EPA Pruitt defrocked

EPA Pruitt defrocked

Mike83 | 13 maart 2017

Besides profits for fossil fuel companies perhaps?

SCCRENDO | 13 maart 2017

Mitch is a meteorologist. Guess it's time for him to join the society so he can learn something. He should take McLary with him.

Mike83 | 21 maart 2017
Mike83 | 21 maart 2017

Lying to Congress,ethics, what is that these days? What the world thinks I hate to ponder.

Mike83 | 21 maart 2017
Remnant | 22 maart 2017

@Mike83 (March 21, 2017)

<< Taking science out of the EPA. >>

The science-EPA divorce has been simmering for years and it's now staring all of us in face. Huffington Post and Green Car Reports have no choice but to acknowledge it.

That marriage has finally been debunked as a fraud.

Mike83 | 22 maart 2017

Clever syntax but meaningless.

RedShift | 22 maart 2017

What did I tell you? High falutin word salads.

El Mirio | 22 maart 2017
Remnant | 25 maart 2017

@RedShift (March 22, 2017)

<< What did I tell you? High falutin word salads. >>

We are all cursed with the extreme Left idiocy, which recites meaningless slogans while it pitifully fails to grasp both facts and science, even as, arrogantly, tries to steer debates and policies into the ditch of ignorance, grudge, hatred, and uncouth language and behaviors.

RedShift | 25 maart 2017


My sincere thanks for making my point clear.

bigd | 25 maart 2017

Remnant "My sincere thanks for making my point clear." In other words, I am not able to comprehend facts or logic so make it a into a slogan LOL Sorry red I could not pass that up :-)

RedShift | 25 maart 2017


You have never demonstrated a strong grasp of following a point. As such, it's difficult for me to respond seriously to your post above. Instead let me switch to an old question(s) I had posed for you, and you kept avoiding them:

1. Are you a Tesla owner?
2. What's you highest ed level? What field?

These are purely based on my nosy curiosity. You might choose to ignore them, as you've done in the past.

bigd | 25 maart 2017

"2. What's you highest ed level? What field?" Interesting in that I asked you that before and your response was "why the F(&*^ you want to know. You are noisy. Of course you added some other expletives. You are worse than a hypocrite cause you have no idea of your own identity Sad really, but I answered you and you do not remember (has dementia or worse set in?

bigd | 25 maart 2017

PS I have a doctorate in education among others and you sir? While we are at it what is your company and real name sir?

bigd | 25 maart 2017

However, like so many, I am not in that field as it does not pay very well ;-)

RedShift | 25 maart 2017

I have answered you before. I am an MSEE. I don't have problems with people knowing that. Show me that post and I will apologize, that does not sound like me, but who knows.

You want my name? Company? Tell you what, why don't I give you my address. You can come over!

For a doctorate in education, you have remarkably thin grasp of following simple arguments. You sound almost like Sarah Palin sometimes.

rxlawdude | 25 maart 2017

@Red, it's funny that carpetpiece and littleD have not weighed in on the racist term.
Perhaps not owners with private thread access?

bigd | 25 maart 2017

Sarah Palin LOL sorry that you liberals hate her cause she is so hot. And all you got is Rachel madcow LOL)LO)LOLOLLOOLLOl

RedShift | 25 maart 2017

Earlier, his handle had some cap letters, then it became all small. I remember the interaction with the cap letter guy, and it was pretty childish. This new guy, (if indeed, he is new) also has flashbacks to that, but many times, he actually sounds OK. I have agreed with him too many times.

Meh, who cares.

bigd | 25 maart 2017

"rxlawdude" Darn red, now the village moron has spoken

Mike83 | 25 maart 2017

the little d is a con and troll so ignore him.
More on the Oklahoma is not OK Pruitt
Who cares if you have Mercury. lead, or other poisons as long as his fossil fuel buddies make a buck.

RedShift | 25 maart 2017

There you go, doctorate in education isn't all it's cracked up to be, man!

rxlawdude | 25 maart 2017

Hey, join in on the racist term thread.

We would love to hear your thoughts (?).

SCCRENDO | 25 maart 2017

Hey guys let's not jump to conclusions. Trump University was offering doctorates in education. So it is possible.

rxlawdude | 26 maart 2017

@SC, yeah, the education was not buying the BS that Trump "University" offered.

Mike83 | 27 maart 2017
Mike83 | 29 maart 2017
Madatgascar | 30 maart 2017

HR 1431 is really appalling. It not only makes it harder for scientists to sit on the SAB (Science Advisory Board) of the EPA, it specifically prevents academic scientists from advising the SAB on their areas of expertise.

It makes sense to require that scientists on the SAB not receive EPA grants for their research. But if the goal is to avoid conflict of interest, the bill should also prevent people with financial ties to industries affected by EPA policy from advising on those policies. HR 1431 specifically does the opposite. Can't let this fly under the radar.

Mike83 | 30 maart 2017

I don't believe Americans voted for the fossil fuel lazy bums to run the country by giving them more money, tax breaks, freedom to pollute or build Berlin type walls so some private industries can milk the American taxpayers.
But if Americans really voted for this they will have to sleep in the bed they made.

Mike83 | 30 maart 2017

If anyone doesn't believe the world sees the US as owned by fossil fuel CEO's they just got conned.

Mike83 | 3 april 2017

Tongue tied. I would be embarrassed by such obfuscation with a straight face.

Tesla-David | 3 april 2017

Thanks Mike83 for continuing to educate everyone here on this disgusting administration. I am not a huge fan of Chris Wallace, but he did a great interview and made Pruitt squirm.

finman100 | 3 april 2017

Please start the impeachment process. The sooner the better, for all. Yes, I've called my Senators.

Remnant | 3 april 2017

@Tesla-David (April 3, 2017)

<< I am not a huge fan of Chris Wallace, but he did a great interview and made Pruitt squirm. >>

In fact, Chris Wallace displayed poor interviewing skills, partisan bias, poor grasp of the matters, and utter disrespect, while Scott Pruitt's replies were genteel, graceful, well informed, and educational.

No wonder you liked Wallace and disliked Pruitt ... ! Nuff said.

SCCRENDO | 3 april 2017

@Remnant. I put in an extra shma for you today at the Kotel.

rxlawdude | 3 april 2017

@SC, some people are beyond help. The excess carpet is such a person.

SCCRENDO | 3 april 2017

@rxlawdude. If he can be saved, it will more likely happen in Jerusalem. Had dinner the other night with the son of the Rabbi who translated the Talmud into English. He says anybody can be saved. The Talmud would be tougher for Remnant than the constitution. Enjoying some exciting new archeological finds around the city of David.

MitchP85D | 3 april 2017

Meanwhile, the global mean temperature anomaly has dropped down to +0.19 C for the month of March according to UAH data. It was a uniform drop in all areas of the earth. I know you global warming worshippers were all excited about the powerful El Nino year we had last year. You Californians should be grateful. It broke your drought!

SCCRENDO | 4 april 2017

I prayed for Mitch as well

bigd | 4 april 2017

SCCRENDO | April 4, 2017 "I prayed for Mitch as well" Hope you did not forget to pray for me also :-)

SCCRENDO | 5 april 2017

@Bigd. I did forget. But probably a waste of time in your case.I am in Greece now so perhaps the Greek gods can do something.

Mike83 | 5 april 2017

EPA approved a brain damaging chemical. You know these individuals only see short term profits over long term wealth and that is the problem with the instant gratification types. They can never be happy.

Mike83 | 15 mei 2017

This is what you get. Oil profits over health it seems

Tesla-David | 16 mei 2017

Thanks @Mike83, unbelievable how disgusting Pruitt/Drumpf are in always putting profits above health/environment and science/facts.

Mike83 | 16 mei 2017

I can't make this stuff up. Totally crazy.

Mike83 | 6 juni 2017

So the taxpayer had to pay to defend these fossil fuel plants?