No Superchargers in North Dakota?

No Superchargers in North Dakota?

As a model S owner (and model 3 reservation holder) living in North Dakota, it's pretty discouraging to see that we are the final state in the contiguous U.S. without a supercharger.

It's been frustrating watching Tesla's map for future supercharger locations slip from "coming in 2014", to 2015, to 2016, and now to 2017. It's already summer and with no permits taken out in North Dakota, there's speculation there may not be any superchargers installed this year. Construction gets difficult to near impossible up here in the winter time.

I took a trip (in my ICE unfortunately) to the beautiful Red Lodge Montana last weekend (just North of Yellowstone) and saw some Tesla's there from California. Billings, MT is the final supercharger along I-94 heading East towards North Dakota. I know Yellowstone is a popular destination for Tesla owners, and this got me thinking about our National Park here in ND. It's a shame that Tesla is just a few superchargers away from enabling access to the beautiful Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Badlands of Western North Dakota, as well as the old West tourist town of Medora. I know if there were superchargers in the area it would be a wonderful destination for Tesla owners to visit.

There may not be a ton of Tesla Owners in our state, but they've all been patiently waiting for a long time (most have been waiting longer than me). I know for a fact a lot more Tesla's would be sold up here if there was access to superchargers. Almost everyone I've shown my car to has been blown away by the technology, but won't consider one without being able to drive it across the state. Even looking on plugshare, we are probably the only state without public charging stations to enable long distance travel.

Sorry for the rant! Just hoping someone from Tesla would possibly see this post and not forget about us quiet, polite North Dakotans and show us some supercharger love!

Jesperj | 30 juni 2017

It may not help a lot, but you should send this to They do read that alias, allegedly, whereas I'm pretty certain they don't read the forums. If there were a way to vote on it, I would. I'd love to drive my Tesla from Seattle to North Dakota.

AmineTx | 30 juni 2017

I see 5 superchargers :

Dickinson, ND
Bismarck, ND
Jamestown, ND
Fargo, ND
Grand Forks, ND

coming by EOY.

Blue Hawk 20 | 30 juni 2017

Thanks for the suggestion, I will send this to that email address.

Amine, It does say by end of the year on Tesla's website. But it also said end of year in 2014, then they keep changing the date. That's been the frustrating part is they've missed their promised date for ND superchargers for last 3 years.

Half Dollar Bill | 30 juni 2017

I think you're also the last state to be represented in the Tesla raffle by Climate X Change.
Grab a ticket and make Alan's day :)

Earl and Nagin ... | 30 juni 2017

@ Blue Hawk,
ND's position as last has been a long term topic here. While you may rightfully feel left out, at least you were noticed by everyone.
I sincerely hope Tesla makes ND Supercharger accessible this year.
Go Tesla! Go ND!

Haggy | 30 juni 2017

I think we'd all like to see that, and many of us have noticed. Whether or not we ever go to your state, it's the general idea of having coverage in the contiguous states that matters. Telling people that they can drive anywhere except ND might get a response of "why North Dakota?" rather than "I'm not planning to go there."

Alaska will likely be the last state. Hawaii is proving to be an issue because Tesla is having problems finding locations. On the other hand, it would be hard to take a trip there that would need a supercharger, but people did pay for the right to use one.

Nobody wants to be the last, but it will be driven more by demand than anything else. It's not just ND residents, but people from or visiting Washington or Montana who might head toward Minnesota or Wisconsin, as well as anybody from those states who want to visit ND.

I might want to see your big White Butte some day.

Rocky_H | 30 juni 2017

You won! You won!

I'm sure that doesn't make you feel better, though. For the first year and a half I had my Tesla, I wasn't within driving distance of a Supercharger either. It finally got here.

neukwen | 30 juni 2017

@ Blue Hawk, all the Winnipeg owners stand with you, waiting patiently for the Superchargers in Fargo and Grand Forks to connect us to the network.

jjs | 30 juni 2017

Wishing you many superchargers in your state soon.

Blue Hawk 20 | 3 juli 2017

@ Neukwen I hear you! I feel bad for you guys as they will likely work their way up towards you with the supercharger network through North Dakota.

I did email this to the tesla supercharger team and asked that they consider expediting their plans in this area. I'm sure it probably won't have much of an impact, but it was worth a try! Will update if I hear anything back.

Fulkth | 10 september 2017

I know I'm late to the thread but I wanted to join in. My wife and I live in western North Dakota (I am guessing you do too Blue Hawk 20 with the name Blue Hawk?) and wanted to get a Tesla. We are hesitant to though with the lack of superchargers and the nearest service center being in Eden Prairie in the Twin Cities. I hope they flesh out I-94 here in the future before we end up buying one.

I was kind of curious what anyone's experience is like living here in ND with a Tesla? Any hassles with repairs and what not due to the long distance?

SO | 10 september 2017

I live in Michigan where no service centers are allowed. But fortunately the ranger service works great!

akikiki | 11 september 2017

The latest Supercharger map update shows 4 superchargers coming to ND by end of 2018.

Fulkth | 11 september 2017

I sure hope so akikiki, I would love to get a Model 3 in the future, hesitant to now with being basically limited to the immediate vicinity for travel. Being in Dickinson puts the closest service center at 525 miles though, and basically no supercharger between here and there. Guess I'll have to wait and hope for now. Planning on asking for a test drive of any model when I visit the Twin Cities here shortly as I haven't actually driven one yet, hoping the service center there offers them.

Bluesday Afternoon | 11 september 2017

Heres' the link to the new supercharger map. Locate ND on the map and zoom in using the + symbol on the map. Click on a ND location to find the planned location for the Supercharger.,-66.94,25.82,-124.39,d?search...

Lastly, if you reserve a Model 3 now you should get it near the end of 2018 when the Superchargers open. You will also have Tesla's famous Ranger system to service your new Model 3.

Hope this helps.

Fulkth | 19 september 2017

Thanks guys! I followed Jesperj's advice and emailed Tesla Supercharger alias, got a decent reply too:

"Thank you for your email. We are actively scouting for several Supercharger Stations across North Dakota next year, but we are still in the early stages of deployment. There are a number of scenarios that can affect the timeline for a new site so we cannot make guarantees about opening dates or specific site locations, but we are working hard to open as many sites as quickly as we can. We understand the need for more Superchargers, especially in North Dakota, and we are excited to announce new sites on our website.

We appreciate your patience, enthusiasm, and support in Tesla and our Supercharger technology. Keep checking our website for more charging announcements this year! "

Doesn't really alleviate that anything will happen anytime soon though as they just keep pushing the year back for supercharge install up here. Here's to hoping though!

Haggy | 19 september 2017

I would expect Tesla to have ranger service (or whatever their new term for it is) in areas like yours, especially since they want to sell other cars and it's likely that they'd be able to pool service calls. I've had my share of mostly small Model S problems over the past three years but not a single one that kept me from driving anywhere. I'm not saying that a Tesla will never break down, but I expect that for smaller things that can wait a few days, they would probably send somebody out when they can schedule a few people on the same day, but for something that's critical they'd get somebody out sooner. I can't speak for Tesla of course, but I don't think they'd want to snub ND. I think Elon Musk is actually a bit embarrassed when people bring up the lack of chargers in ND, or at least he's been humble in apologizing for it.

Even if your car works well enough to be driven, I think 500 miles each way is too much to expect from a customer. I hope Tesla does something soon for the sake of people in ND and anybody who wants to visit or even pass through. In the mean time, I'd put down a deposit. I doubt you will have to end up canceling it, but if it comes to that, Tesla will get a stronger signal.

Blue Hawk 20 | 10 november 2017

It hasn’t been bad driving a Tesla in Western North Dakota (with the exception of no superchargers yet). I bought my Tesla from Tesla’s certified pre-owned program. Mine’s a 2012 model, which were known for having a fair amount of issues. And in 15 months of ownership I’ve only had one issue with the door handles. Funny enough this issue was happening when I got the car and Tesla said it should have been caught before they shipped the car to me. In this instance they sent out a ranger 2 days later who proactively replaced all 4 of my door handles while the car sat in my garage. Talk about great service.
Even putting aside the fact that the car is all electric, has instant torque and is insanely fun to drive, the infotainment system on this car is the best I’ve ever seen. It just works. Bluetooth streaming from your phone, phone calls Over Bluetooth, built in music streaming from the 3g, it’s all fantastic. I’ve never seen another car come close to Tesla in this regard.

TLDR: Owning a tesla in North Dakota has been fun, and once super chargers are installed you will start to see them everywhere.

sklancha | 9 januari 2018

@Blue Hawk 20-
Now that you have some Tesla EV miles under your belt in North Dakota...

I was just trying to work out whether or not I could finally make it to this year's Sound-of-Silence Rally held in the Black Hills area of South Dakota. When I saw how relatively close I would be to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, I immediately added it to my [fantasy?] plan. North Dakota is one of only two states we have not visited yet, and I love visiting national parks. Is this possible? Is there some 'local' map that shows places where EV's can charge?

...and just out of curiosity- do you know how many Tesla's are up there?


p.c.mcavoy | 9 januari 2018

@sklancha - “Is there some 'local' map that shows places where EV's can charge?”

Have you looked at Looks like a campground in Bowman that has a NEMA 14-50.

sklancha | 9 januari 2018

@p.c.mcavoy- Yeah, I looked at Plugshare... just seems unrealistic that there would be so few places to charge. I have run into charging locations (especially in the early days) that did not show up on the charging maps. Not sure why some show and some don't, but I do know that some require the 'owner' to make it visible. I know that Nissan intentionally makes some of there charge stations invisible on Chargepoint and/or Plugshare. Others may not know how to make it visible.

Pricee2 | 9 januari 2018


tynkrbelle82 | 27 november 2018

I rented a 2018 70D Model S in Denver last month. Loved it.
Wanted to get a great feel for the car bc there are no superchargers here in ND. I reside in Minot (Minot AFB) and have been waiting. It's sad when you have to fly to DEN to be able to drive one and enjoy bc of the lack of ND connection.
Elon, please help us. Being that I am in a military town, you have many of us whom would love nothing more than to have this technology to have something exciting to fully nerd out about!

nitephotos | 28 november 2018

There are 6 superchargers for ND on the map with expected opening of this year. Interesting to see if it happens. The closest to you would be Bismarck.

marty.fix | 8 september 2019

2019 - still none . . . . .

Will North Dakota get them before Kazakhistan?

Bighorn | 8 september 2019

At least one is under construction along with the trans Canada route.