Tesla Model 3 'release candidates' are being built...beta prototypes..

Tesla Model 3 'release candidates' are being built...beta prototypes..

Sounds promising. Hopefully we'll be talking options soon.

aojugbele | 16 maart 2017

At least it shows progress is being made. Looking forward to seeing some road test vehicles

rrobin36 | 17 maart 2017

Yes indeed. I think a lot of people will be surprised at how on schedule the Model 3 is.

andy.connor.e | 17 maart 2017


I agree, their history says otherwise when it comes to deadlines. But aside from having delayed deadlines, they have always over-delivered from what they originally proposed. Instead of cutting corners, you get a better product, which i think is a better deal in the long run.

Wimpy ti | 17 maart 2017

I'm just excited to see something closer to production models. Almost an entire year of anxiously waiting, I don't know how much more my better half can handle me excitedly telling her the latest news articles.

rrobin36 | 17 maart 2017

I'm excited for potential leaked pictures of the betas. Especially if some of them have different colors than the matte black, silver and red. It's going to be an interesting next few months. I agree @andy.connor.e

scarface | 17 maart 2017

I think that reveal #3 won't be far away after the first beta cars starts driving on the road. Tesla wouldn't want leaked picture before they get to present the car.

I'm hoping for the next reveal to be mid-april!

andy.connor.e | 17 maart 2017

Yeah i know its the 17th already, but i estimated sometime between now and end of June