What's Really Leather?

What's Really Leather?

Applied leather treatment to my 2017 Model S with the premium interior. Put it on everything that might be leather, but it would be nice to know what was real. | 10 mei 2017

If your car has leather (i.e.white is not leather), then new cars have leather seats. The arm-rests. steering wheel and lower dash may be leather depending on the premium upgrades package. Some of these may have been standard on older cars (it changed a lot over the years). Door panels, center pillar cover and dash are not leather.

There was a fairly short period perhaps in 2014 where some items (dash?) were leather as an option. It was never very clear and if true, wasn't available very long.

bishoppeak | 10 mei 2017

It's a tan interior. Is the entire seat leather, or just the perforated portion?

SoCal Buzz | 10 mei 2017

If you look closely, you can see that lower portion of seats on the sides / front is artificial with perfectly symmetrical pattern. | 10 mei 2017

I think the entire seat is leather. I just looked at my seats (also tan, but non-perforated) and couldn't see any difference in feel or appearance between the seat and other areas of the seat. I expect Tesla would have to state somewhere if the seat was a combination of leather and non-leather surfaces, as I've seen a few other car companies do when it isn't all leather. | 10 mei 2017

@SoCal - You may be right, but I didn't notice any kind of regular pattern on my car and I looked really closely with a very bright light. I do have the premium upgrades, which is supposed to have more leather surfaces than cars without this option.

SoCal Buzz | 10 mei 2017

I'm sure you are right. Tesla has made many changes... I have the kangaroo pocket! | 10 mei 2017

Yep, no more kangaroo pockets on new cars :(

The good fake leathers are really impressive. It's really difficult to visually tell them apart unless you cut into them or can see the edge. The white seats are not leather, but they really look and feel good.

erjackson104 | 10 mei 2017

Are they still getting the blue jean stains on the white synthetic leather seats?

ken.hixson | 10 mei 2017

Just the fake mud!

Captain_Zap | 10 mei 2017

The Signature White seats are real leather. The new white is not.

Blue Jean dye wiped right off the Signature White seats with water because of the factory applied leather protectant. Don't do any treatments that might deteriorate your protectants. I made that mistake in another car. | 10 mei 2017

@Captain - Forgot about the original Signature white leather - thanks!

erjackson104 | 10 mei 2017

CaptainZap, thanks for that information.