Do model s owners go to the front of the line for model 3 orders

Do model s owners go to the front of the line for model 3 orders

I currently own a model s and and am considering a model 3 also. If I order now do I get moved ahead of the line still?

SamO | 6 mei 2017


Frank99 | 6 mei 2017


You'll get a lot of different answers to that question here. Perhaps your best bet is to call Tesla and ask - then let us know what you found out.

Red Sage ca us | 6 mei 2017

You might get moved ahead of people in your region that are not owners that ordered the same day. Not necessarily ahead of anyone that ordered on an earlier date.

Bluesday Afternoon | 6 mei 2017

The following is what I received from Tesla on April 13, 2017:

Thank You
Your reservation is confirmed

Model 3 production is scheduled to begin in late 2017. North American deliveries will be first, followed by Europe, Asia and Pacific countries then countries with right-hand drive configurations. Those who own Model S or Model X cars will be offered priority production slots as a special thanks for supporting the Tesla mission.

It appears pretty clear that you'll get a priority slot. Perhaps at the back end of the Tesla owners group. But not sure.

carlk | 6 mei 2017

Yes I believe so. The priority is given to all "current" Tesla owners.

dsvick | 6 mei 2017

The only problem is no one outside of Tesla knows what they mean by "priority". Personally, I'd be surprised if you got moved ahead of everyone that isn't an owner, even those that reserved over a year ago. Maybe you just get moved up ahead of everyone from the last few months.

Like I said though, no one know for sure. You could call Tesla, but I bet if you talk to several people you'll get several answers.

bmalloy0 | 6 mei 2017

I recall seeing, but admittedly can no longer find, a tweet from Elon saying that current owners who reserve late will not receive priority over non-owners who reserved day-1. That being said, no one outside of Tesla will know for sure likely until after the final unveil in July.

Red Sage ca us | 6 mei 2017

Besides, anyone reserving their Model 3 now may not see it built until Tesla is building them at 10,000+ units per week. So 'priority' may not mean much by then.

danbry39 | 7 mei 2017

I waited in line on day one. Partially just to understand the experience of what driving an electric was like, I test drove an S around a month ago. Loved it so much that I ordered one. Without asking, the Tesla rep (who was wonderful) told me, as an aside, that I move to the front of the line right behind Tesla employee purchases.

Now I don't know what to do with my reservation. The S purchase strains my pocket book a ton. Trying to talk my daughter into taking the 3. She loves her Honda Fit, which is her first car and doesn't seem enthused about ditching it for a Tesla. Still, I haven't got the S yet and she hasn't driven in a Tesla yet, so there's still hope.

lilbean | 7 mei 2017

Wow, is she feeling ok? ;)

JeffreyR | 7 mei 2017

@danbry39 @GeorgeHawley recommends (and I do too) that you keep your reservation. Lots of opportunity to scratch the itch of the impatient.

JeffreyR | 7 mei 2017

If your daughter does not come to her senses first. ;^)

jgperkins | 7 mei 2017

I'm not a current Tesla owner, so it would be nice to be able to estimate my place in line to help with financial and home charging planning, but if you have a model S, do you really want to "downgrade" to the model 3?

jason | 7 mei 2017

I don't believe reservations are transferable.

danbry39 | 7 mei 2017

I'm taking my daughter out to eat in a few minutes and will again broach the subject. I will smile a lot and treat her, then turn into a car salesman.

jgperkins, if you're referring to me. No way I'm getting rid of the S. Would still love to have a 3 in the family. I think it's going to be a great, great car for the money. Truly believe all that get one are going to be stunned with what you get to take home for the money.

I just wish reservations were transferable. I'd gladly do it for no profit, just the deposit.

Bluesday Afternoon | 7 mei 2017


" you really want to "downgrade" to the model 3?

I plan to keep my 85D and use it primarily for weekends and long distance travel. The Model 3 will be my daily driver. In no way do I consider the Model 3 a "downgrade" car. I like the idea of a smaller car which will be fun to drive and different from my S.

lilbean | 7 mei 2017

I was thinking the same thing, Simply Red. It will be fun to drive.

Red Sage ca us | 7 mei 2017

danbry39: +21! That's the spirit!

Simply Red: +21! Precisely.

dsvick | 7 mei 2017

@danbry39 - "I just wish reservations were transferable. I'd gladly do it for no profit, just the deposit."

It does say that they are transferable you just have to get Tesla's permission first. I'd guess that if you manage to convince your daughter that that would be a valid reason for them to allow the transfer. Especially after you explain that you already bought an S and that not letting you transfer might result in no model 3 sale at all. In any case, it never hurts to ask.

Badbot | 7 mei 2017

family transfers are the most likely to be allowed

danbry39 | 8 mei 2017

Thanks all. Didn't know that you could request a Tesla reservation under the right circumstances. As my youngest still lives at home, she would be a great candidate.

Hmmm, wonder if we can get two tax credits the same year.

As she's being obdurate, I gotta go out and buy five pounds of sugar to pour into her gas tank tonight. Shhhhh!

PhillyGal | 8 mei 2017

+1 on heck yeah we want a Model 3... to compliment on Model S.

Lots of us are folks with households that require 2 cars. The only thing better than having a Tesla is having two :)

Frank99 | 8 mei 2017

Too obvious. Break one of the wires going into the ECU so that you get a mysterious error that no amount of time in the service bay will be able to diagnose. That'll poison her mind against ICEs forever...

Red Sage ca us | 8 mei 2017

danbry39: Yes. You may get two of the Federal EV Tax Credits in a single calendar year. That is, in fact, the maximum limit per annum. Hmmm... I'm not sure if/how that affects leasing agencies or other businesses though...

Rsandy | 9 mei 2017

I had a first day reservation on a Model 3 when I bought my S. My Tesla sales advisor told me at the time (October 2016) that reservations were transferable within a family. I haven't decided whether to replace my BMW convertible with a Model 3 or wait for the Tesla Roadster. If I decide to wait I would like to transfer my Model 3 reservation to my daughter. If I go that route I hope that my advisor, Nicholas at Dedham MA, was right about the within-family transfer.

darlin | 10 mei 2017

My understand is that ANY Tesla owner now will get to move ahead of others with like builds. Not just Model S owners. Model X owners will also get this treatment.

However, as most of us who already own a Tesla are going to be ordering higher end vehicles, ( I need AWD) I will not see it for 2 years after paying my deposit.

My X wait was 18 months. So a lot of people who do not own a Tesla right now will be getting their lower end cars much sooner than many if not all current owners.

danbry39 | 10 mei 2017

PhillyGal, That's the fantasy going on in my mind in that I expect both to have a very different feel. "Hmm, going to Tahoe. Hey, I think I'll borrow Katie's car today."

danbry39 | 10 mei 2017

For the first time, Katie's bending a little. She loves her Fit, but I told her it won't last forever and the base price of the 3 might only be $24.5K if we can work out the tax credit thing.

danbry39 | 10 mei 2017

Red Sage, thanks a lot for the information.

I think I'll get the young man across the street involved in breaking Katie down. Our families are real close and, given that he's a huge Tesla fan that has several friends who stood in line day one, he'll really put the squeeze on my youngest.

dsvick | 10 mei 2017


Taken completely out of context, I think that that makes you the first dad in history that has wanted the guy across the street to put the squeeze on his daughter. :)

danbry39 | 10 mei 2017