1/2 Ton Pickup?

1/2 Ton Pickup?

I am curious as to if there are plans for a 1/2 Ton to 3/4 Ton pickup truck. I am a General contractor and would definitely be interested in a pickup truck that could get about 300 miles range and be able to pull a 6x10 dump trailer. I typically buy a new truck every 3 to 5 years. This type of asset is something that is a write off to companies and would be a great profiting vehicle for Tesla. The 2014 chevy 1/2 ton extra cab truck I purchased was $50,000 of which $25,000 was an instant write off in the first tax year. Anyway my next Truck purchase will be a couple years away but I am definitely hoping for a electric version of this type of vehicle when I do buy my next truck.

Happily waiting for my M3 75D! Estimated August to October 2018

ckcland2 | 9 augustus 2017

Pickup should be unveiled "soon". Some reading -

I cannot wait for this truck to become available, I will be first in line to put down a deposit. Also watching Workhorse (ugly) and Via motors (Bob Lutz) but am not holding any hopes they will hit the mass market any sooner than Tesla.

darinbrazil | 9 augustus 2017

Cool Thanks for the link!

Rocky_H | 9 augustus 2017

I have a friend who has a business with sprinkler install/repair and landscaping, and runs a couple of work trucks. He is also waiting for the Tesla truck to become available. I could see a big market in work vehicles like plumbing or HVAC as well.

It seems like this will be at least a year or two away.

dyefrog | 9 augustus 2017

as ckcland2 suggested.
if you can't wait

ckcland2 | 9 augustus 2017

Workhorse is not mass market ready yet. I don't even think they are actually in production yet (at all). I own WKHS stock (thanks to @silver), but think the design has much to desire. I have high hopes for any company that can bring an electric truck; or even a hybrid truck, to market. My only exception is Via and Bob Lutz. Lutz has stabbed Elon in the back too many times.

Small business owners will be quick to realize the long term benefits of EV truck ownership. I spend a lot of money annually on fuel, and I am looking forward to being the first all EV business in my area. Good PR and saving money.

spmeister | 10 augustus 2017

This is what I'm waiting for, too. Doesn't have to be a pickup, does have to seat at least 4. My main requirement is towing at least 7500lbs for a minimum of 200 miles on a charge. Nothing fancy, no gimmicks. Just towing capacity and good range.

carlgo2 | 10 augustus 2017

What will make electric trucks more viable is Musk's recent announcement that the urban charging network will be vastly expanded. This will allow contractors to charge up during the work day when they need to, in town where they actually work most of the time and allows them to take on jobs in other towns as well.