Anyone else concerned about not being able to see screen in sun?

Anyone else concerned about not being able to see screen in sun?

Most cars manufactured in the past 2-3 years have some form of center mounted screen. One of the things that I have noticed, is that many mfgs address the bright light washout issue by enshrouding the screen or by recessing the screen a couple of inches into the dash. This "shades" the screen from the bright light and makes it easier to read. Obviously, with a high mounted landscape screen position like the one seen in the M3 prototypes, this isn't going to be an option. I have an older vehicle where I replaced the OEM head unit with a pioneer 7" screen unit, and thought I like many of the features it offers, I do have a really hard time reading it during the day, especially if I have my sunglasses on. I often find myself lifting my glasses and using my hand to shade the screen from the sun in order to read it. It's one thing to do this to read a song title or select a radio station, but it's quite another if you have to do this just to see how fast you're going or for navigation. I also find that, because there are no physical buttons on my unit, I can't as easily operate it using just my peripheral vision while keeping my eye's primarily on the road. I actually have to look directly at the unit and watch my finger push the screen to ensure that I hit the right "button" on the screen. I also find that items on the right side of the screen are harder to "touch" properly because of the distance and the angle. With the M3 screen in a landscape position, this potentially places some items much further away from the driver.

I know I probably shouldn't worry too much about this until we see the final car and have reports from owners. But this is a really big purchase to be making sight unseen, and likely we won't see one or get to drive one before it comes. Is anyone else concerned about this at all? Can anyone else share any insight to help ease these concerns? Likely, the M3 display will be of higher quality than my $350 head unit, but I'm still somewhat skeptical.


tstolz | 1 april 2017

Isn't a problem in my MS

gavinfaulkner | 1 april 2017

Let's hope the screen is OLED or better yet high response rate high resolution colour e-paper or some other reflecting pixel tech.

SoFlaModel3 | 1 april 2017

I can't help but think bringing the screen forward reduces that potential issue by effectively moving it away from the windows.

Now that is by no means scientific, but it sounded good as I typed it.

Beyond that if I hold my iPhone in my hand while driving (I never do that :) ...) I have no issues seeing the screen.

joemar10 | 1 april 2017

I was thinking about that very thing today. I drive a 2010 Prius. Many times when the sun is coming in the passenger window from the back, the glare makes the navigation unreadable. Not a huge issue with something like the nav, but if everything was on that screen it would be very inconvenient if not dangerous. Hopefully it won't be an issue on the Model 3. I haven't driven a Model S enough to have run into that situation.

Carl Thompson | 1 april 2017

I could see this being a problem particularly with the glass and panoramic roofs. I'm sure Tesla has thought about this and has some sort of mitigation.


peter | 1 april 2017

I don't like how it happens when the sun is coming in thru the rear window on my S. I hope they improve that

rlwrw | 1 april 2017

Most screens are polarized so that when the sun directly shines on the screen there is little or no washout of the image. Tesla should already have something like this built into their screens.

EaglesPDX | 1 april 2017


cvalhalla | 1 april 2017

Never have had problem in my Model S

Red Sage ca us | 1 april 2017

Great now a 'shop' doppelganger.

KP in NPT | 1 april 2017

Not a problem at all with my MS with pano roof.

M3forMe | 1 april 2017

Haven't thought of it.

JeffreyR | 1 april 2017

Did not have any issues w- pano roof in sunny SoCal.

JPs M≡ | 2 april 2017

Thanks to those MS owners who responded that they haven't noticed a problem, even those with the glass roofs. That does help to ease my concern a bit.

jamilworm | 2 april 2017

I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I'm curious if polarized sunglasses inhibit the ability to read the MS screen. Anyone have experience with that?

Carl Thompson | 2 april 2017

Yes, thanks. I plan on buying the glass roof if I can so it's nice to know it's not a problem!


JeffreyR | 2 april 2017

@jamilworm no worries I think it's a similar concern. I have polarized lenses in my sunglasses and regular glasses. No issue for me at all. Not sure how they do it frankly.

KP in NPT | 3 april 2017

@jamilworm - like @Jeffrey said, no issues with polarized lenses either. The center screen is just as visible with them.

COrich | 3 april 2017

There is no problem with reading the screen in my X, and it has that gigantic front windshield. Its all about the coating, display brightness and mounting angle.

Chrisredfield1 | 3 april 2017

& there you have it. An owner of a Model X with that enormous windshield above them, who says they are fine. Thanks.

SUN 2 DRV | 3 april 2017

Red +1.... The OP doesn't sound much like the SHOP we know and love.

bj | 3 april 2017

@SoFla - "Now that is by no means scientific, but it sounded good as I typed it."

That's a great line, do you mind if I use it? :)

CraigW | 4 april 2017

I have put on over 90,000 miles, all over the U.S. in Model Ss with pano roof. Never had a problem where I had to use the driver screen because I couldn't use the center screen. IMO - Tesla has only gotten better at analyzing this issue, so I really don't worry about my Model 3s on order.