Today I pick up my MX, well, almost

Today I pick up my MX, well, almost

Today was the day i was scheduled to pick up my brand new MX90D. Mine you, I'm very excited, but two hours before it was to happen, I receive a phone call from my DS advising me that my car wouldn't be ready because the detail-er noticed a scratch in the windshield. A new windshield was being next day aired to New York and the car would be ready in a few days. This did not sit well with me and I gave my DS a hard time about it. Actually, I imagined my car having other issues that were being withheld from me. So I paid the SC a visit and behold there is a scratch in the windshield that I could hardly see. The car was otherwise gorgeous. I was given a MPX90D as a loaner car until my car was repaired. The MXP90 is so fast from a standing start I almost passed out and had to let off. Thinking it was me I did it again with my wife in the car and she almost passed out. I tried it again with a friend in the car and all three of us had the same sensation. This is a High Tech Muscle Car. I must tip my hat to the Tesla Team for the unparalleled service I received. Today was like Christmas morning, being just as happy opening up someone else s presents. Thank you Tesla.

burdogg | 29 maart 2017

That is great to hear - I wish I could try out a performance car - instead the one time I had to have a loaner I got an old school plain jane S 85. VIN was like 3,000. Miles were very low so it appears it was a loaner from the start, time to upgrade some of those, get us some performance cars here in Denver like Elon talked about would be there. Oh well, maybe it is better I don't try out a performance car - wife might hate me :)

Anyway - glad they are taking care of you and enjoy your MXP90D for the few days while you wait for your new baby :)

info | 29 maart 2017

Actually, Tesla can take their sweet time in fixing the windshield. I have never driven a quicker car in my entire life. I'm loving this.

info | 29 maart 2017

Thank you Burdogg

rockyouever | 29 maart 2017

You are lucky. I had similar experience in the morning of the my MX90D delivery. One (or two hours) before my scheduled delivery I got an e-mail (not even a phone call) to delay the delivery. But the car is worthy once you drive it.

Enjoy it!

tommyalexandersb | 29 maart 2017

I had a P90D loaner for the day. I could tell the difference in acceleration but only slightly. It was a older X, and I prefer my new 90D for sure. You will be even more excited with your X when you get it I bet.

teslarama | 29 maart 2017 are is good that they found the scratch before delivery. After I picked up my car..a small crack developed from the very bottom of the windshield and it is slowly growing. It appears started from underneath the dash board and slowly grew. On the delivery day..I did not notice because it just started. Now I need to run after SC :(