FFC or FMF -- Which is Stronger?

FFC or FMF -- Which is Stronger?

There seem to be two main problems that are often repeated around here when it comes to the Tesla Model ☰.

___ FFC -- Fear of Feature Creep

___ FMF -- Fear of Missing Features

The strange thing is, those fears are often put forth by the very same Tesla Enthusiasts.

On the one hand, they are desperately afraid that Elon Musk will somehow get 'out of hand' and keep 'messing with' the Model ☰, adding unnecessary technologies that make it needlessly complex.

On the other hand, they are incredibly afraid that Elon will release some sort of substandard, empty, tin-can torture chamber penalty box on wheels that will somehow 'not be worth the money'.

I'm pretty sure the reality will be somewhere comfortably between those extremes. The recent 'tweet storm' by Elon has these fears running wild.

Some have declared from the outset that in order to 'protect' sales of the Model S, the Model ☰ would have to be 'limited' in some way. They are mostly satisfied it seems with what they perceive as Elon's dialing back expectations of the Model ☰ so that people wouldn't think it would be 'better than' Model S.

Others are dismayed at the thought that the Model ☰ will be a pale shadow of the Model S. Part of that sentiment is due to so many complaining about the creature comforts of the Model S. There have been plenty who said the Model S was not up to par in terms of features compared to its contemporaries. So, if the Model ☰ is to be a 'lesser' vehicle, without as many 'bells & whistles', that makes them feel it will be even more 'gimped' compared to Model S, and thus not up to par with its contemporaries either.

From my perspective, Elon has basically been driving home the point that Model ☰ must be designed for ease of manufacture. That is the only way they will be able to fulfill the backlog of Reservations for the car in a timely fashion. New customer facing technologies will debut on the Model S and Model X. That's fine. They can always come to Model ☰ later. None of this means the Model ☰ will be a bad car. It will still be better than anything else you can get for the money. That is what matters most.

Red Sage ca us | 9 april 2017

I decided to check the Features Listing [ ] for one of the Model ☰ competitors, the Lexus IS, because it is among the more 'luxury' oriented brands. Here's what they chose to focus upon:

-|- Paddle-Shift Transmissions -- Advanced paddle-shift transmissions put the exhilarating performance of the IS models at your fingertips.
-|- The 2017 IS Line -- The boldly restyled IS line not only turns heads on the road, it even refuses to go unnoticed while parked.
-|- All-Weather Drive -- Standard on the IS 300 and available on the IS 350, all-wheel drive helps provide enhanced traction and control.
-|- Lexus Safety System+ -- With the most comprehensive safety system ever offered on the IS, security comes standard.
-|- 10.3-inch Multimedia Display -- The new, larger 10.3-inch display makes everything from the Lexus Enform App Suite to the full-screen navigation map, a stunning viewing experience.
-|- Performance Driving Modes -- Customize your dose of adrenaline. Drive Mode Select enables you to make your IS more responsive or efficient with a simple turn of a dial.
-|- F Sport Performance -- Exclusive F SPORT features take the thrilling performance of the IS to the next level.
-|- Lexus Enform -- With Lexus Enform, peace of mind, convenience and entertainment are always within reach.
-|- Touch-based Climate Controls -- Change the cabin temperature with a swipe of your finger.
-|- F Sport Styling -- Aggressively restyled, the IS F SPORT is designed to stimulate the senses, inside and out.
-|- Supercar Instrumentation -- The customizable digital instrument cluster in the IS F SPORT models was inspired by the LFA supercar.
-|- Headlamp Design -- New LED headlamps feature intelligent high beams, maximizing illumination of the road ahead.
-|- Exceptional Service Experience -- At Lexus, service is more than just taking care of your vehicle. It's making sure you're taken care of throughout the entire ownership experience.​

I don't see anything there that I would expect to be curiously or conspicuously 'missing' from the Model ☰. In fact, I don't see much worth noting as a 'feature' at all. Do you guys?

Red Sage ca us | 9 april 2017

The Standard Features for the Mercedes-Benz C300 Sedan are broken up into different categories:

Performance & Handling
-|- 2.0L inline-4 turbo engine
-|- ECO Start/Stop system
-|- 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission with shift paddles
-|- 4-wheel multilink Suspension
-|- Agility Control
-|- Torque Vectoring Brake

-|- Aggressively elegant design
-|- Sport styling
-|- Stunningly stylish cabin
-|- 17-inch split 5-poke wheels
-|- Multifunction steering wheel
-|- Natural Grain Brown Ash wood trim

-|- LED Daytime Running Lamps
-|- Crosswind Assist
-|- Rearview camera
-|- Seat belt technology
-|- 9 air bags
-|- Adaptive braking technology
-|- Antilock Braking System (ABS)
-|- Brake Assist (BAS)
-|- Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
-|- Aluminum and high-strength steel body structure
-|- Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System
-|- SmartKey with KEYLESS-START
-|- Antitheft alarm system with remote panic feature
-|- Rain-sensing windshield wipers

Comfort & Convenience
-|- Power front seats with driver-seat memory
-|- Dual-zone automatic climate control
-|- 5 years of Mercedes-Benz mbrace Connect
-|- Remote Start via mbrace Mobile App
-|- Seat belt presenters
-|- 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats
-|- Power-folding side mirrors
-|- Illuminated entry system
-|- HomeLink garage door opener
-|- Brake HOLD feature

Audio & Entertainment
-|- Dual high-resolution screens
-|- Central controller
-|- FrontBass system
-|- Bluetooth audio streaming
-|- Dual USB audio ports
-|- HD Radio receiver
-|- Hands-free Bluetooth interface
-|- SD card reader

Yet again, this seems to be an artificially long list. Some of the same features are listed multiple times, using different words. They just seem to enjoy repeating themselves in order to make sure certain points are not missed. Aside from ICE specific items, I again don't see anything listed that would be a deal breaker for me if it were somehow 'missing' from Model ☰. But it is rather strange that they go out of their way to mention seat belts, air bags, and ABS... It's not as if there are any competitors that don't also include those 'features' as standard.

Red Sage ca us | 9 april 2017

I was going to do a listing of the Feature Set for AUDI A4, but the AUDI website won't allow me to copy and past, and there is no way I'm going to retype that long list... So check for yourself if you are interested:

akgolf | 9 april 2017

No fears here Red.

JeffreyR | 9 april 2017

@Red Sage
Well put.

+1 @AK, I am not afraid either:

akgolf | 9 april 2017

There may be slight fear that something could happen financially, and I would have to forgo getting it.

Red Sage ca us | 11 april 2017

Hmmm... It seems someone is determined to make sure we all converse about that vehicle that shall not be named. So...

Bersus | 12 april 2017

fear of battery degradation, anyone?

Frank99 | 12 april 2017

Nope. What are you afraid of?

Red Sage ca us | 12 april 2017

Bersus: Bighorn says it's not a problem. Bighorn is always right. Elon Musk said 'don't worry about it'. So I don't. Anything else...?