Model 3 (numeric)

Model 3 (numeric)

When did it become the "3" instead of the 3 lines? I read that adidas got involved...

gavinfaulkner | 15 maart 2017

*yawn* Wake me up when there's some real developments.

I feel like Tesla is enforcing such an information stasus that hibernation is the only means of survival. I may have to eat my offspring......

bmalloy0 | 15 maart 2017

February I believe. As far as I know there was mo official reason given, but speculation included Adidas and Ford (arguing that the three lines was still too similar to 'E,' and thusly an infringement on their Model E copyright)

Frank99 | 15 maart 2017

I hear ya, man. I'm thinking of following your suggestion. Just have to convince the boss-man that's my best option.

Frank99 | 15 maart 2017

Just ran across: com/news/adidas-trademark-war-means-three-080007474.html
in reference to labradog's question...

Badbot | 15 maart 2017

Waiting on ford to sue all printing, sign, and maybe ink companies so stop making E's and e's.
A and T will follow shortly.
they own the alphabet.

Carl Thompson | 15 maart 2017

Maybe BMW should get into the act and sue Tesla for allowing forum posters to call the Model 3 the "M3!"

bj | 15 maart 2017

Can we sue Eagles for "T3"? Please?

dsvick | 15 maart 2017

@Badbot - "A and T will follow shortly.
they own the alphabet."

What about Alphabet? Can't they just sue everyone?

Carl Thompson | 15 maart 2017

Remember that Al Gore invented the alphabet. He could sue everyone.

mos6507 | 16 maart 2017

It's just something to get fans arguing about (like whether to stubbornly keep using the symbol or switch to 3).

Red Sage ca us | 16 maart 2017

You do know both are symbols, right?

Garyeop | 16 maart 2017

You can get anything to it on a car. A Christ fish, an atheist Darwin evolved fish, or 3 lines instead of a 3. It will be interesting to see how people personalize their m3. Side, I hate M3 as a name. Too BMW ish. This is a game changer vehicle. It should have a game changer name. Like Tsunami. The next wave that will wash over and change the auto industry.

Garyeop | 16 maart 2017

D*** voice to text.

^^ You can get anything to it on a car.^^ should say
You can put anything on a car.

Carl Thompson | 16 maart 2017

" Side, I hate M3 as a name."

That's not the name. That's just what some people on this forum call it because typing "Model 3" is apparently too difficult.


gavinfaulkner | 16 maart 2017

Just another ridiculous trend/custom/tradition. I find myself subconsciously comparing our propensity to codify things as a means to attain a sense of exclusivity which encourages an attitude of superiority. It's just a way for our brains to convince us that we're better than everyone else so that we don't have to deal with the horrifying truth that we aren't special or important.

If find it more amusing than anything else. Like the terms "mate" and "bro" which are used so liberally in our culture. No I'm not your brother and unless I'm rooting you while you're asleep I'm not your mate. Do you call me these things out of irony?

I remember when I was growing up in the south of Auckland where the population was predominantly Maori and Polynesian, where the learning impaired were revered, social communication was defined by a series of monosyllabic grunts and spelling in any way but the correct way was the height of coolness. I was approached on more than one occasion for a minor social transgression, probably involving territory or disregarding a social convention requiring posing and gesticulating as if I was having a seizure. I was curtly informed:

"hey, smak you up aye bro!"

To this day I am not sure if that was a question, a threat or intended for comic effect. How does one respond?

"Sure my good brother, I do acknowledge that you should indeed smack me as far the way up as you can, for that is what brothers do to each other. "

On these occasions I just supressed my desire to burst out laughing, said nothing and moved on. However I did learn quite quickly that when the "c" word started being flung around that's when things got serious.

So, as a result of this experience, whenever I see someone unnecessarily abbreviating something I imagine them as a threatening looking troglodyte that thinks, as their brother, I should have sex with them in my sleep but at the slightest provocation they might wish to do me physical harm, particularly if prior communications insinuated that I resemble the female genitalia.

Excuse me if I have a little nerd snicker sitting behind my computer 1000's of km's away.

Carl Thompson | 16 maart 2017



JeffreyR | 16 maart 2017

@gavinfaulkner that's kilometers to the rest of us. Unless of course you meant miles. I hear that's farther.

Garyeop | 16 maart 2017

@Carl. Even Model 3 seems...uninspired. 40 years from now if you say Mustang or even Bolt it means something about the car. The name is an icon. Shouldn't the M3 have such a name? This is the first successful EV for the masses. It may be talked about for decades. Just saying.

dsvick | 16 maart 2017

@Garyeop - "This is the first successful EV for the masses. It may be talked about for decades."

If it is important enough and makes enough of an impact to be talked about for decades I'm sure they'll remember the name.

I like the understated simplicity of the way Tesla names things. No need for some in your face, feel the power sort of name, I think they just get silly after a while.

topher | 16 maart 2017

They should name them like British ships of the line...

HMS Victory, HMS Impregnable, HMS Dreadnought, etc.

Thank you kindly.

Haggy | 16 maart 2017

"Remember that Al Gore invented the alphabet. "

Don't blame Al Gore for Republican lies. He never claimed to have invented anything that he didn't invent.

gavinfaulkner | 16 maart 2017


HMS Boaty McBoatface

Carl Thompson | 16 maart 2017

"Don't blame Al Gore for Republican lies. He never claimed to have invented anything that he didn't invent."

For sure. I voted for Gore and think he would have been a good president. But the whole "invented the internet" thing is funny (even if not accurate) and Gore himself has joked about it!


bj | 16 maart 2017

That Model 3 is in fact Model 4 will just add to its historical memorability.

Red Sage ca us | 16 maart 2017

gavinfaulkner: Interesting tale. I grew up in Mississippi surrounded by people who were certain I was speaking some foreign language that residents referred to as 'tawksew pwapuh'. This greatly offended them for some reason.

For quite some time, until they eventually gave up on attempts to communicate, they would put forth queries of a form I could not quite decipher.

I believe they said something like, 'howcum yew tawksew pwahpuh?' and I would say, "What?"

They would stare at me as if I had grown a second head, considerably dumber than the first, and ask again, "howcum yew tawksew pwapuh?"

I had no clue what this meant. I told them as much. "I'm sorry. I can't tell what you are saying. Is that English, or..."

At this point they would begin to become agitated. I still didn't know why. I wished they would leave me alone, so I could finish reading my book.

Unabashed, they chose to speak both s-l-o-w-e-r and LOUDER to me, as if I was the literal village idiot... "HOW... CUM... YEW... TAWK... SEW... PWAHPUH?!?" That helped a little I guess.

I repeated back to them, 'How come I... Talk?' You mean, 'speak', right? 'So...' Sorry I don't know that last word. Was that 'pwahpuh'? Can you spell it?

The original person was apoplectic by this point. Just simply losing their frickin mind. I got the impression they thought I was faking my misunderstanding. It seemed they literally wanted to HIT me... And all I wanted to do was be left alone, so I could read my book.

Another person stepped in to translate. So they asked, "How come you talk so funneh?"

I answered, "Wait... Who, me? No. I don't talk funny. You guys talk funny."

Yeah. That made me plenty of Friends.

Later on it was finally realized that I had moved there from California. So I had a different accent. There were still those who were certain I was faking it somehow and that they might be able to make stop 'tawkin pwapuh' because I 'whuddin no bettah n us/dem' or whatever. They tried. It never worked. But one awesome benefit of growing up surrounded by people who spoke the absolute worst of broken English? I can now understand any accent of spoken English and mimic many of them. The amazing thing is that people who speak English as a fifth or sixth language do so better than many Anericans who use varieties of American Standard Idiomatic English as a sole language.

Garyeop | 18 maart 2017

"I hope Neal Young will remember, a 'Southern Man' don't need him around anyhow."