Volvos using Tesla superchargers?

Volvos using Tesla superchargers?

I purchased a brand-new Tesla model S just over a week ago and on Thursday I set out on my first 1000 mile road trip.

I stopped at my first ever supercharger This was at the winchester supercharger UK, and noticed that there was a Volvo charging???

Was just wondering are other cars allowed to use the Tesla superchargers??

It was most inconvenient because the Volvo has the charging port in the wrong place, so this Volvo was parked in the wrong spot...

Dramsey | 9 april 2017

I'm not sure what you saw, but there's no way a Volvo could have actually been using a Tesla supercharger...

avesraggiana | 9 april 2017

Did you see if the Volvo was plugged in? I believe you got ICE-ed.

SamO | 9 april 2017

No it's true. Even the Leaf can use a Supercharger. Here's the proof . . ..

stevenmaifert | 9 april 2017

Absolutely true. Here's another Leaf charging at the San Diego SC: The Tesla to CHAdeMO adapter is a closely held secret.

Tesla-David | 9 april 2017

@SamO and @stevenmaifert, neither picture actually shows Leaf plugged in to SC. I will believe it when I see it plugged in.

syd | 9 april 2017

I have never seen a Tesla type 2 to Chademo adapter (Tesla has a Chademo to Tesla type 2 adapter). If such an adapter was made, then the supercharger could negotiate a 50kw charge power to the leaf and perhaps, if Tesla doesn't do VIN checks (which I think they do on the car side (is supercharging enabled for the car), not the super charger side, so the supercharger just trusts what plugs into it.). But without such an adapter, it's the plug doesn't fit.

Someone is working on a AC type 2 to J1772 adapter, but that is only for AC charging, and would allow Leaf''s et al to use a destination charger, but not a super charger.

stevenmaifert | 9 april 2017

Facetious (fa·ce·tious {fəˈsēSHəs} - treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor.

SamO | 9 april 2017

+1 steven ;-)

RedShift | 9 april 2017

I once tried to placate an irate Leaf owner at the Fremont supercharger when he discovered he could not plug in. He was upset that ' superchargers were supposed to be free', and couldn't understand why it was only for Tesla owners. Not kidding, it happened.

Ross1 | 10 april 2017

@Redshift: pics or it didnt happen (getting my own back)

SamO | 10 april 2017


That pic is from San Diego?

Tesla-David | 10 april 2017

Thanks, I understood, but couldn't resist pointing out the obvious! ;-)

SamO | 10 april 2017


Check this out then:


BTW . . . still didn't work.

DTsea | 10 april 2017

the european connectors are common so you could plug it in. mennekes connector.

Haggy | 10 april 2017

"He was upset that ' superchargers were supposed to be free', and couldn't understand why it was only for Tesla owners."

Did you explain to him that Nissan used an intentionally incompatible connector?

RedShift | 10 april 2017


It was late night. I didn't have my gun for protection so I skeddadled out of there. :-)

No, when he said that, I replied that superchargers were free for Tesla owners. Didn't seem to go in, so he looked back incredulously and muttered something to his girl friend. I mentioned they might be able to charge back of the building with the EVplug connectors (Fremont has a few of those). He drove off without a word.

RedShift | 10 april 2017

(I assumed it was his girl friend as she seemed quite young)

Tropopause | 11 april 2017

Volvo doesn't sell BEV's, do they?

finman100 | 12 april 2017

sure they do. they're just tethered to a gas engine. That's a BEV, right? (sarcasm)