WWYF - What Would You Fix?

WWYF - What Would You Fix?

Now that we have seen more pictures of the RC cars in different colors and angles? IF you can fix "ONE" and ONLY ONE thing on the Model 3, what would it be?

1) The Nose
2) The headlights
3) The steering wheel
4) The center display
5) The no-HUD :-)
6) The rear glass
7) The backend
8) The hatchback
9) The cup holder
10) NC - Looks good for me. No Change! Just build the car...

I choose #10. I will take one in Silver please.

Enjoy your weekend Guys/Gals.

mntlvr23 | 28 april 2017

I am.fine with saying 10.
If I had to pick one, it would be 5 - since hud would be so cool.

Captain_Zap | 28 april 2017

I'd remove the center console.

sbeggs | 28 april 2017

The nose, possibly.
Also, would prefer a hatchback.

jamilworm | 28 april 2017

I'd say 7) The backend. I'd like a less pronounced spoiler ducktail. But I know it won't be changed and I will still love the car.

sp_tesla | 28 april 2017

Fully adjustable head rests that don't obstruct driver rear view!

Itrnhds | 28 april 2017

what's the deal with the cup holders? on the interior pics I've seen it looks like the holders are non existent. as far as what I would change, i would have to say the lack of a h.u.d, not cause it's necessary but it would have been a cool feature to have

Red Sage ca us | 28 april 2017

10. Nothing to 'fix'. I just want a Coupe.

TWU101 | 29 april 2017

the tail lights make them both more sporty look

Xerogas | 29 april 2017

11. The waiting

cfnlaw | 29 april 2017

the HUD I will include !!!

Tesla2018 | 29 april 2017

The front end. Looks like it is flattened where a grill normally would be and its not aerodynamic.

Tcloutier5890 | 29 april 2017

Center display, too austere.

mos6507 | 29 april 2017

The dashboard is terrible, IMHO. HUD (or some sort of behind the wheel display, even analog dials) and traditional adjustable air vents.

greg | 29 april 2017

There are two cup holders present in the interior "side by side" between the driver and passenger.
The Teslarati post [which is linked to in another thread here in this forum] shows the blue model 3 interior, and shows them if you look closely at the enlarged image.

No idea about the rear seat passengers cup holders though.

topher | 29 april 2017

Rear windshield wiper.

Thank you kindly.

carlgo2 | 29 april 2017

Not on the list is a power option, sort of ludicrous for one motor.

Garyeop | 29 april 2017

#4. I hope I am shown I have little imagination. I still think I would like a dash or hud display that can have as many different looks as my smart watch. If I am not going to be driving then I want to be safely reading Pinterest or working on the next brain to machine interface. I don't want to look right for 4 hours. The system can randomly test me to see if I am watching the road, but I am going to need to both think and look forward.

Badbot | 4 mei 2017

any Keg holders?

DTsea | 5 mei 2017

Delete center console.

socaldave | 5 mei 2017

Toss up between 5 and 10. I'd like a HUD, but am not too terribly bothered there won't be one.

Ehninger1212 | 5 mei 2017


bernard.holbrook | 11 mei 2017

8) I want the hatchback. Badly. For under $40K.

Red Sage ca us | 11 mei 2017

What would Brian Boitano do?

[ YouTube -- sNJmfuEWR8w ]

Earth2sterling | 12 mei 2017

It seems to me that the color options on the Tesla S are - safe or boring. Also, what I really want is an SUV but maybe I can trade my Model three in for a SUV in 2020 or so.

Iwantmy3 | 12 mei 2017

I want the HUD. I want to drive a spaceship, not sit in a cab.

Red Sage ca us | 12 mei 2017

The Tesla Model ☰ will be a taxi, a municipal vehicle, a police car, and a spaceship.

Iwantmy3 | 12 mei 2017

Even sitting in a cab, an advanced HUD system would be a bonus

PhillyGal | 12 mei 2017

7 - The back end.

Of course, I'll be knocking people over to throw my money as Tesla on the very first second I am invited to do so anyway, regardless of how the back looks.

efodix | 12 mei 2017

8) Hatchback. It's just way more practical. HUD would be great eye candy, but that's not something I actually *need*.