Lucid Air

Lucid Air

So I went to the NY Auto Show yesterday and the lady from Lucid was nice enough to let me behind the partition to actually experience the car up close. I gotta say it is a gorgeous vehicle and what they've managed to do with the space inside is amazing. I am 6'4 and have come to terms with the fact that I am never going to be able to comfortably fit in the back of any car unless it's a huge SUV or Truck. The back of the Lucid air, even with the seats pulled all the way forward and up, was unbelievably spacious and my head did not hit the roof. The front part of the cabin is also great. They've purposefully used darker colors in the front and created a lighter feel in the back to distinguish between two different zones with very different purposes. The instrument cluster is beautiful - 3 main displays at eye level and a retractable tablet that can be used for additional controls and expansive statistics on the car and stowed away when you want to focus on driving.
I can't wait to see what happens with Lucid in the near future, cause what I saw yesterday was definitely impressive.

KP in NPT | 20 april 2017

Rumor has it they are in talks with Tesla to join the supercharger network. (this from another Tesla owner who got it from Lucid reps at the show, all "you didn't hear it from me, but...".) If that ends up happening I'd say Lucid will have great success - it's a beautiful car. If they joined the supercharger network it could be the BEV to replace our Model S or 3 in the future.

SamO | 20 april 2017

I went to the LA unveiling and got a test ride. The back seat/inside is Lux.

I asked about Lucid's claimed charging Network and joining Tesla. . . Big blank stares.

But glad they are considering. More vision than any US automaker if they do.

jamilworm | 20 april 2017

My thoughts are that this is a $60k car, so I don't know why it is being discussed in the Model 3 forum. If anyone here is looking for a 60k car then I don't know why they wouldn't have gotten an S60. The Lucid Air that they've been showing is a premium model full of upgrades that likely costs over $100k, so who knows which of those features that are so appealing would be removed from the base model.

Also, it is still a couple years out from actually being available. In a couple years imagine how much better a Model S is going to be. It's not fair to compare a 2019 Lucid Air to existing 2017 cars.

Lastly, I think the rear looks funny.

KP in NPT | 20 april 2017

I don't have an issue with other BEVs being discussed here. Look at all the bolt threads. *eyeroll*

I agree the car shown is a prototype and who knows what will make it to production, or what options will be offered in the base version.

mos6507 | 20 april 2017

The dash is very Mission-E like. And it has real controllable vents! I think this dashboard approach will eventually be the norm. It's where things are headed.

jordanrichard | 20 april 2017

The only issue I see with the dash set up is that huge screen down towards the floor. One would have a hard time reading that with the sun glare coming through the roof.

SamO | 20 april 2017

The car is supposed to be Level 4 Autonomy.

*Fast charging (capable)

*Executive/Luxury backseat.

*Supercar performance.

*U.S. made.

*Starting at $60,000

I'm genuinely rooting for them to succeed.

There is plenty of marketplace for dedicated EV companies that can execute. Let's see how they execute.

KP in NPT | 20 april 2017

On FB, guy posted a pic of the starting price displayed at the show - $52,500 after the tax credit. (so $58k before.)

But that's with nothing. Not sure what nothing is though. Said they said to expect between $140-180 optioned out.

Bighorn | 20 april 2017

52.5 means 60k before the credit.

pavel | 20 april 2017

To be fair - Lucid is promising a base model of the Air for less than what the cheapest Model S is. Yes it is about 2 years out, but they seem like they are moving at the right pace and in the right direction.
I am discussing it on the Model 3 forum because I think any EV of this caliber is worthy of discussion and most importantly, because I think Tesla needs companies like Lucid to compete with and accelerate each other's development. After all, Lucid is comprised of a good chunk of former Tesla talent and if they manage to reach an agreement on a joint charging network that would be great. Isn't the whole point of everything to stop burning dinosaur juice and help the world switch to a more sustainable, technologically advanced and efficient mode of transportation?

MarlonBrown | 20 april 2017

All Tesla has to do is to spend few thousand dollars more per vehicle to bring Benz-like craftsmanship and materials to Tesla car interior. Then the Lucid proposition is gone. I don't see anything more the Lucid could be offering when compared to the Model S.

KP in NPT | 20 april 2017

LOL thanks bighorn. I blame a typo. ;)

hsuru4u | 20 april 2017

its a cool looking car. I hope they somehow work into the super charger network because it will make or break their sales when they come out. And yes...the tesla s model interior while simple and clean is not really luxurious...its stark which is cool in some ways but not plush one bit. The lucid needs to mat finish all their screens though.

finman100 | 20 april 2017

what's the rumor for the battery pack? I'm all for the gizmos and tech...but it's an electric car. What kind of cells? pack size? high speed charging?

I mean, let's get those rumor mills a-turning!

I'll start: some sort of nano-tube ion-air cells made from cut grass clippings, with a pack capacity of 150 kWh. Charging to over 400 miles of range, with a 10 minute charge to get 300 miles. and it's 'fast mode' is called giddy-up.


JuJo0 | 20 april 2017

Very luxurious and the dash is glorious! I hope for their success.

KP in NPT | 20 april 2017

LOL finman -

According to the literature at the show: Base battery 240 miles/400hp, RWD.

optional 315 and 400 mile ranges/1000hp. AWD

tedirelan | 20 april 2017

As much as I want every driver in the world to be behind the wheel of a Tesla, I don't think that Tesla can realistically provide everyone with what they're looking for. Mainly because the rate of production would have to be astronomically high. I don't hate what Lucid has created, but all my stock is in Tesla.

Bighorn | 20 april 2017

Gonna be hard to sleep in that back seat during charging stops.

SamO | 20 april 2017


Why so? The foot portion kicks up like a lazy-boy.

Bighorn | 20 april 2017

I like to lie down across the bench and the dog likes to stretch out in the footwells. Will a bed even fit in the back? :)

KP in NPT | 20 april 2017

Bighorn only flies in business class. Lie flat seats. None of this recliner stuff.

SamO | 20 april 2017

Ah. I was imagining laying the back seat down for a full-size sleep. Instead Bighorn curled up with faithful companion. :-)

KP in NPT | 20 april 2017

That's what I thought too! Full on camping with a full size air mattress. ;)

Bighorn | 20 april 2017

I just put down the seats at night with the mattress topper--bench during the day. Macy is catching on that the topper is nicer than the floor:)

Red Sage ca us | 20 april 2017

pavel: Posting here is much better than in the General Forum (where we have to battle through interminable Athropomorphic Climate Change Wars posts), and works out fine, since there isn't a 'Future Cars' section. Discussion of competitors' offerings should be par for the course on a car forum, I think.

I think of the LUCiD AiR's design that it succeeds in being the world's most perfect version of a Subaru Legacy. That ain't none too bad. I'm not one for 'luxury' really, but aside from the longitudinal dividing wall that seems to be mandatory in four-seat luxury cruisers these days, I'm not all that offended by the interior. It is just futuristic enough to keep my attention while not repulsing me in an attempt to mimic 19th century design themes. It would be a bit better if the rear seat recliners did not 'steal' so much capacity from the trunk. Though the tiniest bit of a minute sliver of video I saw where someone was opening the frunk, seen in the background over a reporter's shoulder, seemed to show it was more than sufficiently voluminous.

MarlonBrown suggested, "...Benz-like craftsmanship and materials to Tesla car interior..."

NO. Every marque that has tried to do that has horrendous sales. NO.

noleaf4me | 20 april 2017

Still think they have a low probability of survival.

Red Sage ca us | 20 april 2017

noleaf4me: Possibly. A recent article on Inside EVs noted their CEO admits they are low on cash. I like the way Elon Musk puts it though, "Is success a viable option?" If so, it's probably worth trying at least.

jamilworm | 20 april 2017

I apologize, I wasn't fair to criticize posting in this forum. But I was just trying to say that I don't look at this car as a competitor to the Model 3, I see it more as a competitor to the Model S. But I really do hope they succeed.

bj | 21 april 2017

Lucid Air look like they are further along the path than Faraday Future.

JuJo0 | 21 april 2017

Farawho? ;)

Efontana | 21 april 2017

The folks driving at Lucid are pretty good.

Red Sage ca us | 21 april 2017

Farawha...? Farawho...? Farawhere...? Farahow... Farawhen...? Oh! Far, Faraway Future!

accentcreate | 21 april 2017

I must be a bit strange as I find the Lucid one of the ugliest machines I've seen in a long time, and that's saying something with all the space-cadet designs around.
The designers have obviously watched far too many science fantasy movies and cartoons.

jamilworm | 21 april 2017

@acentcreate: I'm with you. I think the interior looks nice, but the exterior doesn't appeal to me at all. Let me put it this way, if that's what the model 3 looked like I would have cancelled my reservation right after the reveal.

mos6507 | 22 april 2017

"The designers have obviously watched far too many science fantasy movies and cartoons."

It is 2017 ya know. Two years from now is the fictional time of Blade Runner, for instance. I'm surprised cars don't look more futuristic.

CraigW | 22 april 2017

Has anyone seen the Toyota/Lexus designs over the last several years? How about the BMW i3?

Probably it is just that I am old and out-of-touch with youthful design, but I find these cars absolutely ugly. The 2016 Prius was what I call Aztec ugly - bad enough to simply sink a car company - and Toyota modified the rear for 2017.

With this opinion in mind, I find the Lucid Air somewhat refreshing. Of course that's just me, a simple Tesla owner.

Carl Thompson | 22 april 2017

The Lucid Air is a modern looking car and it looks decent. The Teslas are good looking cars (except the X which looks like an overgrown Prius) but they have more classic looks. Teslas look contemporary but not really modern. Lucid is definitely going for a modern futuristic look.


Red Sage ca us | 22 april 2017

One thing I realized from watching various home improvement shows, is that sometimes a designer knows best. My own taste is for rather plain and simple minimalist designs. I don't like prints or patterns typically, aside from plaid or Aztec/Mayan. I despise Paisley and lace. I cannot stand scrolled carvings, though I do appreciate the hard work that goes into designing them and making a piece of wood look like a flower or a bunch of leaves. I really liked Art Deco architecture, along with Mid-Century Modern. So, I tend to like straight lines instead of flowing curves, probably because I always hated Bezier curves in drafting class, and in drawing programs that refuse to allow a radiused arc instead. So, yeah... I like the spaceship type designs, and don't really go for the steampunk inspired alternatives. I prefer engineering to craftsmanship.

Red Sage ca us | 22 april 2017

Actually, where I was going with that is... Though I don't personally like particular design elements on their own, and would never choose them myself, I do believe that designers know what they are doing. I figured out that people use an interior designer to come up with something they do not realize they will enjoy. Even though I have some design ability myself, I have certain limitations, and biases, that will keep me from trying things. But a good designer would be able to satisfy my needs even using textures, materials, and furniture designs I might not choose myself. It could well be that though many people expect an 'entry level luxury' car to look a certain way inside, they will find that the way Tesla (or LUCiD) approach car design appeals to them more in practice than they could have predicted. Give change a chance.

Ross1 | 22 april 2017
bceglarek | 6 mei 2017

Lucid is going to use a transmission. That's a deal breaker for me. Automatic transmissions are the weakest link in the drivetrain. My opinion. Hate them, and they make for a jerky ride. Not something I want in a premium car. Manual might be fun in an electric, but it's not that kind of car.

tstolz | 6 mei 2017

I'm amazed they would put a transmission in too ... very little benefit and lots to lose in the long run!

Red Sage ca us | 6 mei 2017

People want to continue the same bad habits they learned while driving ICE when they switch to electric vehicles. Shifting gears, which I refer to as 'operating a machine', is one of those bad habits. Some simply cannot fathom the notion of the car always being in 'the right gear' on its own, as it would be with the torque curve on an EV.

mos6507 | 6 mei 2017

A transmission is the only way to increase the top speed, which is why Tesla had the two-speed in the Roadster. I think transmissions will come back in the next Roadster so that can actually beat all cars on the track rather than losing out to ICEs in the straight-away.

carlk | 6 mei 2017

Let's not forget this is just a concept/prototype car used to convince investors to put in more money to keep the company going. It's easy to design anything on paper or making a great concept car but it's a totally different story when it comes to makeing a real selleable production car that meets all regulations. Lucid has been around for a long time and spent a lot of money on this. It even got an executive that was involved in Model S development but none of these guarantees a car we can and want to buy. Matter of fact we all know it's extremely difficult to start a new car company. That Tesla being the first successful new US auto company for a long time does not mean another company could do the same by following the same formula.. There are so many factors contirbuting to Tesla's success including all stars were aligned at the time. I'd give it a 1% chance we could buy the car we think we could buy from Lucid and I
think I'm very generous on that prediction.

hoffmannjames | 6 mei 2017

The Lucid Air is not a competitor to the Model 3 because of the big price difference. But if the Lucid Air actually does get produced in any sizable quantity, it could provide some competition to the Model S. I could see people who want a more spacious, luxurious car maybe going for the Air instead of the Model S.

I think it would be a big coup for Lucid if they get access to Tesla's supercharger network. It could even make or break the Air. Without the supercharger network, it remains a beautiful luxury EV car that can only really be charged at home but with the network, the car could actually drive almost anywhere.

tstolz | 6 mei 2017

There is no free buck. There is no way Lucid can install the interior shown for under the price-point of an MS. Lucid' costs are clearly going to be higher for batteries as well ... they don't have a gigafactory. That said, if they join the SC network, and charge what they need to ... I can see them selling some.

carlk | 6 mei 2017

They have spent maybe a billion dollars and made a few cars like that. They could survive as a business if they could sell them at $100 milloin a piece. It's long way, even if not no way, from making similar cars at less than 1000th the cost.

carlgo2 | 7 mei 2017

If they went on the Shark Tank Mr. Wonderful would say "You will be crushed like the cockroaches you are".

If I was on that panel, I would immediately say "I am out, but good luck...".

carlgo2 | 7 mei 2017

Red Sage ca us | April 22, 2017
One thing I realized from watching various home improvement shows, .....
I share your enthusiasm (addiction) for these shows. Wait 20 years or more and some designer is going to say "Let's tear out all of these dated stainless steel appliances and put in modern avocado colors and replace all these glass tiles with red brick and cover the walls with faux wood paneling...and let's wall off these rooms so nobody has to see anyone else...".

More annoying are the house hunter shows where a couple in their early 20's are looking at $950K house, she wearing either something from Fredericks of Hollywood or a prom dress, depending on her build, and he in obligatory flip flops and scruffy T-shirt. They complain that the master bedroom is only big enough to house 23 refugee families and that they need a huge back yard for their dog who in reality sleeps all day, waking up only long enough to bark at leaves, poop, eat and scratch fleas.

More on topic, future Teslas will sport optional wood grain for the woody look, spinner hubcaps and of course fins.