"My Tesla" Page now has a Live Chat

"My Tesla" Page now has a Live Chat

I know it is silly, but I do check my "My Tesla" page about every day - and today I noticed a Live Chat. I tried it out and they answered right away. I didn't try to stump them, but I asked a few questions and got reasonable answers.

He said that he was located at the factory in Fremont. He couldn't give me any breaking news on the Model 3 - he says he only knows as much about the M3 as you can find on the website and on Elon's tweets.

jsens007 | 19 december 2018

I purchased a 2018 100D Tesla model s about 4 weeks ago. This morning when I went to work, my rear camera is not working. I tried it several times this day and still does not work. Is there something minor I can do?
Also my wife owns a Model X and had a software update but I did not. Is the Model S have an update also?

diegoPasadena | 19 december 2018

@jsens007: I found that a re-set (pressing both buttons on the steering wheel) cures most ills. I had to do that a couple of times in the first few months, but hardly ever now. Maybe the car gets used to us? ;^)
BTW: You posted on the Model 3 forum as a response to an unrelated post. You can create your own threads in the Model S forum and probably will get better responses.

CST | 20 december 2018

Looks like this thread has become the catch-all complaint thread now. Looks like it replace the one at the very top of the forum.

tim.deskin | 21 december 2018

I had a flat tire on Tuesday and roadside assistance delivered me a loaner wheel, how do I get my original back?

Tgarvey284 | 21 december 2018

Returning to the original topic, I used Chat yesterday and my experience was not good. The initial response was quick and things seemed to be going well. He told me to go to the car, do a power off, wait three minutes, and see if that fixed my issue. I wrote, "OK, I'll be back in a few minutes." The power off didn't help, and when I got back to me computer there was a message saying, "Session closed by agent." WTF!

Good idea, but poorly executed. I'll stick with a call for now. Once I have someone on the line, they stick with me til we're done.

hchampi | 3 januari 2019

Hi, how do I know if my software is up to date

hchampi | 3 januari 2019

I heard about the recent release of software which has fireplace display and "toilet humors". When i go to my "T" i dont see those new update

scherer326 | 3 januari 2019

wait a few seconds and let the section where it shows your car/vin/owner's manual dropdown automatically and you should see it.

samisoltan | 4 januari 2019

To get the chat go to this page after you logon :

samisoltan | 4 januari 2019

You'll get a white chat bubble at the bottom right

billlake2000 | 5 januari 2019

Yep, dat werks

msorkin | 6 januari 2019

How do I order one tire with rim for a model 3?

jimglas | 6 januari 2019

I emailed service center. Took them about a month to get back to me

kamila.battias | 15 januari 2019

Need help with appraisal after accident

Rickrph | 18 januari 2019

Is this the live chat?

DMSDesign | 18 januari 2019

No live chat on my page with my laptop or cellphone

jim | 18 januari 2019

Paradise is exactly like where you are right now... only much, much better.

MrSexyTime | 23 januari 2019

I guess they took it away. The VRU says to go to chat, but chat doesn't seem to exist. Also can't get response to canned email nor normal email.

Mannybadiola | 22 februari 2019

?? Is the charging station in Riverside California out of service??

Mannybadiola | 22 februari 2019

?? Is the charging station in Riverside California out of service??

mary.fraker | 8 maart 2019

Hello live chat,
I have emailed about problems with slow supercharging, too-rapid discharging, and navigation.
I would prefer to deal with Tesla in real time.
Therefore, I look forward to chatting with a live person very soon.

cfranz | 12 maart 2019

I"m going to be out of the country for nearly 4 months. What should I do with my Model S? It will be in my garage. Should I leave it unplugged or plugged in? Anything else to know?

Adele | 4 mei 2019

My door handles are not immediately responsive anymore. I re-booted.
Problem is still here. Help!

luongo57 | 4 juni 2019

I need to speak to a live agent ASAP re: an issue with my car!!!!

Resist | 4 juni 2019

I've looked everywhere and can't find live chat on my Tesla page.

rdh37 | 5 juni 2019

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Note that the Chat option may be grey for a couple of seconds before it turns black (available). I know that it works as I chatted with a support person early this morning. Also note that the later in the day you attempt to chat the longer it tends to take. This morning, approximately 8:30 AM EDT I was connected in under 5 minutes. Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

tron.hsu | 12 juni 2019

Hi, I have one question regarding my trade-in car, which was ine the deal for purchasing tesla model 3

billlake2000 | 12 juni 2019

Hey, me too

TDT | 29 juli 2019

This is a lie. There is not chat feature. In fact, there is no way to actually talk to support or get any help from this fucking company.

Joshan | 29 juli 2019

funny I have used the chat fearure like 10x.

andy.connor.e | 29 juli 2019

i do not have a live chat, unless its hidden (not obvious)

Joshan | 29 juli 2019

they made it slightly harder now. but its still there. I just opened a caht to test 10 seconds ago... Please at least try to rigure it out. Its not hard....

If you cant figure it out, post and I will do a step-by-step

in7 | 29 juli 2019

If you go into the Tesla page for buying a new car, then click a few options like you really want to buy a new car, eventually that Live Chat window option shows up.

billlake2000 | 29 juli 2019

Do me a solid and do the step by step.

susanalpertcdm | 18 september 2019

I need information about renewing my extended service contract.

Tsiviter | 4 november 2019

I have paid my deposits 5,000 and 45,000 wire for roadster. The store even confirms they received it. But I haven’t received confirmation email nor update in my account to formalize receipt. Any ideas?

spuzzz123 | 4 november 2019

We don't know much about the roadster. We sit in coach. Get back to first class, sir.