Ordering Model X.....can I add a P to my 100D later on?

Ordering Model X.....can I add a P to my 100D later on?

I just went ahead and ordered a MX 100D. I'm not sure I want the P model which as everyone knows is pretty expensive upgrade. Any chance that this could be added later or is it now or never?



travis010 | 22 april 2017

I don't think you could upgrade after the fact. The P has a different rear motor and some different electronics to support the enhanced performance.

sudolg | 22 april 2017

Ok thanks......

Silver2K | 22 april 2017

Don't listen to Travis!

You can add a P any time you like.

For just 32.99 plus shipping!


sudolg | 22 april 2017

You got me all excited for a minute! Doh!

Silver2K | 22 april 2017


Jhwjr1 | 22 april 2017

No later upgrade.

First, the P has an ADDITIONAL motor in the rear, not just an different motor in the rear. But it's updated wiring and circuitry as well to handle the load.

On the other hand, you can upgrade to a P and also a D for less than Travis knows!

Search Amazon for "Topfit Customized Stereoscopic Pd Sticker for Tesla Model S"

sudolg | 22 april 2017

Got it. Makes more sense given the price difference.

Silver2K | 22 april 2017

the P version also comes with 5 helmets, 5 mouth pieces, barf bags and complimentary psychologist visits for your passengers

joe_jet | 22 april 2017

From what I understand the rear motor on the 60 was different and possibly the 75. I believe the 90 and Ps have the same motors front and rear.

Silver2K | 22 april 2017

the difference between the 60 and 75 is the software limitation on the battery, not the motor

lilbean | 22 april 2017

I could add a 0 to the 90 to make 900.

Silver2K | 22 april 2017

earlier 60's are not software limited, they are just 60 and cannot be upgraded to 70 or 75 via software | 22 april 2017

@Jhwjr1 - The P does not have an additional motor in the rear. That's a first :)

AWD models always have two motors - one in the front, one in the rear. All versions of AWD have the same front motor. P versions have the same rear motor as used in RWD cars - larger and more powerful than the rear motor on non-P version AWD cars. While unconfirmed, we think the Inverter (attached to the motor) is more powerful on P and/or Ludicrous versions.

So the rear motor on the P100DL is believed to be the same as the RWD 60. The resultant power difference is the larger battery voltage (400v vs. 350v); more cells (i.e. can provide higher current); the second front motor and the contactor/wiring changes for the higher currents.

joe_jet | 22 april 2017

The motor layout diagram that used to be posted on the X ordering page used to show 2 small single motors in the 60 and the same single front/larger (dual?) motor rear layout on the 90 and P models. I understand there is also some battery preheater on the P ludicrous. I dont know if that is an added function via software or hardware or combination of both. I'm guessing one of the reasons they may have dropped the 60 was to simplify the assembly line by having the same motors in all Xs just like the economies they realize from installing all the additional AP and other accessory hardware in cars ordered without those options.

PedanticOne | 22 april 2017

@teslatap isn't there also some magic 'superfuse' involved to allow the higher draw?

Bighorn | 22 april 2017

There's an inconel contactor and smart fuse for ludicrous capabilities.

Redmiata98 | 24 april 2017

There is a 110lb increase in the rear distribution gross vehicle weight between the P90D and 90D. One could conlude from this information on specifications that the rear motor was larger.

shkvalu | 24 april 2017

I did a little research a while back, can't verify how much if any is true, but got most of it from these forums and this is from memory from 4 plus months ago, soooooo. Elon said motor is the same, the inverter is bigger to handle getting more power now and get those super awesome leaps. I believe I found a new "P" inverter for 17k at the time. It would also would account for some weight, not to mention there's probably a more beefy cage around the motor with the heavier inverter, but I never went that far. The "new" 100 battery I believe is completely different. The "old" 100 (I think is what they use for the P version still) from what I understand is a 90 with more batteries crammed in and a more intricate plumbing system (waaaay oversimplified) to handle the additional heat from the batteries. There's utube videos of a guy disecting both versions. There's always the programming $$$. The battery info is probably the most suspect, just because that info comes from right around the time they had just released the 100 non P version, so they have probably made some kind of advancement. Hope this helped

COrich | 25 april 2017

The rear motor on the P version is larger and has a different final drive ratio. There are other differences, but this is the most significant one. There is no way to upgrade to a P version once it has been built.

Rocky_H | 25 april 2017

@shkvalu, I don't think there are two versions of the 100kwh battery. What you described with more batteries fit in and a different layout of the cooling system is what they did to make a 100kwh battery pack.

chris_miller_7 | 30 juni 2017

Can someone from Tesla answer this question? I would like to know as well. Thinking about upgrading my P85. And if you could upgrade it later - I would buy the 100D now.

ir | 30 juni 2017

Sorry. But Tesla employees are not allowed to post on the forum. If you really want a Tesla employee tell you NO, you cannot upgrade a non-P to a P then call them!

campusden | 30 juni 2017

You can ADD the "P" logo and change the brake calibers to "RED" but you can't get true P100D with Ludicrous because of the different motors, fuses, and battery controls.

inconel | 1 juli 2017

If you add the "P" logo don't forget to also paint the "D" logo in red :)

speyerj | 1 juli 2017

You can't upgrade to a P after the fact. It's an entire new rear motor assembly. Tesla has never advertised this option. Presumably if they could, they would have at some point (similar to their advertisement of the ludicrous upgrade option).

lilbean | 2 juli 2017
lilbean | 2 juli 2017

Oops, just saw your post, silver. Lol!

Triggerplz | 2 juli 2017

Putting that emblem back there is perpetrating a fraud, that's like some booty implants, either you got it or you don't got it, B4Real... :-)

inconel | 2 juli 2017

lilbean the emblem on Ebay is a fake, no wonder it's only $30.99. It's missing the underline :)

lilbean | 2 juli 2017

What a ripoff then!