can we choose to let other people go first and delay our delivery ?

can we choose to let other people go first and delay our delivery ?

I was wondering, in case my delivery is before my lease ends, would TESLA let other people go ahead of me in line so I don't overlap my lease? I wish they allowed that. I just dont know when I am going to get my model 3.
My lease return is February 2019

Red Sage ca us | 6 mei 2017

I think you can typically request a deferred delivery by up to three months or so -- after your order has been made.

Alternatively, you can simply not put through your order after you have been invited to configure until you are ready to do so.

CraigW | 6 mei 2017

Red Sage ca us, +1

This was true in 2012, when I finalized my order for an S60 and in 2015, when I finalized my order for the replacement S70D (AP1 was the deciding factor in selling my first Tesla).

Future first time Tesla owners: The process is quite smooth and fair. Tesla has lots of experience here.

eric.kim07 | 6 mei 2017

Thank you both.
Now I feel much better.
If the delivery is late, I can extend my lease but I didn't know I could defer delivery.

carlk | 6 mei 2017

Most likely you can. In model X case many were holding for the final configuration for different reasons but their reservation queue will always be valid. Tesla usually will also let you to set a delivery date months in the future when you finalize your order.

akgolf | 6 mei 2017

I'm in a similar situation in that I'll probably need to delay my order until the house is built.

Rocky_H | 9 mei 2017

I have a friend who had a similar situation to @akgolf. They were doing a remodel thing on their house, so a lot of funds were going to that, so they were still sitting on their Model X reservation and not placing the order for a while.

SUN 2 DRV | 10 mei 2017 You can likely stay in the current Reservation phase as long as you want. Tesla has your $1,000 and they don't owe you anything except a future chance to buy their product. No reason for them to cancel your reservation. :-) However once you take the next step and ORDER a car, they have a bit more of your money but they will invest a LOT of resources, materials and cost to build your car. They will have some flexibility during this phase to schedule your delivery, but if you don't take delivery they will likely just sell your car to someone else.

So it all comes down to you deciding when you configure and finalize your order, once given the opportunity.