Any idea what the ontario EVIP credits will be for the M3?

I'm hoping the max 13000. The a3 e-tron is getting 8300.

Im so pumped. My father in law has a P90D and despite a challenging front end trunk latch...and haven't figured out how to summon the car with the app...its so amazing.


okko | 10 maart 2017


Sandy’s 3 | 10 maart 2017

$10,000 + 3,000 (battery) + 1,000 (5'th seat belt) = $14,000. Additional $1,000 to install home charger

Sandy’s 3 | 10 maart 2017

Re: Your father in law. I believe summons is disabled in Ontario.

scarface | 10 maart 2017

I live in Quebec. Here, we "only" have 8000$ as incentive. I think I will rent a small apartment in Ontario for 1 month, get an Ontario address and buy my car there!

Kidding aside, do you think it would be possible?

scarface | 10 maart 2017

"If you buy your car, you must keep your vehicle registered, plated, insured and road worthy in Ontario in your name for least 12 months from the date the vehicle was registered and plated in your name" ....


Red Sage ca us | 10 maart 2017

Ah, the small print gets you every time!

francisjhurley | 14 maart 2017

My concern was that by the time I get my M3, probably early 2019, the Ontario EVIP will have been reduced or eliminated. I then read that the EVIP is funded by the new Carbon Tax initiative and therefore I get the feeling it will last longer. Also, Premier Wynne stated that she was looking to eliminate HST on EVs. Thoughts?

okko | 15 maart 2017

I believe that currently it is in place until 2020 (I could be wrong). I also hope that the HST will be eliminated.

Peter.martin | 15 maart 2017

The Liberals have said that the program is funded until 2020. But if they lose the election in the summer of 2018 then the next government could cancel the program. SInce the programs like this are funded by the carbon tax then it wouldn't make sense to eliminate as you have to spend the carbon tax money on something. The next government couldn't get rid of the carbon tax because the federal government has mandated that every province put in place a carbon tax program. If they don't have one then the Federal government will impose one. It really makes little sense to cancel the program in Ontario. We currently have an oversupply of electricity. Getting people to drive EVs in Ontario makes a lot of sense.

As for the HST. The Federal government has said they were looking at EV incentives and that's what they may do in conjunction with the provinces. Here is hoping the Canadian dollar recovers a bit by the time the orders start arriving.

polaris | 15 maart 2017

Ontario is also looking at free overnight charging for EVs. There were rumours this would be in place before 2017 is up.

It would be great if the HST were eliminated on EVs here! Pretty sure adoption rates would go up significantly especially for cars like the 2018 LEAF which should have more range and still be cheaper than the Bolt and the M3.

francisjhurley | 15 maart 2017

yeah, thanks for the replies. I didn't know it was in place till 2020. It seems like there is a lot of political will to make this happen and excess electricity to not have to pay other jurisdictions to take off our hands. HST and the 14K would do wonders... add in currency recovery and the M3 is really affordable.

Side Note: US increases interest rate means the USD will get stronger against CAD, as long as our interest rates are lower. Wonder how that will play out....