Any regrets on upgrading to 22" wheels

Any regrets on upgrading to 22" wheels

The Black 22 inch wheels and tires looks beautiful on the model x.
the question is
What milage expectancy (tires) are you guys getting from them,10k-15-20k.... before replacing them.

lilbean | 25 maart 2017

I think I'm starting to regret not getting the 22" wheels because my 20" wheels don't last very long anyway. Lol. I don't drive long distances.

tommyalexandersb | 25 maart 2017

I think I will upgrade to then eventually. Would be curious what 260 freeway miles converts in to with the 22" wheels, but if it's no more than 30 miles less, I would do it.

USCRXDR | 25 maart 2017

I have the 22 inch wheels on my Sig X, part of the reason was when i ordered my car the price was the same for 20 or 22 inch wheels, and let's face it , they look better. The ride is a little stiffer and my max range is around 245 on full charge so i am not forsaking not much in mileage, and the X looks great!

bigd | 25 maart 2017

lilbean " I think I'm starting to regret not getting the 22" well you do know, size matters :-).

MyXinTx | 25 maart 2017

Based on prior experiences, I prefer smaller wheel options for more rubber to cushion the ride, so for me it was 20" wheels. My '14 Cayenne came with 21- wheels, but I replaced with 18' ones with same diameter tires, not so pretty but one very smooth ride.

When I had a few MX loaners with 22 in wheels, I definitely noticed a ride difference, not just stiffer but "bumpier", felt more of the road.

Since this is not my preference, I caution those of you considering an upgrade to consider that.

Too bad Tesla air suspension does not allow for variable dampering of the suspension, like most other air suspensions do, for this would compensate nicely.

I was doubly spoiled by my Cayenne in both wheel size (although MS 19 in wheels do fit on an X) and variable air suspension, which overall provided a better and smoother ride.

Triggerplz | 25 maart 2017

At first I ordered the 20inch Silver Helix wheels for $2500, once I saw them on a MX I was like O Hell Naw so I had to pay another $2000 plus a $500 fee to make the change to the 22's, the only regret I have is not ordering the 22's in the first place. As far as miles the miles doesn't matter to me as I get enough mileage to get me where I'm going

tjhappel | 25 maart 2017

I like the look of my 22's but would never ever recommend them to anyone who needs to go further than 200 miles on a single charge. On my s with 19's I avg 280kw per mile over 90k miles. The x I'm almost 400wh per mile and I drive only in so cal and its freeways 98% of the time. I'm guessing the range hit to be 20% as I can't ever hit 200 miles driven without needing to recharge.

I'm spending another 3k on top of the 5500 to downgrade so I can make my long work commutes. Sucks

StealthX | 26 maart 2017

lilbean what do you mean that the 20" don't last long?

StealthX | 26 maart 2017

I went with 20" for snow, but still considering 22" black aftermarket for summer. Any out there with photos?

lilbean | 26 maart 2017

I had the tread depth measured at 8100 miles last week. It measures 6/32. I don't launch the car and drive very conservatively. They will need to be replaced soon.

socalsam | 26 maart 2017

The car doesn't look right without 22 inch rims

Tzlazrgr8 | 26 maart 2017

After 24 hours of driving around on 22 in wheels, IMHO, this is the way to ride. Looks good. Feels good. I am pleased with my choice.

lilbean | 26 maart 2017

Are they louder? Is the drive smoother? The bigger wheels feel nice in the Model S.

Tzlazrgr8 | 26 maart 2017

Can't give comparison because I've not driven one with regular wheels, but road noise under 60 is not an issue and wind noise over 60 makes road noise less obvious. Overall, noise to me is not an issue, but that's just me.

TDinDC | 29 maart 2017

I ordered the black 22" rims. I also have 18" rims with winter tires that I had painted to match.

The difference in handling between the two fim/tire sets is stunning. I have never driven a vehicle for which the rim/tire set made this much of a difference (and I used to race cars -- on road racing tracks -- nasa/scca/pca).

I think that the vehicle is so heavy, that the higher sidewalls of the 18" experience a lot more flex and degrade handling significantly. I cannot wait to go back to the 22" rims just for the handling alone.

The one time it is a liability, and it is a big liability, is on long road trips. It really impacts range. Most of the time I take short trips (below 5 miles each way), but once each year, I will head down to Kiawah or Sea Island GA from DC through Asheville NC and the mountains . . . where I sweat it out and pray for trucks to draft behind as I go through the mountains. If you take long trips, think long and hard before selecting the 22" rims.

ken | 1 april 2017

i have 20" rim and last 37k miles

steilkurve | 9 april 2017

Has tesla officially established the range loss with the 22 inches? I know that on the model S 21 inches they would say it was 3%. I'm about to configure a Model X which is an upgrade from my P85DL with 21-inch wheels. I was totally fine with the range hit on the Model S, but 20% as suggested above would be more of a problem. Again, is that the official word or just what folks estimate?

jaspreet | 20 november 2018

I have 22" black turbine wheels on my 75D MX and that make my car go max 150 miles on a full charge. Most of my weekend trips are around 160 Miles so I pretty much end up super charging for few mins every time on my way back. With my driving habits, I get average of 450 KW/mile.
For me, this is really inconvenient so I am thinking of getting 20" stock wheels which so many people have acknowledged to get at least 20% more range. Please let me know your thoughts.

bonhari03 | 20 november 2018

I have the 22” wheels on my 2018 MX75. We have taken several trips in it in the past 8 months of ownership. We have always had enough juice to get to the next charge. That’s all that really matters in my opinion. I would only go to 20” if we were going skiing and need chains. I’ve seen some MXs with dark wheels that appear to be a compromise. I’ve never been good at compromising.

jaspreet | 26 november 2018

I finally got 20" wheels and the difference in the range is significant. For comparison, I drove with 22" to Tesla Service center 41 miles away from my house and it took 17 KW power. On my way back it took only 11 KW with 20". So, I am happy with my decision.

Weston X90D | 29 november 2018

As I assume no one is driving their car to less than 30 % on a daily basis, and is charging at night to where they need to be, for most daily drivers using 22" wheels will only change the ride quality. Yes, of course there is degradation in ride quality- its' bumpier for sure. But for the looks, a slight increase in handling, and even prob better rate of regen braking (due to heavier tire and wheel), I think it's totally worth it.

Even better, get a few referrals and you can get them for free. That's what I did. Now I got 2 sets of wheels.

benbethel | 29 juli 2019

Wow - I'd like to know how people are getting such wonderful range. I have a 2016 MX P100DL+ with FSD, and 22" wheels... I live in Arizona where our speed limits on the highway are 75mph but that means most people are driving 80-100mph most of the time between the two cities I travel between most. From Phoenix to Flagstaff (not far from Grand Canyon) elevation changes from 1000 feet to 7000 feet above sea level, with 2 very long inclines. It is 150 miles door to door, and I cannot make it without stopping at a supercharger, using about 700wh/mi. Going in the other direction it is a long downhill drive, so I return to Phoenix with about 75 miles on my MX. Would love to have better range and am seriously considering getting 20" wheels. We do a lot of long road trips, plus do this 150 mile drive 1-2 times a week.

jjgunn | 31 juli 2019

Get the 20" wheels if you're looking for better efficiency on those long drives.

22" wheels look effing great but they're simply not as efficient.

datnguyen98 | 10 oktober 2019

I have 20” in my MX90 now thinking of buying used 22”. I just wondering how do you reset those TMPS? Thanks

inconel | 10 oktober 2019

In my 2017 X there is nothing to reset. Put them on, drive for 5 minutes and that's it.

Anyone interested in my Onyx 22"? I got them brand new, and have driven for only maybe 2000 miles so far. $2800 for the wheels, tires, TPMS, and lug caps.

datnguyen98 | 10 oktober 2019

Am interested in your email can we buy or sell stuff on here? Email me

inconel | 11 oktober 2019

Sent you an email. Where are you located? I am in the north east.

jjgunn | 13 oktober 2019

There is a reset option to select the proper wheels. It works great. Reboot required.

xenogorow | 15 oktober 2019

We got the 22” right from the get go. BE CAREFUL with curbs. There is NO BUFFER with these high performance tires. I have been very lucky!

bryanwcook | 19 november 2019

Do you still have the wheels available inconel?