pearl white, AWD by May 2018?

pearl white, AWD by May 2018?

Hello Tesla experts, can you confirm this:
1) It seems Model 3 AWD will be available only 6-9 months after launch. It seems Jan to
May 2018?

2)I would imagine pearl white may not be available at launch day. Add that to my waiting game.

3) If I want biggest battery and performance version, likely it will not be available at launch.

That said a deferral request would need to last up to 9 months. Is that possible? Someone told me 6 months max.

johnse | 8 mei 2017

The Elon Musk statement about AWD being 6-9 months out seems to have been starting from the time of the statement. Later statement confirmed likely by end of this year.

Please take any prognostications about when options will be available with a heap of salt since no one outside of Tesla really knows.

If the options you want are not available at the time you are invited to configure, you should be able to wait until they become available without worrying about a clock.

topher | 8 mei 2017

"I would imagine pearl white may not be available at launch day."

Why would you imagine that? Why wouldn't all colors be available right away? There is a white release candidate ALREADY.

Thank you kindly.

dsvick | 9 mei 2017

AWD, as johnse said, will likely be available before the end of the year.
Larger battery there has been no mention of so the assumption is that it will be available for initial orders.
Performance was said to be available about this time next year.
No mention of paint has been made, but there is nothing in the painting process that would affect production or that would let them streamline things by not offering specific colors so white will likely be available right away.

Even if the battery and the paint aren't available right away your wait for performance will likely be long enough that everything else will be orderable by then.

PhillyGal | 9 mei 2017

No one know which colors will be available at all, let alone when.

No saying whether or not pearl white will even be a thing. Tesla killed brown and green, for example, and changed the silver/gray offerings over the past few years.

PhillyGal | 9 mei 2017

For the record though since they offer it now, I don't see why they wouldn't then.

But if someone asked a while back if they could get the green once Tesla came out with an inevitable larger (90) battery, we wouldn't have assumed the answer was no.

Wmdavis05 | 9 mei 2017

AWDs shipp d in 2017 would be AWESOME!