TSLA Stock Price

TSLA Stock Price

I find it endlessly hilarious that every time i search TSLA for their stock price, the news article selection has essentially 4/5 articles being negative towards the company. Yet stock price continues to go up. It seems these online news companies have an interest in undermining Tesla's potential, and many suggest that Tesla will plummet into darkness. Yet, stock value continues to increase.

Remember its not in the interest of news companies to tell the truth.

Tropopause | 17 juli 2017


daverileyak | 17 juli 2017

AI1, I have no model. I also see astounding potential for Tesla, in EV but especially in solar and storage/distribution. Would not be surprised to see TSLA market cap within 5 years surpass AAPL, currently the most valuable company in existence.

Re models. To me a model is pretty much a predetermined outcome reduced to a formula with your choice of variables. Data is then plugged in matching what the model designer had in mind, and presto, the answer pops out. It's rationalization by computers, which we all know are GIGO. Cynical view, I know, and I feel the same way about surveys and polls - cleverly phrase the questions, limit the choices, select the population sample, and voila, out comes the unsurprising result.

Hi Shock. Stock picking vs. buying ETFs or mutual funds is a lot more work and a lot more interesting. I'm retired for the 3rd time and can spend only so many hours a month hiking and salmon fishing. So I continue what I've done for the last 53 years, which is pick stocks. I lost big in 2008, 2009 but checking the numbers, still did better than most funds. Still and all, I agree ETFs and mutual funds are a smart choice, for young folks especially. More importantly, as I told the people working for me when I was 20, it isn't what you earn but what you SAVE that counts.

SamO | 17 juli 2017

+1 dave

TSLA was the first stock ever bought. Everything else is in market basket of funds.

Shock | 20 juli 2017

I was about to buy some stock today, even though I know there has been a lot of euphoria over it (i.e. not a great time to buy stock).

Just can't do it. TSLA is overpriced, any way you look at it. I'm not saying it will go down--it might bump another 5% today for example--but in general it is overpriced. Tesla has a market cap now equal to general motors, and higher than Ford. Meanwhile Ford makes 85X as many cars/year and GM makes over 100X more cars.

You guys who bought in at $30, $40, I'm jealous. You made 10X your money.

Full disclosure: I suck at stock picking badly, so if I had bought some today I would have told you so and it would have been a strong indicator that you should have sold. So, if you own stock now, it's probably going to keep going up on account of me thinking it's overpriced. Yes, I'm that powerful; the market keys off my incorrect analysis of it.

J.T. | 20 juli 2017

@Shock My particular power manifests itself whenever I dabble in sports betting. I can change a favorite to an also ran with as little as a $2.00 wager.

I bet $2.00 on the Falcons at half time. ;-(