Volvo changing over to all EV and Hybrid by 2019

Volvo changing over to all EV and Hybrid by 2019

Following the weaker than expected deliveries number, Volvo announced Wednesday it will phase-out combustion-engine-only cars. The automaker's new cars will be all electric or hybrid by 2019.

"This announcement marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car," Volvo Cars Chief Executive Hakan Samuelsson said, according to a Reuters report.

lilbean | 6 juli 2017

This article sounds like an advertisement for Volvo. It states Tesla makes only limited numbers of cars. Smh!

Tropopause | 6 juli 2017

Volvo is Chinese owned and just might get serious but I imagine there is some fine print in their statements, such as existing models are exempt from the requirement. Does that mean their existing line up could continue with ICE indefinitely?

Rocky_H | 6 juli 2017

When I heard this announcement, I started to wonder if this might be the auto company that Tesla was talking to about the Supercharger network. | 6 juli 2017

Could be good, but I suspect 99% will be mild hybrids. More hype than EV goodness.

SUN 2 DRV | 6 juli 2017

TT +1.... I drove a hybrid and loved it.... but quickly realized that 100% of its energy comes from gasoline even if it can occasionally drive on its electric motor alone. In the end it's the gasoline engine that recharges the battery.

Of course plugin hybrids like the Volt etc. are a step in the right direction...

PhillyGal | 6 juli 2017

Even The Skimm (daily email news) got this wrong.

Volvo will not stop making gasoline cars in 2019, they will stop "launching" vehicles that are not either EV or hybrid.

Ross1 | 6 juli 2017

The media puts out fake news on both Tesla and Volvo and everyone else.

blue adept | 6 juli 2017

@David N

That's not quite the way I heard it...

What I heard was that Volvo was going to begin providing hybrid ICE/E power plants for their model lineup beginning in 2019, NOT that they were going full EV...though that would be nice as well as the next logical step in automotive evolution.

Ross1 | 7 juli 2017

@ Just:
What does 'allusion' mean?

nadurse | 7 juli 2017

Great news from Volvo and pretty historic.

jordanrichard | 7 juli 2017

In net effect starting in 2019, Volvo will no longer be introducing new models that run solely on gas or diesel. Yes it is a legimit phase out of their ICE cars, but they will still be producing ICE cars until those models run is over.