i can wait...

i can wait...

I can be patient for DUAL MOTORS...
and knowing i'll get what i want...

SamO | 9 april 2017

Won't be too long. Likely before the end of 2017, if you waited in line on 3/31/2016, per Elon Musk.

Carl Thompson | 9 april 2017


E.M. said after that that there was a good chance of getting dual motors by December so it seems clear that it was 6-9 months from March and not 6-9 months from production start.


dyefrog | 9 april 2017

Carl, do you really think he'll listen to you after he's been told this countless times before? Don't confuse him with the facts, his mind is made up.

Carl Thompson | 9 april 2017

Just pointing it out in _this_ thread so anyone that reads it knows.


Bighorn | 9 april 2017

Everyone knows to ignore the lies. Willful ignorance is not curable with facts.

topher | 9 april 2017

"Likely before the end of 2017, if you waited in line on 3/31/2016, per Elon Musk."

Elon Musk said that *some* reservationists might get their AWD before year end, not that ALL of them would. That's something like a difference of 50,000 cars.

Thank you kindly.

Frank99 | 9 april 2017

Only you parse it that way. You're pitiful, E.

akgolf | 9 april 2017

I see Pigeon Poo and his buddy are still getting along.

scmaxwell99 | 12 april 2017

Well I have to wait. I recently put in my reservation for the M3. I did my test drive this week of the S and was very happy with how it drove. Sure I will have to wait longer than all of you guys, but I am in no hurry for a second vehicle. My 20 year old pickup truck still gets me around town. I just wanted a vehicle that would be fun to drive, environmentally friendly and not have to deal with the hybrid systems. Looking forward to seeing when some more information on possible upgrades will happen. I know through the information on these forums the M3 will be pretty bare bones at first. Other than the possible AWD or a bigger battery option, I don't really see too much I need to upgrade on the M3.

dsvick | 13 april 2017

@Eagles - "Well Elon and I parsed it that way ..."'

Please show us a link, post, tweet, blog, or quote attributed to Elon where he actually says 25,000 to 35,000 will be produced. Do not show us your interpretation of the numbers, we don't need a link to another web site that has that as their conclusion. You flat out said that that is what Elon meant, please provide proof or shut up and go away.

chawchaw01 | 13 april 2017

was hoping to hear from others that are patiently, waiting not a bashing of members...
SPECIAL THANKS to those that did reply about the subject..

okko | 13 april 2017

Yes, as dumb as it sounds, I'm "worried" that mine will come before I thought that it would. I'm very nervous about final price knowing 1) the $35 000 "base" price is in US dollars 2) I'm going to want options (bigger battery, EAP, to name 2) that are going to significantly up the cost further.

I just leased a Volt as my bridge car thinking I probably had more time that I actually do. I need to save more or decide if I'm going to actually go through with my reservation.


Carl Thompson | 13 april 2017


Well hopefully you got one of Chevy's cheap lease deals on the Volt and will be able to find someone to take over the lease on it when you get your Model 3. There are web sites that will help you find someone to take over your lease.


kzodz | 13 april 2017

Jeez you guys are awfully tough on Pigeon. IMO smart people should be prepared for worst case scenarios, especially where Tesla is involved. Look at all the posters who are practically suicidal after the last revelations! I'd be very (happily) surprised if even one AWD car is delivered before New Years/