National Theft Search and Recovery - My Roadster

National Theft Search and Recovery - My Roadster

Hi, to all. This is NTSR and I have a Tesla Roadster which I have bought 2 years back. I am going to modify my car and just want to know if I can use a nitrous. I am a professional racer and often participates in the racing events. I am using good quality components of good brand. Please provide me with the valuable advice to get most of it.

Nexxus | 22 maart 2017

How or why would you try to use nitrous in an all electric vehicle? You need a combustion cycle to be able to use nitrous oxide. There is no place to use it in a BEV.

RonaldA | 3 oktober 2017

You could vent pressurized nitrous out the back to add a bit of rocket propulsion. Parts may be available from Space X

Rutrow | 10 oktober 2017

Via a nasal cannula? When a problem comes along, you must Whippit!!!

TabascoGuy | 10 oktober 2017

Devo? Well that takes me back a bit.

msmith55 | 13 november 2017

Maybe he wants everyone to laugh as he drives by emitting laughing gas?

lilbean | 17 november 2017

OP, So you bought a roadster with the money from your scammy company. Nice.