Car stereo playing well doors are shut

Car stereo playing well doors are shut

Does anybody know a way to play your car stereo with your windows down and your doors shut but to keep the car music playing ? | 5 april 2017

Lean in and tap the display. You'll be good to go. It might timeout after 30 minutes (I don't remember if this has a timer). I'd also suggest turning off climate before doing this.

NKYTA | 5 april 2017

Or just leave a door ajar. ;-)

Jeff A | 7 april 2017

That would be a nice feature in the future, perhaps activate the radio/media and control it on the Tesla app but keep car asleep.

1089 | 7 april 2017

Put the car in neutral, and turn on the Emergency brake from the controls screen. If the car is not in park it will not shut off when the door is closed. Be sure climate is off to preserve the battery charge.