf4me | 10 februari 2017

I only get calls from the American Red Cross....

Efontana | 10 februari 2017

Tesla does want to show a high and rapid conversion rate. Advancing the motion now is not a bad idea.

jefjes | 10 februari 2017

If they try calling my phone they will get my answering machine since I screen all my calls. If they choose not to leave a message or I'm not seeing caller ID showing it's a call I need to take, they'll get no answer. Maybe the current owners can help here but it is my understanding that Tesla would be notifying me by email when it is time to configure. I started insulating myself from unwanted calls years ago. All the scams, political BS, etc.. The real annoying ones are the warrants for my arrest or the IRS is after me...lmao. If a number keeps calling without saying anything or leaving a reason for the call, after about 3 times, I just block the number.

Bryan.whitton | 10 februari 2017

telephone number was a 510 number. Fremont California. It will be interesting to see if anyone else gets called.

afroumis | 10 februari 2017

Hi, Bryan. I have a model X and also placed an order for the model 3 on Mar. 31st. So far, no one has called me and I hope to have one of the early units built.

Bryan.whitton | 10 februari 2017

Well hello old friend. How do you like your Model X? I am glad to talk to a friend. I actually wasn't going to post this as there are so many conspiracy theorists and skeptics I figured I wouldn't be believed.
It was very weird. I was driving to a friends house before going home. I am changing the cassette on my bike and out of the blue This guy calls, We talked for about 16 minutes and nothing was really said. Mostly it was like he wasn't sure what to talk about other than Tesla wanted to contact people about what to expect in the near future. He said that soon Model 3 reservists would be getting contacted to configure and price their Model 3. It seemed like a very convoluted conversation to say that. It would have been far more efficient to simply send an email or letter.

Any way, how are you doing these days? We haven't talked in a long time. Had any good wine lately?

KP in NPT | 10 februari 2017

@bryan - it was a sales call. He wanted to try to sell you a CPO car. They did the same thing last year.

afroumis | 11 februari 2017

HI, Bryan. It was good to hear from you. Please give me a call. I have so much to tell you, some of it Tesla related.


Red Sage ca us | 11 februari 2017

When I received a call from someone asking if I wanted to test drive a Model S, the Caller ID said 'TESLA'.

david.jones24 | 11 februari 2017

I got called from Ryan in the Nashville store, but it didn't say TESLA on the caller ID. Maybe depends on location? In my case, it was for a model X event in my city. So maybe he called from his cell phone on the way down, not sure.

mntlvr23 | 12 februari 2017

The only time that I was called by Tesla was well after my M3 reservation. My wife and I went in for a MS test drive, and even though I told them that I was planning on the M3 and would very unlikely be buying a MS, he got me over to the computer to test configure one.

The phone call was about a week after the test drive to see if I was getting close to pulling the trigger on the MS and finish up with my configuration and I asked about some 2 year leasing numbers. He emailed them a few days later and then I got another call about a week later. When I told them I would not be getting a MS, the MS mysteriously disappeared from My Tesla page.

So in my case, it was strictly a follow up from a MS test drive, and no info regarding the M3.

AlMc | 12 februari 2017

I hope the call was totally legitimate: I would suspect that they have several thousand 'employee orders' to go through before they would consider calling people to discuss anything about 'their' model 3 reservation.

joris.lamers5 | 12 februari 2017

I have my doubts ... nobody knows at this time witch battery packs will be available. There is still so much nobody knows. Everybody is waiting voor the 3 unveiling.
If they called ... what battery are you going to order?

Garyeop | 13 februari 2017

Not a joke. I got a call...but before I put in my deposit. I went to KC Tesla "Dealer". Asked questions. Put in my info to get news. That was in December 2016. I got a call from Tesla in CA. Asked if I wanted to take a test drive. Offered to answer any questions.

I can see a sales call or even a retain sales call. Especially to a CA, double reservation, early deposit customer. If Tesla gets a pulse from their customer base by calling 1 in 10k, it might be a smart move.

Bryan.whitton | 13 februari 2017

I would guess that joris.lamers5 question was directed towards me, the OP. As I said in the post it was a very convoluted call. Nothing new was discussed that hadn't already been posted. The one thing that he mentioned was that they confirmed they the D was going to be an option. Like that wasn't well known already. Almost like he didn't really know what to talk about.

As for what battery I would get, the largest that I can afford.

andy.connor.e | 14 februari 2017

Calculate ~15 minutes x 600,000 people.

They would need 6250 employees calling nonstop for 24 hours.

andy.connor.e | 14 februari 2017

But i also got a call a few weeks ago following up with the Solar roof interest. Supposed to be ready for installation this summer. - which is anywhere from June to September

polaris | 14 februari 2017


Are you referring to the solar "shingles" or just panels on your roof? If you are talking about the "shingles" - do you mind sharing some ballpark numbers on materials and installation as well as estimated energy generation?

andy.connor.e | 14 februari 2017


Nonono, i literally just got a call asking if i wanted to put a reserve it for purchase. I even asked if there were any details of any sort that he could share with me about the solar roof (yes the shingles) and he was unable to define anything to me. The only thing he was able to tell me was that the estimated availability date would be ~Summer 2017.

Tcloutier5890 | 14 februari 2017

I just got a call from an inside sales associate saying he knew I had a M3 reservation, but would I be interested in driving a MS. I asked him the questions we all are interested in, but he could give no answers. He followed up with an email which said he was my contact and gave his info. He is from Fremont.

KP in NPT | 14 februari 2017

they are clearly trying to convert M3 to MS sales.

andy.connor.e | 14 februari 2017


Probably because they realize selling nearly the same vehicle for half as much will reduce MS sales alot more than they think. How Samsung is trying to empty their S7 inventory before S8 comes out, Tesla is probably recognizing they need to do the same.

Badbot | 14 februari 2017

I think I got the call 2-3 months ago.
they lost interest when I told them I can not afford the S

JeffreyR | 15 februari 2017

@andy.c.e worried, "Probably because they realize selling nearly the same vehicle for half as much will reduce MS sales...."

Actually they did the same thing for MX when they were delayed. Better a sale now, than wait for one in the future. The hard part is already done: they have your contact info, they know you like EVs & Tesla. The MS-60 exists again to convert buyers from M3 reservations. Some folks are not waiting, so they know it's working.
The impact on Tesla as a whole will be more sales bc. many more people will see others making the leap. Many others will hear the joys of going gas-free.

Frank99 | 15 februari 2017

Long term, converting Model 3 reservations to Model S sales has a positive impact to Tesla in the future. If they get someone into a Tesla a year earlier, they get a second sale (when the customer wants a new car) a year earlier also. For customers who change cars every 2-3 years, this is an important impact for Tesla.

andy.connor.e | 15 februari 2017


Yeah i suppose it depends if people can wait for M3 delivery or not. Because the price of the MS-60 with dual motor, is probably going to be around what a fully loaded M3 will cost. So you'd have to ask yourself if its worth the wait.

Red Sage ca us | 15 februari 2017

Tesla's Initial Annual Production Goals
_15,000 ___ Model S
500,000 ___ Model ☰

Seeing as Tesla has already sold over 11 years worth of Model S in only 4-1/2 years, they are not at all concerned about losing sales of Model S. It has been a money-making machine and has paid for itself several times over. Chill.

jon | 17 februari 2017

I actually got a call from Tesla today, too. It wasn't the local team/ store. They didn't try and sell me, they were checking in, and seeing if I had any questions. Pretty cool.

bmalloy0 | 17 februari 2017

@jon: I just got that same call myself