Unlocking doors

Unlocking doors

I know it uses Bluetooth to unlock the doors. Do you know if it unlocks all the doors if just the driver side? So for the spare what happens if you lose it? How much will the replacement cost? Any ideas?

Bighorn | 31 juli 2017

You should be able to program which doors present since they have that now.

burdogg | 31 juli 2017

My question is the trunk and trunk. So you have to unlock the car and get in to pop them? :)

ejunk | 31 juli 2017

Good question...I wonder how does that work?

Shesmyne2 | 31 juli 2017

Had the same thought burdogg-or,do I need to take out my phone everytime I want to get in the car?
What if you don't have a phone? (I know, hard to believe today...)

Still Grinning ;-)

MarylandS85 | 1 augustus 2017

On the Model S, there is a button on the vehicle itself to open the trunk which is active when the car is unlocked. The frunk has no such button, and it can be opened using the fob or the touch screen.

We don’t yet know what they’ll do on the 3. Maybe there will be a button on the trunk or the trunk and frunk both. Or maybe the app will allow this. Or maybe you will have to yell, "Hey Tesla, open the trunk!” | 1 augustus 2017

Using the phone via BT as a key has shortcomings. I'm thinking that by popular demand Tesla will offer an optional BT fob in the future with conventional features: trunk, frunk driver's door only unlock, all doors unlock, Windows roll down/up

Magic 8 Ball | 1 augustus 2017

Hands off trunk opening is actually a nice feature to have. On our Cmax Energi you just swipe your foot under the rear of the car and viola the hatch opens up (great when you have both arms full of grocery bags).

MarlonBrown | 1 augustus 2017

After 8h of conference/work, my iphone 7 plus battery is often dead. So I will have to rely on that card to open the car door. That offers no advantage or disadvantages. Most people need to carry keys for the doors in the house. It will be one more card going to my wallet instead of a car key. Okaaay...

jordanrichard | 1 augustus 2017

Here is another reason to always carry that card around. For those here who don't have a Tesla, often and I mean often, whenever there is a software update the paring of my phone to the car is dropped. So I have to go into the Bluetooth settings an "Forget this Device" (my phone) and then try to re-pair it up. There have been times that it took a good 15 minutes to get the car and phone to recognize each other. Now for my MS that is just an inconvenience because I can still drive the car because I have a physical FOB. So, a word of advice from a 3 + yrs owner, carry the valet key with you at all times.

DC | 1 augustus 2017

I think the benefit of the card will be that you can now leave your other keys in the car when you're out. It's not a huge thing, but I think for most guys it'll free up a pocket. I know it would for me. Not much of a change for ladies as I'd guess they'll just continue to carry their keys around in their purse with all the other mysterious things that go in there.

Ehninger1212 | 1 augustus 2017

Ok... real question.. of those of you who had the honor of test riding in the finished model 3, how does the door open from the inside??

Aellinsar | 1 augustus 2017

I find it amusing that for a car that is "in production" and has been handed over to read drivers... we're still debating how you open the trunk. This is probably a first in the automotive world. :)

SUN 2 DRV | 1 augustus 2017

Bluetooth has a Beacon mode, that can work even if you don't have the app open and even if the phone isn't paired.

This beacon mode is how you can roam around a store or mall and receive notifications customized to your interests.

My guess is that Tesla uses this low power BLE Beacon mode to sense the driver is approaching and to authorize access to the car.

ejunk | 1 augustus 2017

That would not be good if you misplace the key card. How would they prevent people from stealing the car?

dsvick | 1 augustus 2017

@jordanrichard, good info thanks!

Here is one you might be able to answer as an S owner. What happens if you have both FOBS in the car and you get out with one and leave the other one in it? Does it lock? I'm asking because if my wife and I both pair our phones and she locks hers in the car when we go somewhere I'm not sure what the car will think.

Rutrow | 1 augustus 2017

IPhone has a quick bluetooth on/off control. If you want to leave your phone in the car you turn off bluetooth.

jordanrichard | 1 augustus 2017

As long as there is a device be it a FOB or in the case of the Model 3, a recognized Bluetooth signal, still in the car, it will stay unlocked. She would have to turn the phone off to kill the BT signal.

kostarae | 1 augustus 2017

If my bedroom is 8ft from my parking spot in driveway on other side of wall, is bluetooth really accurate enough on distance to know I'm not right next to it? I didn't think bluetooth was that accurate/reliable. Or will my car remain unlocked all night with my phone on nightstand.

Xerogas | 1 augustus 2017

Bluetooth has a nice range of accuracies, which include "within a few inches", "within a few feet", and "within dozens of feet". Apple has been doing this for years with iBeacon technology.

dsvick | 2 augustus 2017

Thanks jordanrichard, that's good info. That actually makes it a bit more convenient since she can turn off her phone and leave it. If it was a FOB she wouldn't be able to do that.

I would bet leaving the keycard in a purse in the trunk would be ok since it's only NFC and shouldn't have the range to make the car think it's still there.